An Impassioned Plea To Avoid Missing The Biggest Opportunity Of Your Life

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Tuesday, 6:26pm
Reno, NV
Don’t bunt.  Aim out of the ballpark.  Aim for the company of immortals.” (David Ogilvy, “Confessions of an Adman”)

This is important:

A while back, I posted something on this blog that hit a freakin’ nerve among the throngs of entrepreneurs, biz owners and rookies who hang out on this site.

Comments started flooding in…

… and, as usual, I interacted with folks.

I’ve just been told (by trusted inner-circle colleagues) that one of my replies in those comment threads…

… was perhaps the most vivid and impassioned point I’ve ever made about the raw seething power of honest kick-ass salesmanship to change lives.

So, I want to share that reply, here in a fresh post.

Let me set the scene for you: People were trying to make sense of the massive piles of hype still being disgorged by the Internet marketing community…

… and how all that hype soured good people on good opportunities.

“Hype”, and the dreadful sales pitches filled with it, really confuses people.  To the point where it’s now cool to talk about “selling without selling”.

It’s clear that many people now struggling to make a business successful…

… feel adrift in all the advice, information, and teasing opportunities swirling around the marketing community, both online and offline.

I know it’s frustrating.  I hear about this frustration all the time.

And here’s how I addressed this critical subject in that comment thread:

“Hi Stephen.You know what? The modern world is designed to bug us.

None of our ancestors had to deal with virtual worlds, global anarchy, an economy based on blips in a database, or any of the other challenges to sanity this brave new adventure called Life In The 21st Century hath wrought.

And within this turmoil and chaos is the “marketplace” we do business in. It’s noisy, distracting, and crammed with scams and opportunity in equal amounts.

The truth about modern marketing ain’t pretty.

Having the best product means squat. Being a genuine nice guy out to do the right thing won’t save you from bankruptcy. The marketing graveyard is full of fabulous products no one figured out how to sell.

Selling is the language of the marketplace.

Sure, there’s so damned MUCH of it going on, it’s annoying, it pisses us off, and our fight-or-flight urges kick in big time.

However… one man’s hype… is another man’s essential information.

You can want the world to come at you in short little bursts of exciting, entertaining bite-sized pieces of lusciousness…

… but if you live your life that way, you’ll be perfect fodder for the worst scams.

You can use the “what the heck, I’ll go with my gut” method of choosing what you buy…

… and maybe you’ll survive just fine. Maybe get stuck with a bad car that doesn’t meet your needs, or was overpriced, or a lemon. You can survive that, probably.

But you’d be a fool to apply that kind of decision-making to, say, getting married.

You want to know as much about the other person as possible.

Courtship is, essentially, a long sales letter. You’re getting pitched, and you’re processing the data on your own at the same time.

The decisions you make for your business are (or should be) as carefully munched on as the other life-long choices you encounter.

Hype is in the eye of the beholder.

If you are offended by classic salesmanship — which presents a choice, and then lobbies for you to make that choice — then you need to find another way to make your business work.

I’ll tell you that every day there are fresh businesses launched by good people who don’t believe they need to know how to sell in order to thrive…

… and those businesses are shuttered and empty soon after.

Business isn’t a popularity contest.

If you have an ethical product that your prospect really should have (because it will make his life better, or fix a dire problem he has)…

… then SHAME on you if you ignore the proven ways to get his attention… and fail to sell him on it just because you’re uncomfortable with the sales process.

You do NOT have to be obnoxious in order to sell.

You don’t have to be anything other than who you are, in fact.

You just need to understand the emotional, psychological and behavioral mechanism your prospect has to endure in order to agree to buy what you have.

Some of the smoothest salesmen alive can close the deal without a bit of perceived hype. They’re still using classic salesmanship tactics, however.

They understand the needs of the prospect, and they understand the sometimes irrational process required in order to close the deal.

Scams will never go away. You must be hyper-aware as a consumer. The dangers of an open marketplace are with us forever.

Nevertheless, the old maxim “the more you tell, the more you sell” will also never go away, either.

If detailed information and legitimate urging to join up strikes you as “hype”, then maybe the opportunity in front of you isn’t something you should engage in.

But I’ll tell you what: If this were the last train about to leave the station, and the conductor didn’t do all he could to make you clearly understand this fact…

… and the train left without you…

… you’d be in a world of hurt. And you’d be right to blame the conductor for not grabbing your attention and forcing you to understand just how critical the situation was.

