How To Murder Your Business In 2010

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Wednesday, 4:48pm
Reno, NV
Shake the hand, that shook the hand, of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan” (The Grateful Dead, “US Blues”)


You know what the first thing many entrepreneurs and small biz owners do on January 1st (right after gagging down Excedrin with a warm dollop of “Hair o’ the dog”)?

They despair.

You know why?

It’s because… for all the “promise” a new year holds…

… for most folks in business, the months ahead are just shadows in a dark fog.

When times are good, maybe — maybe — you can stumble over some tasty opportunities as you wander.

When times are bad… you know, like our current recession-shackled economy… that fog of uncertainty gets thick enough to choke you.

Would you like to know what the UNCOMMON entrepreneurs and small biz owners do when looking ahead to 2010?

They smile.  They yawn at the recession.  And they feel damn good about their nice, clear, unobstructed view of the coming months.

No fog.  No murderous pitfalls hidden in the shadows.

They are uncommon, because they are PREPARED.

They have an action plan… and they know how to implement it.

You wanna commit business suicide?  Stumble into the coming year without a clue how you’re going to grow or get better results.

You wanna join the Feast, where the Smart Few are enjoying floods of traffic, maxed-out conversions, and the kind of almost-ridiculously-abundant free time (like a vacation every month) that “most” biz owners can only dream about?

Then get hip to the amazing magic of putting together a simple action plan.

And make sure it’s a plan you can easily (and even joyously) implement right away.

I’d like to help you, if you think getting some honest, hard-core, proven mentoring can get you off your duff… and into your seat at the Feast.

Here’s what’s up: There has always been a stark contrast between those who plan, and those who don’t even know how to plan.

For nearly 30 years now, as a high-paid consultant, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and biz owners figure out the critical first steps to take to get moving in a new, profitable, easier (and more fun) direction.

Having even a simple plan (with just a few steps to take) will change your life forever.

But only if you are confident (and know the easy tricks) of putting this simple plan into action.

I know how to do this.  And I hang out with masters of simple-but-insanely-lucrative planning.


… I’m holding a live workshop-seminar in San Diego the last weekend of January…

… where you can come and get direct help putting your own killer action plan together.

Plus learn the tricks to implementation.  The key to making your plan a reality.

We’re gonna fill you up with proven, easy step-by-step actions to take immediately… to:

  • Blow away all constraints on flooding your biz with fresh, super-qualified traffic…
  • Put yourself in the “go to guy” spot in your market, with all the influence and swag that gets heaped on honest authority figures…
  • Maximize your ability to convert leads into happy sales…
  • And finally learn the “lazy man’s way” to put your productivity in high gear.

Best part: The powerful simplicity of this kind of planning…

… means that veteran business owners will immediately benefit, as well as raw rookies.

Most people absolutely suck at planning.

And if you insist on trying to do it yourself, without expert help…

… you’re headed down a rabbit hole that can trap you, confuse you, and murder your business while you’re fighting self-created emergencies.

The top marketers (including any competition now cleaning your clock) ALL know how to map out a simple action plan… and put it in motion.

Even the best plan in the universe is worthless, if it never gets implemented.

This, by the way, is the problem with most seminars: You get a mountain of ideas dumped on you, with no hint of how to execute any of them.

The advanced stuff (which you shouldn’t be touching yet) gets all jumbled up with soon-to-be-obsolete stuff, which buries the easy stuff…

… and you’re left with zero “real” plans.

Just a lot of notes and wishes and dreams again.

Well, screw that.

We’re even calling this unique event “The Action Seminar“.

And it is populated with the best teachers and planning wizards I know.  Including…

Mike Koenigs, the uber-talented genius behind “Traffic Geyser”… who specializes in getting the most stubbornly-resistant people to quickly (actually immediately) use his simple-yet-awesomely-effective video secrets to carpet bomb the Web with a killer sales message.  (The cheapest camera you can find will do the trick, too.)

