Who Do You Trust?

Friday, 3:33 pm
Reno, NV
When the world is a monster, ’bout to swallow you whole…” (R.E.M., Can’t Get There From Here)


Quick post today (I promise).

It’s about a HUGE freakin’ disaster lurking behind many entrepreneurs right now…

… like a snarly ugly googly-eyed monster sneaking up on your ass with fangs bared and claws clutching.

Some of you, right now, can feel its hot fetid breath on your neck.


You know what this beast is?

It’s the Great Unknown Future that most marketers are facing right now, as 2011 comes galloping around the corner.  And there are no fangs sharper, and no evil hunger more devouring than a recession-addled economy (licking its chops as it creeps up on you).

Now, here’s a free piece of advice from a grizzled veteran of 30 years in the biz world:  I’ve successfully navigated at least 3 huge (and at least 3 other less-huge but still extremely painful) recessions since I began my career as a marketing expert.

I’ve done it alone…

… and I’ve done with the help, mentoring, and insight of folks who had been down that road before.

And I gotta tell you:  It SUCKS to do it alone.

And having a little solid, experienced help watching your back can almost immediately transform your progress.

In my consulting practice, I see a lot of lonely cowboys wandering the marketing range, trying to figure everything out on the fly. They have no one to shuck and jive with… no one to bounce ideas off of (so they never get honest feedback)…

… and no one to shine a light as they stumble in darkness, or warn them of dangers down the latest gimmick-rabbit-hole, or help them find, test drive, and evaluate the vast pile of resources out there (some of which are okay, some of which are evil-nasty-bad-for-you, and some of which are drooling cousins of that monster still sneaking up behind you).

No one to trust.

And gosh, that can suck worst of all.

I know that entrepreneurs and small-biz owners frequently list “being overwhelmed” as their biggest obstacle to success.  (Finding simple ways to be more productive is Number 2 on that list.)

But from where I sit…

… and remember, through this blog, my little social media empire (I use the term loosely, of course), and my decades-long experience consulting with and helping clients…

… the most fundamental problem out there is feeling isolated.  Lonely.

With no one to trust.

In fact, that’s just about the ONLY question I need to hear from anyone seeking help… to realize they’re in big trouble.

There’s plenty of advice out there.  Oodles of direction, ladled out by self-appointed guru’s and experts grinning from ear-to-ear, beckoning you hither.  A virtual CandyLand of resources, where sure-thing opportunities, slick deals and wondrous avaricious dreams abound…

… if you will only let down your guard and trust them.

To which I say:  STOP!

Take a deep breath.

And apply a little critical thinking here.

Do you really believe that a fad… or a gimmick… or a single “hot new secret” is gonna transform your life?

Hey, it’s fine if you do.  It’s a free world, thank God.  Go for it.


… when you’re finally ready to grow the fuck up and quit fighting the reality of the business world…

… you’ve got to make some fundamental decisions.

Fundamental Decision #1: Do you want to build a REAL business, and install a solid foundation for generating ethical wealth and happiness that you create, yourself?

Or, are you just gonna hope for a magical solution to your problems?

If you’re into magic, you may want to split now.  I’m just gonna harsh your mellow here.

Fundamental Decision #2: If you ARE ready to build a real business…

… are you also finally prepared to put your ego aside, and admit you need a little honest help finding the right path to success?

Yeah, I know… your ego is already squirming and fussing, trying to get you to click off this page and go check out some porn or a free game site or something.  Gotta distract you, in case you actually TAKE a freakin’ step to change your life.

Just put the little bastard in a strangle-hold for a few minutes.  Shut him up.

And listen:

ALL of the successful entrepreneurs and biz owners I know…

… have built up teeming networks of like-minded colleagues, friends, partners, and associates.

Even more precisely: They surround themselves with winners, and hungrily share in the resources of this “inner circle” of success-junkies.