This upcoming Simple Writing System mentoring program very well might BE the last one we ever host. It starts September 29. There is not another one planned.

I could whisper this fact. Or just ignore it.

Or, I could do everything in my power to make you aware of this… so you aren’t left behind, ticked off that no one made it clear to you.

When you don’t care about that train pulling away, the conductor is just yelling. It’s an annoyance, and you wish he’d shut up.

However, when it’s your train, and you’re about to miss it, then you’re thankful he broke through your daydreaming.

The SWS adventure is about to start.

It will change lives, as the previous ones have. This is the real thing, crammed with real value and real skill sets that can fuel success and independence for the rest of your days.

It’s a crazy time to be alive.

Choose your resources and choose who you trust carefully.

And when you discover genuine opportunities, jump on them. I know the lure of the Magic Button is powerful and hypnotic and hard to resist. Choices are seldom easy when the stakes are high.

Do what you think is right.”


That was my impassioned plea to anyone out there struggling to understand how important this choice before them really is.

If you’re still on the fence about joining this program…

… consider this:

Consideration #1. My biz partner Stan and I have many different (and lucrative) projects we’d love to pursue.

And while it’s pretty evident (from the flood of sign-ups the day we began accepting students) that this upcoming SWS mentoring program will be the best one we’ve ever hosted…

… we have zero current plans to host another one like this.  We take these over-sized, large programs one at a time.  There are no other programs on our schedule with this assembled faculty, or with all the extra resources and bonuses we’ve stuffed into this all-out program.

Can you even begin to imagine how tough it is to put together a faculty with such well-known, sought-after, notoriously-successful professionals?  The preparation, delivery and maintenance of this utterly unique program absolutely consumes my office while it’s active.

It requires dedication, intense focus, and vast quantities of time and energy to create this stunningly-effective learning environment for you.

We’re not an institution — we’re just professionals who’ve banded together to help change some lives.

The business world is getting very exciting, as I said.  Lots of opportunities to get busy with, lots of reasons not to commit to an intense, deeply interactive coaching program like this.

The single reason TO commit should be obvious: It is the one skill-set, above all others, with the power to fuel your success in everything you do from here on out.

Consideration #2. So… this really may be your last shot at getting this kind of pro-level SWS mentoring, one-on-one, personalized, intensely focused on you… in the big, rollicking full-faculty program format we’re hosting right now.

Consideration #3. And if this is the last large-sized program…

… we’re going to make it the best one yet…

… and we’re also going to end this short period of accepting students with a BANG.

Here’s what we’re doing: When you join us in this Simple Writing System at-home mentoring program (which begins September 29)…

… we will give you full-privileged access to video of the infamous Action Seminar we held in January…

… absolutely free.  This is an exclusive JUST for folks in this upcoming program.  Right now, in fact, this is the ONLY way to see this sought-after video.

The marketing community is still buzzing about that Action Seminar (more than a few months afterward).

And it’s easy to see why.  The entire focus of that event — as you’ll soon see — was on organizing your business plan…

… and implementing it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Through a realistic, strategy-loaded action plan that fits you like a glove.

Basically… we gave attendees their first honest, no-B.S. glimpse of how top marketers actually get their act together.

And get busy achieving every goal on their list, while racking up the moolah and results.

This was a gold mine of proven, total-insider advice and info and specific tactics.

It was NOT about writing.

It was about having that breakthrough “a-HA!” realization on finally kicking your adventure in capitalism into high gear… the way the niche-dominating Big Dogs do.

There were two solid days of this stuff.  No “rush to the back of the room” pitching goofiness, either.

It was all run interactively — everything we discussed, broke down,  explained and shared came directly from attendee questions and concerns, based on real-world situations straight from the people in the room.

These were entrepreneurs, small biz owners, and rookies… in other words, people just like you.  Finally learning how to break through the chaos, and map out the clearest path to getting what they want.

Everything we taught them…

… is now available for you to feast on, too.

Privately.  And for free, when you join us in this SWS mentoring program.  (You can, if you prefer, wait for the official release of these videos, and pay the steep going rate out of pocket.  When released, the Action Seminar DVDs will be priced breathtakingly steep.)

There is very little time left to decide if you’re coming with us…

… or remaining where you are in your life.

There are, as I write this, spots available with the professional-writer teachers in this Dream Team faculty.  Who are itching to get started, going deep with each student one-on-one.