James “Schrakmo” Schramko… the brilliant Aussie who came out of nowhere last year (knowing squat about the Web), to dominate search engine rankings and generally crush all competitors in any market he chose to conquer.

He understands what it’s like to be a rookie looking for a clue… and he has made a huge name for himself helping entrepreneurs zoom to dominance with minimal skills and very little investment.

The simple plans that are easy to master, and simple to implement, is the way to get rich and happy as fast as possible.

Oh, and check this out: Teran Dale (my personal favorite PPC advisor) has the inside track on Google.  He’s managed as much as $1 million dollars a day in pay-per-click advertising in huge, super-competitive niches.

The kicker: The competition in these niches are paying $7 – $12 dollars per click… while Teran’s clients are only paying $0.21 cents.

If you suspect that everything you believe about PPC is dead wrong… you’re right.

Teran will be working directly with select folks at this seminar, while we watch and learn.  And he’s gonna be sharing ALL the good stuff… brought down to doable, simple and easy steps.  (You’re invited to join the pool of attendees we’ll choose Teran’s subjects from.)

Oh, yeah.

This is just a small taste of the Feast you’re about to share in.

We’ve also got the globally-respected Les Brown (to get your head straight about planning for success)… Melanie Benson Strick (to help you finally get off your butt and start being massively productive) (with more time off)…

… my hilarious (but deadly serious about profits) colleagues Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee will show you how to become a social media MONSTER (even if you can’t yet spell “blog”)…

… and I’ll be joined by copywriting legends Harlan Kilstein (still the only guy around who can show you how to hypnotize readers into following you anywhere) and Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (of “She Factor” fame — and remember, the ladies still control 90% of the money out there, guys).

Plus: The entire faculty of the Simple Writing System mentoring program will be there, for you to corner and suck every shred of sales-boosting secret out of their super-talented brains.

Let’s drop names:  Kevin Rogers (my head writer for The Stable O’ Copywriters)… “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan (a top freelancer with tremendous chops)… Tony Flores (head writer for The Arbitrage Conspiracy)… Scott Haines (a killer writer and old pal of mine and Gary Halbert’s)… Jimbo Curley (the star writer who replaces me at OHP Golf)… Tina Lorenz (easily the hottest copywriter in the “launch” game right now)… and two “under the radar” (for now) writers I’ve personally hired to write for me: Robert Gibson and Mark Landstrom.

Special guest stars include “A List” copywriter David Deutsch (who recently had 6 million-dollar controls for Boardroom, Inc)… Gary Halbert’s sons Bond and Kevin (who I’ve been working closely with while they restructure Gary’s legacy)… and some Mystery Guests who should blow your mind.

There’s just one catch:

This event is coming up soon… and there are VERY limited spots open.

To get the details, just check out this info-site:

There’s quite a bit more to the fun and seriously-lucrative stuff you’ll encounter at this rare, totally unique event.

And… I am personally making sure that you get at least 12 action-steps, customized to your situation, that are simple enough for you to implement as soon as you get home (or back to your room).

If you can handle more, you’ll get more.

But the main thing is this: This ain’t a “talk at you” event.

It’s interactive… and it’s all about helping you put together a freakin’ PLAN to go out and put into action NOW.

So you can get back to your office and start demolishing your evil competitors and dominating your market.

While earning more, and having more time off, and generally being happier and staring down the economy and every obstacle in your life…

… and winning.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

For the few who get their act together and score a spot, that is.

For the rest… well, good luck out there in the fog.

Seriously — go check out the info-site now.  (You’re gonna faint when you see how CHEAP it is, too):

Stay frosty,


P.S. Just in case it wasn’t made crystal clear:  No prior experience or skills or hidden “insider” advantages are necessary to make ANY of this stuff work like crazy for you.

Just hurry, okay? It’s coming up fast, and won’t be repeated.

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  • I love your copywriting style.

    I’ll be at the seminar!

