How To Murder Your Biz, Redux

Thursday, 7:52pm
Reno, NV
Shake the hand, that shook the hand, of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan” (The Grateful Dead, “US Blues”)


Got something here to help you make your upcoming year the best one ever, business-wise.

That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Well, it’s a real offer.

And the difference it can make in your life — almost immediately — can easily be a genuine breakthrough to The Good Life (regardless of where you’re at right now with your plans, dreams and income).

So listen up: You know what the first thing many entrepreneurs and small biz owners do on January 1st (right after gagging down Excedrin with a warm dollop of “hair o’ the dog”)?

They despair.

You know why?

It’s because… for all the “promise” a new year holds…

… for most folks in business, the months ahead are just shadows in a dark fog.

When times are good, maybe — maybe – you can stumble over some tasty opportunities as you wander.

When times are bad… you know, like our current blunt-trauma economy… that fog of uncertainty gets thick enough to choke you.

Would you like to know what the UNCOMMON entrepreneurs and small biz owners do when looking ahead to the coming year?

They smile.  They yawn at the shaky economy.  And they feel damn good about their nice, clear, unobstructed view of the coming months.

No fog.  No murderous pitfalls hidden in the shadows.

They are uncommon, because they are PREPARED.

They have an action plan… and they know how to implement it.

You wanna commit business suicide?  Stumble into the coming year without a clue how you’re going to grow or get better results.

You wanna join the Feast, where the Smart Few are enjoying floods of traffic, maxed-out conversions, and the kind of almost-ridiculously-abundant free time (like a vacation every month) that most biz owners can only dream about?

Then get hip to the amazing magic of putting together…

A Simple
Action Plan.

And make sure it’s a plan you can easily (and even joyously) implement right away.

I’d like to help you, if you think getting some honest, hard-core, proven (and specific) advice can get you off your duff… and onto the Fast Track to achieving every goal you have.

And we can help you RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW… if you’re finally ready to get moving.

Here’s what’s up: There has always been a stark contrast between those who plan, and those who don’t even know how to plan.

For nearly 30 years now, as a high-paid consultant, I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and biz owners figure out the critical first actions to get moving in a new, profitable, easier (and more fun) direction.

Having even a simple plan (with just a few steps to take) will change your life forever.

But only if you are confident (and know the easy tricks) of putting this simple plan into action.

I know how to do this.  And I hang out with masters of simple-but-insanely-lucrative planning.


… I hosted (with a mob of Hall O’ Fame colleagues and other marketing wizards) a live workshop-seminar earlier this year…

… where attendees got direct help putting their own killer action plan together.

And now…

… I’d like to give you the same opportunity.

To finally put YOUR own killer action plan together…

… with the SAME EXACT input those lucky attendees enjoyed.


Easy.  By providing you with the DVDs of that event.

If you’re ready to go, pop over here and grab your set:

Cuz these DVDs give you a “front row seat” for the entire event… where you get total access to everything attendees experienced.  Especially the specifics of creating a real, put-it-to-use-immediately Action Plan for yourself… front-loaded up with maximum movement.

Even better: You will learn the same tricks to implementation (which is the key to making your plan a reality… especially if you desperately need specific guidance on the first step to take.)

And… if you’re ready to soak all this up… you can indulge in a resource-rich world of proven, easy step-by-step actions to take immediately… to:

  • Blow away all constraints on flooding your biz with fresh, super-qualified traffic…
  • Put yourself in the “go to guy” spot in your market, with all the influence and swag that gets heaped on honest authority figures…
  • Maximize your ability to convert leads into happy sales…
  • And finally learn the “lazy man’s way” to put your productivity in high gear.

Best part: The powerful simplicity of this kind of planning…

… means that you can IMMEDIATELY benefit, whether you’re a veteran business owner or a raw rookie.

Why is all this so important?  Because…

Most people absolutely suck at planning.

And if you insist on trying to create an efficient, ready-to-explode action plan yourself, without expert help…

… you’re headed down a rabbit hole that can trap you, confuse you, and murder your business while you’re fighting self-created emergencies.

The top marketers (including any competition now cleaning your clock) ALL know how to map out a simple action plan… and put it in motion.

Even the best plan in the universe is worthless, if it never gets implemented.

This, by the way, is the problem with most seminars: You get a mountain of ideas dumped on you, with no hint of how to execute any of them.

