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After 6 hours of school, I’ve had enough for the day…” (Beach Boys, “Dance, Dance, Dance“)


If this is your first time here, let’s see if we can’t make it completely painless (and even fun).

Cuz, you know, it’d be a shame if you got spooked, and were thus deprived of the vast (free) resources and time-tested tools available here.

So let’s just dive in, what d’ya say?

Step One: Sign in, under “Get The New Report” box on your upper right. Use your best email address, please. You will not be deluged with email — I post once or twice a month, max, and will send you advance notice.

I promise I’ll be a rare, welcome presence in your inbox. You can always disconnect anytime, simply and easily. This ain’t like signing up for a phone plan or a stint in the Army.

Step Two: Just skip through the (free) archives. There is ten years worth of serious advice, insight and revelations for copywriters, entrepreneurs, biz owners and even folks still at the “dreaming about it” stage of getting after your goals.

No need to get lost in there — just realize it’s available, whenever you’re ready to learn or expand your toolkit. Free.

If you’ve got a few extra minutes, though, and you’d like to read some popular recent posts, try “How To Hire A Copywriter” from February of this year (which helps clients understand how to get the best freelancer they can)… the redux of “The Rest Of Your Freakin’ Life” (one of the most referred-to posts on living well I’ve ever published)…

… and “The Entrepreneur’s Checklist” — a perfect “quick start” guide for moving up to the next level of your career or business goals. Fast, and without a lot of fuss… and ESPECIALLY without any surprises.

That’s just to get your feet wet here. A small mob of fans drift through the archives several times a week, reading only what grabs them.

You’ll discover, almost in the first minute of reading, that this isn’t your “normal” kind of blog. Most of the posts are written by me, personally. Each one has been carefully planned out, edited, and published only when ready for mass public consumption.


Step Three: Finally, be sure to examine the stuff available in the right-hand column…

… like my best-selling book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together“. You can score the digital version for ten measly bucks, and indulge in nearly 400 pages of timeless advice, insider stories, and specific tactics to making money as a marketer or advertising honcho.

You don’t have to pick up anything in this column, of course. Just be aware of what’s available… in case you realize (perhaps after reading a post or two) that there truly IS a reason why so many professional copywriters and top marketers admit I was the mentor who flipped their switch on.

Plus, in the “Consulting” tab up top, under the logo, you’ll find out how to reach me directly. I’m one of the few grizzled veterans in the advertising world who still enjoys interacting with folks regularly, and occasionally taking on a new client. Not often, but occasionally.

Anyway, you can complete this “get acquainted” little go-round in just a few minutes.

If anything grabs you, devour it. Again, the ten years of archives are free.

I’ll be posting a fresh piece soon, too. So be sure to sign up, get your hot free report, and enjoy getting a few (and only a few) emails from me in the near future.

I may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

But if we click, we’ll click big-time… and you’ll remember this day as a turning point in your life. It doesn’t get any realer than this blog…

Stay frosty,


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  • Will Compton says:

    John is right.

    Do yourself a huge favor: read through this whole blog… sign up for the Grizzled Pro report… get yourself Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets, The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together, and The Freelance Course… and then read them over and over for the next couple of years.

    Believe me, you will thank yourself… I know I do.

    Also, thanks John. You’re the best.

  • Also, I’d add that the Simple Writing System is a top-notch course on learning how to write great copy. What makes it so impactful is that it teaches you how to authentically and viscerally tap into those deeper emotions that get people to buy.

    His course helped me really get the writing process at a much deeper level. And as a result, my writing has made more $$ for my clients, and for my own side business. Thank you, John.

  • Chris Chia says:

    To any random readers that end up on this page:

    You will not go wrong by following every single bit of advice John gives out in this blog post. Heck, my entire life transformed once I discovered John’s stuff, and if you stumbled upon this page looking for answers on life, business, entrepreneurship and just being a seasoned, hardened badass, you’ll find them here.

    Also: Investing in John’s courses has already returned me close to 5 times worth its original cost. I bought his Freelance Copywriter course early this year around March/May, and by the end of November, I’ve got enough writing gigs that’ll have earned me the equivalent of close to $1.5k USD ($600 of it is cash, $900 in products and services I’ve used my copywriting skills to trade for)

    The ride of entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Sometimes I ain’t even sure if it’s meant for me. But I do know that through John’s materials and hustling my ass off to get things going in my life has changed it and put it on the fast track to my dreams and goals as a plucky, foolish 17 year old kid in Singapore.

    If you’re looking for where to start on John’s best stuff, go with his recommended posts, and then go straight to Amazon and get his book.

    If you’re looking to get Operation Moneysuck going in your business, get Kickass Copywriting Secrets ASAP. When it arrives in your mailbox, get the highlighter out and start taking copious notes.

    If you’re looking to pursue copywriting, get his Freelance Copywriter Course. ‘Nuff said.

    And don’t forget his Simple Writing System course. I haven’t done that yet, but I’m working on getting enough cash in so that I can enroll in it next year…


    Every single thing he sells is guaranteed, and the risk is completely removed. (other than his book, but seriously how cheap is it that you need the money back?!) You don’t risk anything checking his stuff out. Downside? Shipping it back to him. Upside? Changing your life and supercharging your business.

    His writing is clear, and sharp to the point. John doesn’t hold back, and practically spills all his beans in his products and his blog posts. He’s the equivalent of a cynical anti-authoritarian uncle looking over your shoulder, pointing the right way for you to go if you listen to what he says…

    I’m not being paid to say any of this, just wanna point the way to others who are looking for answers…

  • Jeremy says:

    I’ve have to take a look through your resources, as you and the prior comments make quite the compelling case! Thanks!

  • Yevgeni says:

    Hi, John.

    I have a question for you. I’ve paid certain copywriters 12K for a piece of copy about my therapy (it’s decent money for me). Instead of 3 weeks, it took them 3 months and the thing they gave me is barely readable (I need to read it on video), but I can’ t even pronounce inhuman sentences like: “What if I told yo you never have to suffer from debilitating anxiety or social anxiety ever again? “) Can you please take a look and just tell me was I screwed over or not. A yes or no from you would mean so much… Thank you.

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Yevgeni. There’s never any harm in asking, but no, I do not look at links sent to me for any reason. Occasionally, you can get free critiques or reviews from established writers (I answered five questions from people this past week on Facebook, for example, as part of a rare public Q&A session)… but mostly, professional copywriters do not have time for favors to folks they do not know.

      If what you say, however, is correct — that you’ve gotten poorly-written VSLs (without a written manuscript, no less) — then you probably have a beef with the writers. Next time, get an agreement in writing on what you will receive (manuscript, which you can review and get edits on before they produce the video), when… and how you will dole out the payment. It’s very common to pay half of the fee upfront, to get the project going. And pay the second half upon completion of the job. Sounds like you just shelled out money, with no way to get deadlines respected.

      You’ve learned a good lesson. Or two. First, get writer recommendations from a respected resource. I have a stable of trusted colleagues I recommend (some of whom work very closely with me on the project), at all price ranges.

      Second, learn how to deal with writers. I have a post, on this very blog, on doing exactly that. Written this year. Just look back through the archives, find it… study it… and use it.

      Next time, just start with someone well-known like me, and go from there. How you found these writers, and why they’ve mistreated you, is part of your overall lesson. An expensive one, but worthwhile if you correct course and get moving in the right direction now.

      Just for the record, an hour consultation with me, on the phone, covering any subject you choose… including detailed critiques of copy and existing ads (as well as marketing plans)… is $2,500. And there are other options where you can get me personally on the phone (or even in person), all at Many clients never make a move without checking with me first…

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