I’m going on a year long sabbatical starting in June 2022. I will not be available for consultations during this time.

However, getting direct, specific advice for your unique situation is often critical for growth (not to mention overcoming the Big Ass Problems that can hold up, slow down and hobble even the best entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters in the game)…

… so I recommend you contact my close business associates through Marketing Rebel (where I keep a virtual desk, and where you can find so many of my coaching videos).

Simply go to, and open a “ticket” — which just means you can fill out a form describing what you need, and someone will get back to you immediately with multiple options for moving forward. There is no obligation to opening a ticket. But it’s always good to know what your options are… especially when you need some expert help to get past a problem.

Here’s hoping 2023 becomes your best year ever, and I’ll see you on the other side.

“Alternatively, you’ll find a ton of killer copywriting tips and marketing resources over on this page here.”