The advanced stuff (which shouldn’t be touched until you’re ready) gets all jumbled up with pie-in-the-sky stuff, which buries the easy stuff…

… and you’re left with zero “real” plans.

Just a lot of notes and wishes and dreams again.

Well, screw that.

This unique event was called “The Action Seminar“ for a reason.

And it was populated with the best teachers and planning wizards I know.  (Get the full line-up here:

But the main thing to remember is… This wasn’t a “talk at you” event.

It was, instead, totally interactive… all about helping folks like you actually put together a freakin’ PLAN to go out and put into action NOW.

So you can get back to your office and start demolishing your evil competitors and plant yourself at the top of your niche (where you belong).

While earning more, and having more time off, and generally being happier…

… and finally know how to stare down the economy and every obstacle in your life…

… and win big.

Oh, this is good.

For the few who get their act together with this detailed info, life will be sweet.

For the rest… well, good luck out there in the fog.

Seriously — go check out the deal now.  (You’re gonna faint when you see how reasonably-cheap these loaded-with-specifics DVDs are, too):

Stay frosty,


P.S. Just in case it wasn’t made crystal clear:  No prior experience or skills or hidden “insider” advantages are necessary to make ANY of this stuff work like crazy for you.

This DVD set is easily the best investment you can make in your own future right now.

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  • Mark L says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve been to a few of the John Carlton Action Seminars and the opportunity to network with the best minds and talents in marketing can be exhilarating and life-changing.
    “Ah-hah” moments fire off all day and you’ll absorb a flood of ideas you can implement to build out your biz and ramp up your income.

  • Robert Gibson says:

    Hi John,

    The Action Seminar was a MARATHON of great applications for any business.

    Speaker after speaker just rattled off their best stuff.

    “Big Jason” Henderson and Brian Johnson did a panel where they broke out some really insider stuff on email marketing that had people’s jaws dropping.

    James Schramko laid out secret on how he built his business.

    The entire Simple Writing System faculty
    did critiques for audience member’s websites
    for everyone to see and learn from.

    People lost their minds when Teran Dale
    shared how Google looks at pages. Hand after hand went up to ask him questions.

    The thing is, there wasn’t much flashy stuff.
    It was pros sitting down, opening up their playbook and saying this is what we did.

    Definitely a moment in time every one in marketing should have in their library and come back to for their business.

    This isn’t about entertainment.
    Lots of other options for that.
    It’s about moving forward in your business and succeeding.

    Learning from the pros beats trying to guess
    and hope things work out.
    I wouldn’t trade what I learned at that seminar for anything.
    I’m glad the cameras were rolling.

    Thanks John,
    Robert Gibson

  • David Raybould says:


    The Action Seminar was a life-changer… in the best possible way.

    I honestly expected to only learn from you – after all I’m a freelance copywriter.

    But how wrong I was. I made 14 pages of notes from the first speaker alone (Mike Koenigs).

    I walked away from the seminar with new friends, and a simple, actionable plan to get to my business to the next level.

    Little did I know then that the Action Seminar would be the catalyst for sending my biz WAY past the next level, and into the stratosphere.

    To anybody who wasn’t there, first of all, shame on you for missing out. Second, you NEED these DVDs. This isn’t your average “pitchfest” seminar. There are NO sales pitches at all, because Carlton didn’t allow them.

    This is about knowledge – some of the biggest experts in the world showing you how to get your business where you want it to be.

    If you’re serious about business, just do it. Now.

    – David Raybould

  • Susie Nelson says:

    Hey John and Stan,
    I’m so glad you decided to put this out on DVDs…I’ve got well over 100 pages of notes – so I can’t wait to watch them 2, 3, even 4 more times (because there was so much mind-blowing biz info packed into those two days.)
    Your timing is especially great for me, too, because I always take a couple days – right after the holidays – to sequester myself in order to create a thorough plan for my biz for the coming year. I’ll be using the Action Seminar as my foundation for making my plan…thanks to you both!
    Cheers and frostiness…
    Susie Nelson

  • anita says:

    As always some real truth here –
    “Most people absolutely suck at planning.” ( they don’t bother. -vicious cycle).

