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Going Down Under

I realize this is insanely short notice… but it’s not my fault.

Just the same, I think it’s worth knowing that I’ll be participating in a very hip and cutting-edge seminar down in Australia on December 2-3 (Saturday and Sunday). In Melbourne.

The event is being held by the same nut-cases, Frank Kern and Ed Dale, who put on the San Diego extravaganza that created so much buzz among insiders this past September. (Halbert was at that one, along with a whole host of other notable marketing wizards and know-it-alls.)

This is my first trip to the Land O’ Koala’s and I’m looking forward to it. It’s summer down there, prime weather… and yet airfare is just ridiculously cheap.

Surf’s up, dude.

If you even think you might sorta want to see what the fuss is all about, check out:

No obligation to see what’s up, of course.

But you’ve got fair warning: Frank and Ed are friggin’ geniuses at making money online — lots and lots and lots of it — and while I may be part of the show, I’m going specifically to drain their brains on lucrative matters.

Check it out. If you’ve ever suspected that hugely profitable marketing can also be fun, well, you’re right. And these guys are at the cutting edge of both the fun part, and the profitable part.


John Carlton

John’s Gnarly New Toy

Just a quick note tonight, guys.

And yet, oh so important.

Here’s what’s up: I have acquired a new technological toy that allows me to “can” my notorious (and justly famous) ad critiques.

By “can”, I mean record a real-time, personalized, mini-“Hot Seat”-style review of any piece of copy you care to show me.

This is a revolutionary change in the way I can now help marketers, copywriters and entrepreneurs shortcut their way to a killer money-making ad. Faster than ever.

It’s exciting, fresh, cutting edge, and so effective it should be illegal. In fact, it’s like putting your profit-pumping learning curve on steroids.

But it’s not for everybody. And so I won’t give away the details here.

Instead… if you’re interested in finding out more… I’ve posted a short letter at a new site: (This is an active link.)

Check it out. If you’ve ever lusted after the kind of success that comes with a little intensely personal (and very focused) attention from a no-nonsense veteran like me… well, you’ll never get a better opportunity.

This isn’t, however, for anyone in my Insider’s Club. (Insider’s already enjoy this “mini-Hot Seat” advantage — it’s why they pay the big bucks to join the Club in the first place.)

But if you want a taste of being an Insider… get over to right now.

That’s all for tonight.

Stay frosty.

John Carlton


I love politics, you know.

It’s live theater, performed without a net. Being a true Independent, I am free to tap the wisdom and inanity of both the left and the right.

Oh, hell. And the middle, too.

It’s ALL wacky!

I got sucked into politics back in high school, during the height of the Vietnam War. I was still in school — snarling with senioritis — when I turned 18… and I was assigned a very low number for the draft. Which meant that the asshole teachers I was waging youthful rebellion with had the power toRead more…