Getting direct, specific advice customized for your unique situation is often critical for growth (not to mention overcoming the Big Ass Problems that can hold up, slow down and hobble even the best entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters in the game)…

… so if you desire any direct consulting with me, simply go to … click on Contact Us… then on Submit A Request... which automatically opens a “ticket” for you, which is fast-tracked to Anne, who handles every ticket personally. The ticket is simple a form you can fill out in a couple of minutes describing what you need… and someone will get back to you quickly with multiple options for moving forward.

There is no obligation to opening a ticket. But it’s always good to know what your options are… especially when you need some expert help to get past a problem.

Here’s hoping 2024 becomes your best year ever, and again: If you need personalized, one-on-one consulting to solve any problems or reach any goals… I’m available. The cost is extremely reasonable — just $2500 for an intense hour of facetime with me, plus one follow-up email exchange. That cost will easily pay for itself quickly — and the ongoing, intangible rewards of direct consults will stagger you.

No one in this crazy business climate should struggle out there on their own. Consider consulting as a solid “Got Your Back” option when you get squeezed or frozen by problems. There is NO situation in business I haven’t encountered multiple times over my 40-year career as a master of marketing and getting stuff done.

Stay frosty,