Because trying to make a business work all on your lonesome doesn’t just suck…

… it also will murder your ability to find your own best (and fastest) path to wealth and happiness.

Your drinking buddies don’t count, either.  Your family… nope.  Even your pal with all the grand schemes and plans… unless he’s actually DOING anything to bring in the big bucks, he’s an anchor around your neck.

What you want…

… is live, face-to-face access to people who share your quest for a thriving business, and for the rewards of committing to the demands of creating your own damn path in the world.  As a successful, passionate and kick-ass dude (or dudette).

And you particularly want to rub elbows with folks who ARE successful. Who have come from where you are now… conquered similar demons and obstacles… and secured their own seat at The Feast Of Life (the only place to be if you’re serious about enjoying this ride).

I know you’ve heard this story before.  Every single successful person I know has a similar version of it:  Things didn’t start popping… until they reached out for help, and followed through on the advice they received.

No exemptions.  You see a successful person… you can bet they didn’t arrive alone at the Gates Of Good Times.

It’s not a “detail” of your journey.

It’s the foundation of everything else you do in life.

And I want to help you kick your dreams in the butt… so you can finally crash through the obstacles and sticking points, and get MOVING.

We’re hosting a live event in late February, down in gorgeous San Diego.  We’ve only done this one other time, around a year ago…

… and the results of letting people into a room we front-loaded with our favorite go-to-experts and success-wizards…

… will simply take your breath away.

The best part: We’re doing it one more time…

… and you’re invited.  If, that is, you can keep your ego (and your natural default laziness) at bay long enough to get involved.

This event is called The Action Seminar.  Go here for the complete scoop:

Action Seminar Details

You have a number of decisions to make as the new year rolls into town.

Just imagine not having to face them all alone.

And, instead, actually strutting into 2011 armed-to-the-teeth with plans you can implement immediately to start achieving everything you’re after in life and biz.

We’re all about planning and implementation.  Not piling more theory and more bullshit advice on you (which will only make you feel more lonely and overwhelmed).

No way.

What I love about this event is the emphasis on ACTION.  It’s not a “talk AT you” kind of event (which I hate just as much as you do).

Rather, it’s a “work with you” seminar loaded with everything (EVERYTHING!) we know about getting your act together…

… as fast and efficiently as possible.  So you can go from wherever you are now… to wherever you DESIRE to be…

… in a well-planned, step-by-step process.

Just like the already-successful folks you’ll meet there do it.

These are people you can trust.  They’ve PROVEN it, over and over again… by helping others, by sharing the good stuff generously, by knowing — really knowing — how important trust and experienced advice is for entrepreneurs itching to move forward.

Look… make up your own mind here, of course.

But get all the info first.  And don’t kid yourself, if you’re even wishing a tiny bit that “somehow” you’ll survive the next year without chucking your desire for magic, or without getting down to business doing what works.

The key to success, usually, doesn’t involve changing too rapidly at first.  You don’t need more staff, or a bigger office, or infusions of cash from investors.


The essential thing you need… is a plan.  And a little honest input from some folks who’ve been successful already, and are willing to share the process with you.

Just see what the fuss is about, okay?

Both time and space are limited, so I’m urging you to hurry.

Pay particular attention to what others reveal about the last one of these we held.  (You may see echoes of exactly what you’re going through now.)

The breakthrough that will change your life forever may be nearer than you think.

Stay frosty,


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  • I timeless lesson and marketing at the same time, the best kind, I love it. 🙂

  • John Carlton says:

    Thanks for the note, Joseph.

