Who The Hell Is John Carlton?

John Carlton slyly refers to himself as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”, and no one on the inside of the online business world disagrees.

Other marketers also call John “the most respected writing teacher alive”… and the list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is just staggering.

For example:

  • Rich Schefren (of Strategic Profits fame) personally bought his entire staff copies of John’s writing course, and he keeps examples of John’s ads, emails and websites close by for inspiration.  “I leaned it all from John,” he’s said.
  • Eben Pagan (the creator of “Altitude”) specifically refers to John’s teaching whenever he discusses writing with his client base of millionaire marketers.
  • Frank Kern (“Mass Control” wizard) freely admits that John’s direct advice saved a now-fabled product launch from stumbling… and using that advice, helped the project become the most lucrative one-day launch in the history of the Internet.
  • Mike Filsaime (fabled creator of “Butterfly Marketing”) calls him a legend, and devours everything John writes.

John’s sales writing has been stalked for decades by many of the best (and most successful) marketers on the Internet, who freely admit using John’s ads as templates for their own breakthrough pitches.

They copy John’s stuff because it works.

As a working freelance copywriter, John is one of a handful at the top of the game — commanding fees that cause unprepared clients to choke, getting booked up to a year in advance by the largest mailers in the world, and consistently writing pitches that sell like crazy.

As a teacher of writing sales messages for businesses, John is responsible for helping a verifiable mob of otherwise clueless entrepreneurs and small business owners get their act together.

The rabid testimonials you’ll find touting John’s influence and teaching include nearly every famous and infamous online marketer in existence.

He’s touched a lot of lives.

John’s career arc is now legendary:

  • He started out as the hot-shot “secret weapon” freelance copywriter that Los Angeles ad agencies snuck in the back door to write the hard-hitting sales letters their own staffs couldn’t pull off…
  • Worked closely with direct response giants Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert for years…
  • Was a pioneer in online marketing (among the first to use blogs, podcasts, email and virtual seminars as effective sales tools)…
  • And remains at the cutting edge of Internet entrepreneurial adventures.

John lectures at only a handful of seminars each year, turning down most invitations so he can tend to his vast herd of students.  (This past year’s itinerary included San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai.)

He remains one of the ONLY writing teachers and legendary guru’s who still personally consults with entrepreneurs and business owners.  (To reach John to set up a consultation, email his personal assistant Diane at consult@john-carlton.com.)

John’s advice, ad critiques and notorious Hot Seat consultations — though brutal, since he treats student copy with the same professional seriousness as he treats his own — have helped create marketing empires.

John is a street-wise salesman at heart.  Though he has a degree in psychology, he long ago realized that the hottest fun in business was applying the secrets of human behavioral psych to the real world of sales.

If you truly have a product or service that your prospect base needs… then it’s your job to understand how to get your message across in a way that hits home.

Crafting a world-class sales pitch isn’t brain surgery… but it does require that “a-HA!” moment of clarity most marketers never have.

That… and a SIMPLE SYSTEM that takes you step-by-step through the process.  (Check out www.simplewritingsystem.com for more about the system John’s developed… which has already helped over a thousand entrepreneurs, biz owners and freelancers get their act together.)

So it’s easy… uncomplicated… and completely removes all the “sticking points” that freeze up so many entrepreneurs when it comes to writing websites, emails, video scripts, sales letters, and everything else required for a profitable business.

The profits will not begin flowing until your sales messages get written.  It’s the foundation of ANY business.

This is where John comes in.  If you’ve ever wondered how killer marketing is created, you’re in for an honest discovery that really can change your business life overnight..