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There Are 2 Kinds Of People In The World…

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Monday, 3:29pm
Reno, NV
You’re either on the bus, or off the bus…” (Ken Kesey)


Quick lesson here I thought you’d enjoy.

The phrase “there are two kinds of people” is used by comics, politicians, and just-plain-folks trying to set up a point with an easily-understood little story.

It’s an over-simplification, most of the time, of course.  Life is too nuanced and complex to fit into just two tidy categories.

However, sometimes you can make a damn good argument behind the two-groups thing.

In selling, this is what we’ve called “the dichotomy of futures”…

… meaning, you can make two distinctly clear divisions:

1.) The “in” group, which is your target market…Read more…

An Impassioned Plea To Keep You From Missing The Biggest Opportunity Of Your Life

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Monday, 6:26pm
Reno, NV
Don’t bunt.  Aim out of the ballpark.  Aim for the company of immortals.” (David Ogilvy, “Confessions of an Adman”)

This is important:

This past weekend, I posted something on this blog that hit a freakin’ nerve among the throngs of entrepreneurs, biz owners and rookies who hang out on this site.

Comments started flooding in…

… and, as usual, I interacted with folks.

I’m just been told (by trusted inner-circle colleagues) that one of my replies in the comment threads…

… was perhaps the most vivid and impassioned point I’ve ever made about the raw seething power of honest kick-ass salesmanship to change lives.

So, I want to share that reply, here in a fresh post.

Let me set the scene for you: People were trying to make sense of the massive piles of hype still being disgorged by the Internet marketing community…

… and how all that hype soured good people on good opportunities.

“Hype”, and the dreadful sales pitches filled with it, really confuses people.  To the point where it’s now cool to talk about “selling without selling”.

It’s clear that many people now struggling to make a business successful…Read more…

Your Ego Is Robbing Your Bottom Line…

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Friday, 1:48pm
Reno, NV
Bring me the sultry wench! That one, with the fire in her eyes!” (Trapper John, M*A*S*H)


One of the single most important lessons I learned early in my career…

… a lesson so critical to success that I can easily say it’s been worth a million schmackeroos to me…

… is something almost no one wants to hear about.

Like drowning men refusing an offered hand to be pulled into the boat… I’ve gotten used to seeing people stare back in horror and bolt out of the room when I’ve tried to impart this lesson to them.

Can you guess what I’m talking about?

Of course you can.  I put it in the freakin’ headline.

If you’re not enjoying life… or not experiencing the kind of success you feel you deserve from all your hard work…Read more…