The single best resource you can ever have for your biz and career…

… is direct, personal contact with a veteran copywriter and marketer like me.

I’ve pretty much seen it all, in the business world. I’ve consulted with every type of biz out there…

… and dealt successfully with every kind of problem you will ever encounter. From issues with your bottom line, to moving up a level, to fixing the really gruesome troubles that may seem unfixable to you right now.

I know what to do, and how to do it to get a fast, satisfying solution going.

I only take on a couple of consulting clients each month.

There are two ways to score your own slot, when you need the kind of solid, proven, reality-tested advice I deliver:

Option One: My standard one-hour consultation is done via Zoom, Skype or phone.

This is your session, and you can use it however you wish. To get a solid critique on copy, to get specific tactical advice on a biz move, to figure out a better business plan, to find the problems and fix them.

The cost for this one-hour consultation is just $2,500. That’s a small investment to make, when getting a problem fixed (or copy beefed up) can mean the difference between miserable failure and giddy success.

Option Two: I also have an extended consulting program. You get two consulting calls per month, and I ask that you agree to a six-month period.

You are not nailed down for the six months, however. I offer you this very generous guarantee: You can stop any time you want after the first month.

You’ll be billed at the beginning of each month. If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you want to stop, just let us know before the next billing period. That’s it. You pay only for the month ahead. You can quit after one month.

This two-call-per-month option also costs $2,500. (Yes, that’s a freaking bargain.)

You do have to qualify for a spot with either option. However, it’s easy and simple to do so.

Just answer these four quick questions:

That’s it.

Either Diane or I will get back to you quickly. And we’ll schedule the call, if I feel I can help you.

I book up fast, because I only take a couple of clients on each month.

So, if you’re at all interested in getting direct, personalized advice and insight from me on your biz, career, and specific situation…

… please hop on this right now. This time of year always clogs up quickly.

Finally: My long-time biz partner Stan and I have hosted an exclusive year-long mastermind group called “The Platinum Mastermind Group” for over 7 years now. The group meets 6 times a year (3 live meetings, 3 online), and maintains an online members-only email group  so members can interact, help each other, and take full advantage of the mastermind concept (brainstorming, networking, getting critiques, floating ideas, using each other’s Rolodex’s, etc.). This is the flagship group in the entrepreneurial marketing world.

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