It’s a proven program — the 8th large-scale one we’ve hosted.  The only one of its kind out there.

You can see what people who have been through it have to say here:

It is not expensive.

Hiring any one of the top writers in the faculty to write privately for you would cost you thousands of dollars more (up to tens of thousands more).

To get long-term access like this to so many professional writers — including me and the writers closest to me — would be out of the reach of even big-budget corporations.

And yet, in this expanded SWS program, you get focused, personal training and guidance from a professional writer/teacher…

… plus access to a mind-blowing resource center stocked with pure content, delivered by the most respected experts in the world…

… and all the motivation, excitement and fun that fuels these special programs.

We’ve set up a legitimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, biz owners and even rookies who realize it’s time to learn the most powerful (yet simple) system anywhere for creating killer sales messages.  Whenever you need them.  Under the careful guidance of a professional mentor.

As you will see, we’ve bent over backwards to make this amazing program within the reach of almost everyone.

There is a commitment.  You will need to follow through.

However, we’ve made it easy.

You’ve likely never been taken by the hand and guided like this before.  You’ll soon get used to accepting the personalized, pro-level help, though.  It’s fun, once you get moving.

This train is leaving the station soon.

Should you be on it?

Make your decision.  See what’s up, and please choose wisely.

Here’s that link again:

If you join us, I’ll see you inside the program.  Where your amazing adventure in success and independence begins September 29…

Stay frosty,


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  • Kevin Rogers says:

    Yikes, John. This post scorched my eyeballs.

    Thanks for laying it out in stone cold reality, the way only you can.

    It feels impossible at times to get the true value of this opportunity across. I’ve resorted to video this time, so I could stare folks in the eye and hopefully penetrate their understandably jaded bubbles of skepticism.

    Seems to be working so far, but this post tells the story best.

    Frankly, I’m shocked that we’ve made it this far along — into our fifth live mentoring session — while retaining a staggering 90% of our superstar faculty… and recruiting new stars along the way.

    People should grasp that no one (especially you and Stan) is getting rich from this coaching. The instructors certainly don’t do it for the money. It just wouldn’t be feasible.

    We do it for 2 (much better) reasons…

    1. Because you’ve been a hyper-generous mentor to us all and we could spend the rest of our days trying to repay you to no avail.

    So, this is just one small way to honor your gifts. By following your golden rule: Give back every chance you get.

    2. We learn as much as the students during each session. They say teach what you need to learn most. The great thing about the SWS has been how unpredictably unique each session has been. That’s because entrepreneurs make up the most diverse sub-sect of society.

    We’re the ones who dance to our own beats and play by our own rules. We spring from bed each day eager for whatever comes at us, because good or bad, it’s all coal in the burner.

    If we pay attention and respect our customers, then mistakes and even blatant fuck ups — we know deep down — are all gifts just the same. Because every lesson gets used for good in the end.

    We don’t love structure, but we respect winning formulas. That’s what the SWS is, and that’s why it is life-changing for so many business owners who’ve entered and completed the course.

    Once you’ve got it down (which WILL happen over these 8-weeks) you own it for life.

    Like a special ops soldier who’ll never find himself lost in the woods… SWS grads stalk the unpredictable landscapes of the biz world with a steely confidence that — no matter what jumps out at them next — THEY are in always control.

    Not the government.

    Not the economy.

    Not the competition.

    THEY control it. Because they are armed with the weapons of salesmanship and a network of kindred soldiers ready to back them.

    That’s what the SWS does for people.

    Oh yeah… we have a lot of fun, too.

    See you on the 29th!

    • Darn you guys! You continue to give back, and tell the truth, even when it might cost you financially.

      Thank you for that–honestly, it’s a huge breath of fresh air.

      Kevin, I love your honest approach as well.

      John, thanks for taking the time on the phone yesterday, it was an honor to talk to you.

      (I mean that)


    • John Carlton says:

      Thanks for the note, Kevin. I don’t dwell on the fact that we are getting so much out of these programs ourselves…

      … because that’s a tough thing for many folks to wrap their brains around. This is a jaded world, and all claims to “giving back” are too easy to be mocked and ridiculed.

      Plus, it’s kinda cool to enjoy actually giving back… without expecting or asking for applause or even recognition for doing it. You just do the right thing, and let that rare feeling of having done a good job while helping others wash over you. Often, that’s enough reward right there.

