I Think We Beat NBC For The Entrepreneur Demographic

Thursday, 11:55am
Reno, NV
I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” (Network.)


I hope you had a chance to drop by the “Carlton Talking Head” video show last Monday.

It was a blast. Thousands of folks from all over the globe tuned in…

… and while I have no intention of actually checking, I’m saying we beat all other media for that hour in the demographics we care about: Entrepreneurs and biz owners and budding writers.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

It was a proper launch for the now-infamous Simple Writing System at-home mentoring program (the 5th time we’ve offered it, and possibly the last). It was wild, it was fun, and it was a breathtaking learning experience that will change forever the way we do biz from here on.

Here are 2 background notes on the story you might find interesting:

1. The power went out all over Reno 15 minutes before we went live.

But did I panic?

Hell yes, I panicked. There were 3 staff members here running around like their hair was on fire, loads of camera equipment getting knocked over, and computers laying in piles all over the jont getting stepped on.

And thousands of people looking at a blank screen, wondering where Johnny was.

And then — just as my pituitary gland was getting ready to dump a pint of adrenalin into my system — the power popped back on.

And within minutes, I was blabbering into the camera, live, world-wide, and monitoring a chat funciton going absolutely NUTS with chatters.

It was exciting.

I’ve got a taste for it now, and will probably be doing more live video.

I mean, why the hell not?

2. Spots for this amazing mentoring program are vanishing quickly. At the current rate, we will need to stop accepting new members in less than 48 hours. We simply cannot accept more people than the faculty of pro writers can handle as teachers.

Go here if you’re still considering (but do it now, or risk being shut out):


And that’s all I have to report right now.

We’re still up to our necks helping people get settled into the program, and dealing with the standard problems that occur with every launch.

I’ll relax next week, when it’s finally over.

You, on the other hand, need to build up a little angst over this. We truly have zero plans to ever offer this mentoring program ever again.

There is NOTHING like this anywhere else in the world. Top, pro writers holding your hand while you slide through an easy step-by-step program…

… where you end up as a killer writer, able to quickly and simply provide ALL copy for your soon-to-be-rapid success.

It’s fun, too, as you’ll soon experience. All the top writers are back to teach — they LOVE this program just as much as the students.

Get in on the fun, and the adventure of taking control of your life.

And do it now, while the opportunity is still hot.

Cuz it’s going away very soon now…

Stay frosty,


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  • Bernardo says:

    Thanks for the live video the other day, John.

    I’ve skimmed the sales letter but didn’t see
    who the coaches are that will actually be
    helping out in the program.

    Care to list all of them?

    Here’s a start:
    – Scott Haines
    – Kevin Rogers
    – LoMo

    John Carlton replies:

    Here’s an idea, Bernardo — don’t SKIM.

    The entire list is on the sales page, under “Meet The Faculty”.

    Jeez, sometimes I feel like a mother hen here…


  • Bernardo says:

    Thanks. I must have missed the Johnson
    Box mixed in with all the testimonials two or
    three times…

    I’ll make to read every last word of the sales
    letter next time though. 😉

  • >