Do you need a tested, proven, veteran copywriter to write world-class advertising for you?

John Carlton takes on a few new clients each year. If you’re a business owner who needs new ads… or needs to launch a new service or product… or just has marketing or advertising problems that need solving…

… then hiring John may easily be the best decision you could make. His fees are steep, but that’s because his track record for writing ads that work is legendary. Thus, he cannot work with start-ups or rookie marketers — you must already have a business that is viable. And, you must clearly understand what high-end direct response advertising can and cannot do for you and your business.

Hiring John requires a conversation with him, to begin.

To find out if he’s available, and whether he’s your best choice or not, send an email to… and clearly state your answers to these simple questions:

1. What general market are you in… how long have you been in business… and what products or services do you offer?

2. What website URLs are you currently hosting for your business… and approximately how much are you grossing now, and how much have you grossed at the highest point in your marketing efforts? (This information is completely confidential… and if you’re squeamish about stating specific figures, you can just say whether you’re grossing more-than or less-than a certain figure. Whatever makes you feel more confident in sharing.)

3. Have you ever worked with a professional copywriter before?

4. Do you have a budget for hiring a copywriter? If so, what are you budgeting, right now, for hiring one?

5. Finally, what do you feel are your biggest advertising problems right now?

I have set fees for specific projects I take on for clients. We’ll know quickly if I’m your best choice for a writer, and if you’re a good fit for the kind of advertising I create. And, we’ll figure out right up front what the exact fees will be for what you need.

Sometimes, the best route is to start with consultation, then agree on a plan for your advertising, and only then actually produce the ad (or Video Sales Letter, or broadcast media, or whatever you agree you need). Consultations are good when the problem you THINK you’re having isn’t actually the main reason you’re having problems with being profitable. I bring 30 years of hard-core, front-line experience in marketing to everything I do, and I can help you see things you’re too close to, or haven’t yet considered.

Other times, you really do “just need an ad”, and I will simply and quickly create one for you.

First, however, we need to have that conversation. So, to move this to the next step…

email my personal assistant Diane at, and include your best answers to the 5 simple questions above. Diane alerts me immediately to potential clients, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. I know you’re anxious to get fresh advertising out there, and I want to help you do exactly that.


Also, there are 3 main ways to get private consultation or mentoring from John Carlton:

First, you can schedule a one-hour phone consultation with John (which can also include his long-time business partner and the “Magic Man” of our operation, Stan Dahl).  They call this one-hour session a “Brain Cleanse”, because John (and Stan, if you want technical input on the things that make your biz work) go deep into your biz model, sort out and solve problems you identify (and expose problems you may be overlooking), and generally focus our decades of experience on whatever situation you need help with… which can include everything related to marketing, writing for your biz, improving your online or offline sales processes, finding more prospects, increasing conversion, smoothing out operations and more.

Note From John: This is serious business help for people who are serious about fixing problems and getting the best possible insight and advice from a respected, proven professional.  This is NOT cheap.  This hour will cost you $2,500 up front.  There is no refund, so be sure I’m the guy you want to consult with before scheduling a session.  I’ve been helping business owners and entrepreneurs and marketers and even other consultants for decades now.  I’ve spent 30 years on the front lines of the biz world, seen it all (from the wildest possible success stories to the most dumb self-destruction of a good biz model) at all levels…

… and if you want that kind of real-world experience put to use for your benefit, then grab this opportunity to talk personally with me.  The hour is yours — you can ask specific questions, or go through specific ads or copy, or just mine my brain for any info, advice or knowledge you need.

Email my personal assistant Diane to set up your consultation (or get your questions about a consultation answered):

Second:  If you need more than an hour… we have a program that offers a full month of contact with John (and, Stan, if you want the full left-brain/right-brain treatment — which I recommend).  It’s called “Be John’s New Best Friend For A Month”… and you get 4 hour-long calls (one a week, on any subject you choose to discuss), plus privileged email contact.  The advantage of grabbing John’s attention for a full month is obvious: You can go deeper into subjects, build on your progress each week, and make full use of recommendations (including testing ideas and concepts during the month to see how results are affected).  You are, essentially, a privileged insider with John for the length of the program.

Click here for more: Private Mentoring With John Carlton

Finally: John and Stan host an exclusive year-long mastermind group called “The Platinum Mastermind Group”.  The group meets 4 times a year, and maintains an online members-only email group  so members can interact, help each other, and take full advantage of the mastermind concept (brainstorming, networking, getting critiques, floating ideas, using each other’s Rolodex’s, etc.).  This is the flagship group in John’s world.

Click here for more: John Carlton Mastermind Group

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