      People don’t understand salesmanship and selling, and let their fear and suspicion rule their life. This is the way of the world.

      However, I will repeat the mantra until my last breath: Understanding salesmanship will help you lead a better life, in all respects. Your biz will explode, your appreciation for the foibles and wonderfulness of your fellow humans will increase, and your ability to move through life getting what you want expands exponentially.

      That equates to wealth, confidence and happiness.

      For me, that’s the magic formula for living life with gusto… and for not allowing the unavoidable setbacks and obstacles stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

      Most folks would rather ignore the practical ways to achieve theirs goals — like learning how to sell and run a biz — and instead focus on bullshit like The Secret. And good luck to you on that.

      We will never be able to help “most” people, anyway. The folks who slip past their fears, and join us, are separating themselves from the pack of everyone else. Most of the world is half-asleep, led around by the nose, unconscious and clueless about business and life. Here, finally, is a screaming opportunity to break out of your slumber, and join a select few in the world who move with confidence and high-level skills.

      It’s not for everyone.

      But if you’ve got a drop of entrepreneur’s blood in your veins, it IS for you.

      End of lecture.

      Thanks for triggering it, Kevin.

  • Linda says:

    You’ve certainly made a compelling argument, John. If it was at all feasible for me to enroll in your SWS program, I would totally be on board. Alas, it is not at this time, even for the six payment breakdown you described in your offering. Nonetheless, I am relishing all of the free content that you’ve given us, and now to discover your blog site! Wonderful! Even if it’s only crumbs from the table of the master, I am grateful for whatever and whoever it was that brought your work to my attention. Definitely keep me on your list for future updates. Thank you!

    • John Carlton says:

      You’re welcome, Linda.

    • Buen Rendon says:

      I got myself in, the moment the doors were opened for this course. To think, I already enrolled in Writers Bureau for their copywriter course just a week ago. And in my part of the world, the fee here (even with the 6 monthly installments) is no joke. Deep inside though, I know and feel that I have to make this investment in my Copywriting Skill… If I want to be the go-to-guy in Copywriting, I need to be the best Copywriter I can be. And somehow, I’m taking this chance with John Carlton’s course. It’s more of an opportunity really… an opportunity for me for bigger things… for financial freedom. I have put my trust in John Carlton… and in this SWS Course. No doubt, I’m excited about the coaching and how this can change my life… In reality, I can’t afford this now, but I already made plans on how to go about this… whatever it takes: doing more freelance writing work, etc… Because, come to think of it, can I really afford to let this pass? So, John Carlton, I’m ready to learn… This course being life-changing? the chance for financial freedom? I can’t wait. Show me the way, I will work hard for it…

  • Ernie Hodge says:

    Your reply shows that you are a great salesman and you really know how to put that on paper (or on the web).

    I also can’t enroll as the money just isn’t there anymore. I’ve ‘invested’ a great deal of money into trying to make money online. (Over $125K in the last 11 years.)

    Now we’re on a very strict budget to try and keep our home so I won’t be signing up for your coaching.

    I do understand that I will have to learn how to be a better copywriter than I am at this point and maybe someday when I have the financial resources I will see if you open you classes up again.

    Thank you for the pointers you have shared with everyone,


    Ernie Hodge

  • have to agree with linda as dont have the funds right now. one thing i do remember from a marketer tho is,”marketing is intrusive” i do get bored tho with the same formulas. when the marketer is selling the lifestyle instead of the product. am bored with showing the cars and houses and stuff instead of getting to the reason why your sending me something. im trying to get people from poisoning their dogs and cats with spot drops and having their children play in yards with chemicals on them. that is why im selling cedar oil to combat fleas, ticks and bed bugs at see marketing is intrusive. rich dressler

  • John,
    Just the “salesmanship in print” you’ve demonstrated in this post is a golden lesson for all.

    Great stuff.

  • Sue says:

    I definitely feel as though I’m going to miss the train. Even if it’s a pressured sales pitch to get me to act upon your offer and make an immediate decision it still makes me want to “climb aboard.” I don’t do this with all offers that come my way. I think it’s an excellent offer and even the small “taste” of what I’m about to miss out on is bothering the heck out of me. My gut instincts and intuition usually are accurate about good deals and highly regarded people who know their stuff.
    Thanks for making such a great offer!!!

  • Tony says:

    You are a GENIUS John! The N1
    If only I had the money!