    • Erena says:

      That’s It

      I was looking for years for the Right Mentor.
      I knew, what I needed. The School. The manual.
      Step by step Instructions. The Plan. What happened?
      Exactly that you predicted:
      “People will tell you they’ll act in a certain way in a certain situation, and then do the exact opposite. They’re not “bad”, they’re just doing what people always do — ignore reality.”
      I’m still waiting for the school I paid money for in April 2010. And I can’t even say, the guy, who was going to give the lessons, is a bad person.
      He knows Internet market, well, as anybody could know it, because it’s an ever changing process with some new stuff coming up all the time (as I know by now). However, I knew from my friend, He Is Real. “Top marketers constantly observe people’s actions (not their words).”
      My bad.
      However, that’s what happened next.
      “Through this first relationship, you will be introduced to other teachers and guru’s they recommend. (By the way, that’s exactly what did I say to the other friend involved, who said we’ve lost our money). It’s still up to you to be an adult, and be critical of anyone you get advice from until they’ve also earned your trust.”
      Well, I definitely learn some stuff, and a friend of mine, I’ve mentioned before helped me…. Downside – it’s very far from where I want to be. And, I am still waiting for that School, feeling pretty stupid. Trust is definitely broken…I’m not going to trash the guy.
      And the point is, I still need the School, The Right Mentor, Step By Step Instructions and a Live Communication.
      Something else I’d like to add, and you might not be agreed with what I have to say, it makes a lot of sense to me, however.
      We can be well aligned with only some people, business relationship pretty much like a marriage. And the timing is important too.
      PS About my website, for over a month I can’t access it, every time I try to open this website I get Mozilla crash reports, not sure what’s going on, maybe I need to install some more plug-ins or…

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  • Dana says:

    “The key to success, usually, doesn’t involve changing too rapidly at first. You don’t need more staff, or a bigger office, or infusions of cash from investors.”

    How often we distract ourselves and ‘prepare’ our business when we should be marketing and promoting. I’m guilty. Now that I’ve admitted that, and gone through the SWS I’ve got the confidence and help I needed. I’m looking forward to the action seminar, because after last years, I know there’s no hype and bullshit. And this time…I’m ready!

  • joe says:

    Yes Ed it would be great for a lot of us to have help from someone we can trust and someone really knows what they are doing,But unfortunely most of you guru type charge way to much for a struggling marketer who is just starting out.So it a catch 22 ,no money no help.So the people in the know only help people the people who has plenty of money already to pay the high price,but the people who really need to start their own onlnie business becuase they are broke and over whelmed bills,the people who really need the help,get pushed aside becuase the gurus do not want to help a broke poor person who cannot afford thier price tag.so they are stuck,frustrated nd desperate.

    • John Carlton says:

      Who’s “Ed”? And in case you didn’t notice, you’re reading a FREE blog crammed with solid content that goes back six years. All free.

      Your bitterness is just your ego chattering away, looking for an excuse to never get moving. Don’t have the money right now? Fine. Start saving now. Put $100 aside every month, in a disciplined way, and in a year you’ll have over a grand to invest in getting the courses or attending the events that can help you.

      Can’t “find” an extra hundred bucks each month? Then stop watching TV, put yourself into “Grind Mode” for a year, and get an extra somewhere that pays $100 a month. And save every penny of it. (That’s 10 hours a month at $10/hr net… one-and-a-half graveyard shifts at a 7-11. Two weekend days invested in your future. Yeah, you can do that, and more.)

      Most of the guys at the top of the game… including those arrogant guru’s you speak of… DID this kind of “get your shit together” penance early on, taking on bad jobs, earning their progress in sweat and tears, and working hard while putting off gratification.

      Maybe you can’t do it now. I certainly NEVER advise anyone to go into debt to get into a seminar or buy anything… it’s dumb, and it puts undue pressure on you. Earn your way as you go, pay your way as you go.

      Now, stop bitching, and get proactive.

  • Interesting blog John.

    The best thing I’ve done this year was to set up a peer group mastermind and I’m currently setting up a few extra groups.

    It’s made a big difference to my way of thinking about my business and it’s a huge relief to have a team around me.

    Sorry I can’t be at your Action Seminar.

    • John Carlton says:

      We’ll miss you, Paul… but great job setting up that mastermind. It can take you a long way toward where you wanna go. And when you’re ready, hopefully we’ll have an opportunity for you to join us in something.