  • Wow John, you’re not messing around! All the big dogs will be at this thing – sounds great!

    But just a little off-topic, I have to say that I think all copywriters could dramatically improve their craft if they simply come here and read your posts. You know how to pull people in and make offers that are very tough to refuse. Great stuff!

    Coach Donnelly

  • Casey Owen says:

    Hi John,
    I’m new to copywriting, but since starting I’ve been plowing thru your blog archives like a (insert bust-a-gut funny simile here). A new post is up, but I figure I’ll stray from the today’s topic (again) with a few tasty bullet points…

    *Sincerely sorry you missed the Hendrix show
    *Love your dumps on Trump
    *Amazed how you can have a headline like “Why Everyone is Almost Always Wrong” and not come off sounding like an egotistical prick
    *Love how you can glean a copywriting lesson from a seemingly unrelated story
    *If you’re ever in Melbourne, Australia, you must check out Phil Para at the Esplanade Hotel in sunny St Kilda – the best Hendrix cover man since Stevie Ray. Big call. I made it.
    *Keep up the good work and stay, uh, frosty?


    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Casey. Nice pick-ups on some of the lessons I’ve peppered throughout this blog. You’ve got a good eye for the “behind the words” action.
      And I love St Kilda. I’ll be sure to check out that hotel next time I’m n town…

    • JB says:

      Phil Para is from Ohakune, here in New Zealand. 🙂 Have seen him at the Espi. He’s great. But then, all Kiwi’s are, especially us guitar players. You got Kevin Borich from us, too.

      • Casey Owen says:

        He’s an absolute star. Had a residency at the Espy before I was born. And yes, with Para and Borich there’s no shortage of talented NZ axemen here in Oz… But you can have Russell Crowe back…

  • Dainis says:

    Without this step: “Maximize your ability to convert leads into happy sales,” this event would be like a church without a bell, a car with no engine, a party with no drinks…a hooker with no tricks.

    …Very likely see ya there folks.

  • Woofie says:

    Sounds like a perfect sales event.

    “Git out ur credit cards and rush to the back of the room!” “Hurry! the first 10 get half off !”

    Yes siree bob…come on down…..

  • Colin Joss says:

    Hey John,
    Got the flights and hotels booked for San Diego.

    Looking forward to meeting the top dog and his pack.


  • Malley says:

    This blog sucks! It used to be good before it became a pure sales vehicle for Carlton. At least the old posts are still up.

  • Kyle says:

    John, I want to come! I really do.


    After Dan Kennedy left Peter Lowe’s success events, he (or Bill Glazer) altered the game for marketing seminars. Now, they are rarely places of value, but instead pitches… which, worked extremely well at the Peter Lowe events because no one in the audience really knew the speakers.

    The Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert seminars in the 80s and 90s were run masterfully and delivered content, ideas, strategies and fixes to the attendees. This type of seminar is no where to be found anymore.

    Even Kern’s last Mass Control Seminar missed the boat. While he delivered smoking hot TANGIBLE content (as did Ed, Harlan n’ Mike Filsame) everyone else delivered a pitch without delivering content.

    My question for you is: As really the last and best of the “old school marketers”… is your seminar going to be a bunch of speakers, each given 1 hour to stand up, tell their story and deliver a pitch with their so-called “info packed” power point presentation… or… are you going to deliver in the Halbert/Abraham fashion?

    You’re the best in the biz John. Please deliver.

  • Fabio says:

    This same type of tripe has slopped over into all the seminars, not just marketing. Big promises but little,
    if any worthwhile content. The big show to end all big shows. A must attend event. Bullshit.

    Make your reservations now! The hotel block is limited.

    • Kyle says:

      See Fabio, I disagree.

      The host of the event (Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, whoeever) ALWAYS deliver content that makes it all worthwhile. But, their presentation is only an hour or two or three yet I’m there for the whole weekend getting pitched by all the “guest speakers” who all get a one hour slot to make a pitch following Paul Hartunian’s model. (This type of thing works OUTSTANDING to cold audiences, but is an extreme time-waster for audiences who know the speakers and their work.)