  • Ardy Skinner says:

    It’s been a long time, John. Don’t know if you remember, but I met you at an infomercial set in Vegas in 2001 for the ” making $4,000 a day sitting at your kitchen table in your underwear.” Gary Halbert lovingly referred to me at “the cockroach lady” (was in pest control). Anyway… I get this email from one of the many lists I belong to talking about “John…” And I thought, “I wonder if it’s John Carlton? Dare I open?” Knowing that if I did I would be sucked in like a flat foot over a drain. And I was. Watching every video taking feverish notes… knowing that I would not be able to resist whatever it was that was soon to come… thinkin’ “this guy’s a *&@%!* genius. And so I’m in. I already enrolled in the course and here I am again for more… reading every word of every email and coming to your blog because it’s a sheer pleasure to do so. Now if that ain’t great copy, what is?!

    You’re a gem and glad to be a part of it. Thanks for putting it together. It’s great to be connected with your dream team. Many thanks and gratitude!


  • ken ca|houn says:

    John’s training is something I can wholeheartedly continue to recommend to all of you who are on the fence; the very unique way in which his training has that capability of “embedding” itself into my psyche is something I’ve profitably lived with and made more sales with for the last 6+ years on my sites. I’ve studied and used what John Carlton has taught so much (weekly for over six years now), it’s like having his voice implanted in my head, lol. And because I make a lot of money thanks to John’s training, it’s a welcome addition to the inner game dialogue of how to ask, communicate, reach, engage, close and upsell.

    I’m in a hyper-competitive market (trading)… and I’d rank John’s training is one of the few authentic business *necessities* in this environment; I still look at his swipes weekly for ideas on pitch flow, the “turn”, power words and more as I draft my own sales copy in emails, video scripts and long copy salesletters…. and his training works; he’s on the short list of ace copy guys worth going deep with. Those of us who have profitably implemented John’s training are profoundly grateful; it’s been a lifesaver, to help me outcompete my marketplace, in this economy.

    A good visual hook is, look at John like the guy on the boat with a lifesaver, especially if you’re struggling keeping your head above water. If you act on what he teaches, and really go deep, really use what he shows you, it can make a big difference in sales and income. He’s someone I’ve recommended to family and friends (but not competitors!), to learn the craft from; his training is most definitely one of my secret weapons in business growth, and how to communicate more successfully, to get results (on many levels). Thanks. Looks like this SWS will definitely be a winner; congrats to all who are eagerly scrambling to grab their spots, while they’re still available.


  • Wolf Halton says:

    This is such a beautiful piece to read. Anybody who really wants to succeed in copywriting has got to see the value. . You may be better than the late Gary Halbert. Wow!

  • Joel Helfer says:

    Hey John… Just wanted to put my two cents in
    (3 with inflation and bank charges…)
    I just want all those who are sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not this course gives the real goods. The answer is a resounding, amazing YES!!!!
    I had the pleasure of taking the course not once, but twice. The reason I took it twice is not because I am a slow learner, or don’t know what to do with my money. The reason is that this is the best learning experience I have ever had that put real money in my pocket and even provided me with a system and written ammunition to help my son Zach get4 interviews and a job in the construction business
    where contractors dash the hopes of people looking for work, just so they can have something to amuse themselves in this economy.
    And to all those who are still thinking about this
    course, I say quit thinking, get off your ass and take real action that will help you for the rest of your life, even if you use the SWS just to sign greeting cards. ( But its so much more )
    Thank you John, Stan , Robert, Harlan, Kevin,
    and the whole faculty who helped me launch three
    internet businesses.
    Hopefully, some one will read this comment, believe me, and benefit from the power of SWS.
    Its one of the best investments you will make
    regardless of what business you are in and will help you even if you don’t know how to plug in a computer.

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  • Dana says:

    John, Thanks for offering SWS again. I went through it last year, kinda, but I was also kinda doing a lot of other shit. That was my problem…so, after learning how to focus, I now know I have the passion and skills to be a great copywriter. After I go through SWS again, I’ll be ‘locked…loaded…and ready. And loaded in more than one way, because my ass is flat broke right now…and I mean broke. But I also know if I don’t do something different, I’m going to keep getting the same results I’ve always gotten. I’m approaching it this time with the ‘do or die’ mentality. See you in class…well, I’ll actually see Kevin, he’s my instructor.

  • >