      Thanks for the post.

  • Patrick says:

    Hello John, great article and came at a great time, I happen to have found a good management and marketing system and I am now surround with winners just like you say in your article, and I have set up blogs and will be writing lots of my own stuff very soon, working on new one at moment, through the system I am using I finding a lot of frustrated people, so I working with them and one of the trainers/mentors/coaches. So yes its true what you say, thanks for great articles and inspiration

    Patrick, Dublin, Ireland

  • I’ll buy you a beer buddy.

    Hey, what are your thoughts on mobile marketing? Ed Dale and others have been talking about it on Facebook…

    Today’s New York Times Magazine features a QR code on it’s cover! http://2d-code.co.uk/nyt-balloon-qr-code-cover/

  • Joe says:

    writing from Australia where Oprah has just came, saw and conquered! in her expansive/ humble way? Now there is an example of a support team in action! Love the formula, a plan then pooling success and momentum through a resourceful team of on track people actively realizing their goals.

  • Hey John, this is exactly what I need. A room full experts sounds very very tempting. (Finances permitting) What I need between now and then is a good solid kick in the ass. (Do you make international house calls?

    Trying to be frosty in the Philippines

  • James Sorick says:

    Thanks John, I needed that post. Anchors around my neck? Yeah, I can relate.

    I would love to hear some input from some seasoned folk…and steer my thinking in a more productive direction. I’ll probably do your Simple Writing System instead though…baby steps, you know.

  • Jay Dee says:

    “Hot Dog” first time reading your blog, feels like I’ve been smacked across the face a couple of times. Must look into getting to your seminar.

  • James Hadfield says:

    James says
    Thanks John been receiving your emails with interest this has struck a chord with me.Now I know why I have never seen the “Lone Ranger’ he is out here in the hills riding all alone like me. Better head into town and meet some folks. The world is kinda big when you have a go at it by yourself.

  • Rene says:

    Success is the fruit of working a good plan.It is a journey and an expierence and not a destination.You want to always be learning,there is a front and a back end to it as well.As Freddie Mercury so eleoquently stated”no time for losers.” It is crucial to build uptempo relationships and associations with winners.One fine day I shall be performing at marketing seminars as “the guru’s choice.”

    • John Carlton says:

      You win the award for First Mention of Queen in this blog, Rene. Great band. Tragic end to Freddy, sorry he’s gone (though that Big Rock Band In The Sky has GOT to be the most ass-kicking outfit in the universe by now…)

  • Kevin Craig says:

    “Who do you trust?” Great question, although Sister Mary Elephant will remind the class that it’s “WHOM do you trust?”

    But the answer is the same: Nobody. My business is my baby. Nobody touches it but me. Which is why my “business” is still a total non-starter.

    Great post. Perfect diagnosis of my business failure. Is there room at your seminar for a lonely paranoid whack-job like me? Is a minimum revenue level required? (I have yet to make my first dime online.)

    • John Carlton says:

      Hey, we’re all paranoid whack jobs on this bus, Kevin.

      You are very welcome, and will feel right at home.

      Nice description of a common situation for entrepreneurs in your comment, too. Thanks for posting it.

  • Dan Axelrod says:

    Really excited for this one. Sounds like most of the SWS team in one place!

  • ken ca|houn says:

    I trust people like you, John, whose training has helped me make a lot of money over many years in a row. Short answer. I trust what works, consistently, from the top folks in the world.

    Great example in your post of a killer opener that’s engaging, and an artful ‘turn’ for the seminar pitch, I’m sure it’ll be helpful to all who attend as always. Your posts are always a lesson in and of themselves.

    Happy holidays everyone, make it outstanding.


  • Sami Parker says:

    Your post is really mind blowing and amazing, thanks for such a lovely blog

  • Glenn says:

    John, you are fan-freakin’ tastic. Enough said.

  • If the market Rebel exist then i will be one of them

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