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Sunday, 1:30pm
Reno, NV
“5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”


Quick note here for anyone who wants to know:

We are officially opening the doors to the Simple Writing System 5 at-home mentoring program… tomorrow, Monday, April 6th… at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific.


… I will begin a live video feed — of me, in my cluttered office, uncensored and unrehearsed — one-half hour earlier (1:30pm EDT/10:30am PDT).

You can ask questions by posting in the live chat feed. (Don’t be shy about just saying “Hi”, too — it’s always good to know that friends are tuning in just to see if I screw it all up.)

And you know what?

I just may open the doors early. To reward those folks smart enough to check things out when the action starts.

By “open”, of course, I mean we’re finally releasing spots in the mentoring program. It’s a big damn deal to know about the precise hour we open ‘er up… because there really are a specific number of slots available… and when they’ve been snatched up, that’s all she wrote.

This is the fifth time we’ve held some version of this SWS at-home mentoring program. All previous programs filled up quickly.

We do NOT, however, have current plans to hold another one.

Why not? Because it’s nearly freaking impossible to corral all the professional writers in the faculty into a 2-month commitment like this.

And that’s why this program is totally unique… and why it works so well.

I have a dozen of the most recognized pro copywriters in the world under contract to be hands-on teachers in this interactive program. They’re more than just helping me out, so I don’t get spread too thin with students. They are a vital part of the mentoring, getting down into the details with you on an almost daily schedule.

To get more info on the program, go here:

You’ll see the full faculty line-up. (We’ve got ALL the pro writers from SWS4 returning… and there are a couple of new writers eager to get involved this time out.)

Plus, you’ll get the lowdown on the hot new addition to the program: The sizzling “777 Sessions”.

These are special webinars — using students in the SWS5 program — hosted by some of the biggest names in Web marketing: Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, Brian Clark (of, Perry Marshall, Jeff Johnson, Andy Jenkins (Stompernet), and Tellman Knudsen.

This is eye-poppin’ stuff. Literally, the opportunity of a lifetime to finally get hip to easily and quickly writing killer sales copy (whenever you need it, from now on)…

… while being mentored by the best in the game.

This is one-on-one coaching, with lots of opportunity to interact with other students, other mentors, and everyone else in the program.

It’s dirt cheap, too. As so many graduates have said: The first time you use even a single step from the system, you’ll make your money back.

And the first time you DON’T have to hire a freelancer to do your writing for you… well, you’ve probaby saved two-to-ten times your money, right off the bat.

But the REAL fun comes when you realize just how FAST you can put your business on steroids… because you can suddenly slam out EVERYTHING that needs to be written, in record time…

… and KNOW that you’re doing it right.

You’ll hit all the right buttons to grab the attention of your prospect, guide him through your sales funnel, get him so excited he can’t stand it…

… and be able to close the deal like a pro.

And this system works for ads, websites, video scripts, email, speeches… everything you need from here on out.

No matter how long you’ve been in business — from raw rookie beginner, to grizzled veteran — this program has been PROVEN to blow right through all the skepticism, all the learning problems you’ve had before, and all the excuses you’ve ever had that have kept you from finally learning to write.

It happens quick. You’re in great hands — we know what we’re doing…

… and we do it really, really, really freaking well.

So hop over to the site, early Monday morning.

Watch me get all hyped up and crazy on live video.

There’s no telling WHAT the heck I might do, you know.

There are “early sign up” bonuses, too.

Oh, it’s gonna be fun.

See you (literally, you’ll see me) tomorrow.

Stay frosty,


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  • Lisa says:

    Would REALLY like to take part… but even with the generous payment option, it’s not in my currently tragic budget. I won’t bore you with my sob story because I’m sure I’m one of many with similar. However, I wonder if I can work out a different payment arrangement or if the one in my email is all there is.

    I figure if I get through the mentoring, my income will change and I can clear it up faster than the arrangement, but for now, even the generous payment option is not an option.

    Could I discuss the possibility with someone?

    thanks in advance

  • Kevin Rogers says:


    I’ve often wondered what sort of cave you dwell in out there in the biggest little city.

    Hope you’ll be showing us around a bit between questions.

    Might we get to see some of your classic drawings?


  • Peter Frank says:

    Hi John,
    Hope I’m around. Love to see your office.
    Seriously… it can’t be as cluttered as mine.

    Anyone still on the fence about jumping in, find some way to do it. Lisa, you can’t be as broke as I was when I jumped in late last year.

    There must be a friend who can help you out 🙂

    My work book is already getting seriously dogeared.
    No room on the desk so it sits on the floor beside me whenever I have to write.

    Currently using it to write a web site for a 30K product. Will let you know how many we sell in the next few months.


  • Hi John,

    I just bought your package; however, couldn’t get the mentoring as I’m currently offshore on a boat and will be flying home at end of month, then flying up to Thailand one week after that, therefore will be quite busy.

    But I am sure glad that you offered the home study dvd’s as a second choice.

    I hope to devour these as soon as they make their way to my home in Australia.


  • Dick says:

    Can you tell us what time period the time payments come out of our credit cards?


    John Carlton replies:

    Hi Dick. One month periods. As regular and predictable as we can make them. We want this as easy and hassle-free as we can for you.


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