      $797 is dirt cheap for a seminar. It’s not the money. It’s the time. Hour long pitches waste my time. Content (or a Abraham/Halbert-style panel) does not.

      • Fabio says:

        Well, Kyle, stay for the folks that ALWAYS
        deliver the worthwhile content and leave
        when the “time wasters” show up.


        Go have another drink or hang out in the
        hallway and “network” during the 456
        slide Powerpoint.

        Or do like I do, go into a deep trance
        induced by Rajdhani Express by Mohenjo Daro. The eye lids will grow heavy, the jaw will become slack, and all will be right in the world.

        It works….really.

  • ken c says:

    the recent comments bring up a great question for general dialogue about seminar structures in general; personally I am a fan of no-pitch seminars in which there’s 100% content and no offers/pitches delivered during the event itself… (my .02)… followup pitches via email to attendees, or during an after-hours pitch session are ok, but not the “talk for 45 minutes with a 15 minute pitch at the end” model of seminars/webinars; many speakers are taught to deliver the “what you need” during the presentation, but the details of “how” exactly to accomplish it, are reserved for content that’s an upsell…

    Personally I like to see (and produce) all-content events, like the DVDs of John’s seminars he’s done himself, which continue to be astonishingly useful to me in my business success; eg all packed with specific mechanics of exactly how to do things, with no pitching. But everyone has their own business model, would be good to hear what all of you folks think about preferred format
    for seminars in general…?

    and, happy holidays to all…


    • Kyle says:

      Good post Ken. I feel exactly the same. As I said above, Dan Kennedy took the Peter Lowe model and started using it at marketing seminars. And it’s of zero benefit for the attendees… we’re not cold audiences like Peter Lowe’s were. Do we really need to hear Mr. X *describe* their latest and greatest launch (to the internet marketing niche) but give no usable information to the audience?

      I haven’t seen Carlton’s solo-efforts but I have heard nothing but great things about them. He’s old school, he’s been at the Abraham and Halbert seminars, he knows what he’s doing.

      I don’t think, from the pitch for it, it’s going to be in the vein of the Halbert/Abraham model.

      That being said – John can now use the term “have you checked out all the ‘controversy’ over at the blog?” in his next post. =)

      Like I said before John, I want to come. But can you give an outline of whose going to be talking, for how long, and when?

  • Fabio says:

    This is an outrage.

    • Fabio says:


      I’ve heard people rave about Dan Kennedy,
      well he believes Sara Palin would make a great president.

      With judgement like that we must question
      everything he says. He’s moving closer to
      being a complete loon everyday.

      I say that and I like Dan, I really do. And
      I have told him the same. But his best wisdom
      may be in the past. I’m sorry about that.

      P.S.S I’m no liberal in case you think I’m an
      Obama fan. Sorry. Not.

  • Lisa says:

    I have a hard time taking any comment from a man named Fabio seriously.

    Carlton has more meat than any marketer alive! good headline… Or porn title subhead… 🙂

  • Nahyan says:

    yo seriously, the haters gotta chill out.

    We all know JCarlton is brilliant at what he does, and in this post he’s marketing…and last I checked we’re studying marketing.

    So instead of complaining and hypothesizing what happened to the good ol’ days, learn something here and move on. If there’s something you don’t like, just mention it then.
    (btw, this isn’t to anyone specific)

  • Mathias says:

    Hey there, I am 18 Years old and live in Copenhagen(the biggest and only real city in Denmark.) Just wanna say thank you John Carlton, your blog is like a library of valuable insights and I can just take whatever I find applicapble and use it to improve areas in my own life. Love that!

    One question though, not really specific to this post.

    I’ve read some of Gary Halberts letters, wish i could have met him. From the very first i read from him, I felt in love and wanted to know if I can still buy his materials, somewhere?

    Greetings from Denmark

  • >