    “the problem with most seminars: You get a mountain of ideas dumped on you, with no hint of how to execute any of them. The advanced stuff (which shouldn’t be touched until you’re ready) gets all jumbled up with pie-in-the-sky stuff, which buries the easy stuff… … and you’re left with zero “real” plans.” (lots of ideas but no starting point).

    I find that’s a problem with many websites/programs – no big red arrow that says => start here; then when you’re finished, => go there.

    Interested to see if the Action Seminar is different. 😉

  • Hey John,

    Colin here.

    The Action Seminar RUINED all future marketing seminars for me. I don’t know if you know this, but this was the first marketing seminar I went to.

    As you promised, it wasn’t a pitchfest. Just pure content, strategy and things you NEED to do RIGHT NOW to get your business GOING.

    So how did it ruin my seminars for me? Simple. This being my first year freelancing, I went to three other marketing seminars to network and get business. And it (VERY) quickly dawned on me… oh. They. Are. All. Pitchfests.

    The Action Seminar is truly an oasis when it comes to solid, content-rich seminars.

    And like David R above, I had no idea how much impact the Action Seminar would eventually have on my career.

    Every success I’ve had in 2010 can be sourced back to this ONE seminar. The people I met, the stuff I learned, the friends I made.

    Colin YJ Chung

  • Kevin Rogers says:

    Sounds like bullsh*t to me.

    I’ve been to enough of these seminars to know NOBODY puts them on just to help the attendees “take action.”


    Like you really got a guy like James Schramko (who makes like a bazillion dollars a year online) to fly all the way from Australia, give away his best strategies — and NOT pitch a product!

    Right, dude. (I guess he did it just because he likes hanging around with you and meeting “like-minded” biz leaders like Joe Polish, MaryEllen Tribby and Brian Johnson who also willing to share their best stuff. Pfsst.)

    And I suppose Mike Koenigs showed up, ditched his standard presentation and spent an hour sharing his hard-won research on the potential of mobile marketing and how it would change the future — like 7 months before the rest of the industry even woke up to it.

    Yeah, because that’s what gurus do… they share because it feels good!

    Give me a break.

    Teran Dale. Who the hell is Teran Dale?

    He’s what..? A former Google insider who revealed the secrets to getting big G’s content spiders to love your pages and boost your rank in half the time it takes using “suggested methods”, eh?

    Whatever. Who cares about that stuff?

    With all due respect, I don’t come here for this kind of crap, John. I come here hoping to get clued in on how to make more money!

    But, thanks.

    • John Carlton says:

      Folks, Kevin is being what we call “ironic” here. And being very subtle about it.

      He is good pals with us, and was at the event.

      What he’s referring to here, of course, is the attitude we hear so much that drives us crazy — that even with all the credibility in the world, too many people are determined to ignore opportunity. They pick apart every chance for genuine change, and do everything they can to convince themselves not to act.

      He did a good job echoing the more frustrating attitudes we come across.

      However, his comment is meant to implode on itself.

  • Lisa Wagner says:

    Who the hell is Kevin Rogers?

    Obviously not someone who attended the Action Seminar. And obviously not someone who realizes that “taking action” IS the clue to making more money.

    I went because I have gotten so much value from you Carlton over the years, I had no idea who was speaking, didn’t care, because I knew I’d get value from whatever you shared and from the others who would be drawn to an event by you. You over-deliver again and again.

    So with all due respect (by the way NO ONE means respect when they say that…) Kevin – PLEASE do not buy this or attend any Action Seminars, because having you around will suck the value out of anything you touch. Save the good mojo for those of us who appreciate it and will take action on it.

    Not everyone can be successful man… but I’m sure you will find a great job at Home Depot or McDonald’s. You’ve got the ideal mindset for it.


    • John Carlton says:

      Thanks for the post, Lisa. Using “Kevin” as a stand-in for all people who refuse to believe that experts can possibly offer real value… you’ve made an excellent point, as always.

      We DO make a habit of over-delivering. That could easily be our motto: We over-deliver. Hope that doesn’t bother you and your plans for dominating your market.

      Kevin was going down the Jonathan Swift angle here, though. (Swift, in the 1800s, wrote a killer piece about addressing the Irish famine by encouraging people to eat their children. It was written in absolute serious prose, and shocked the empire. One of the most classic early “editorials” in the history of journalism.)

  • JimmyCurley says:

    Okay… first… seems some people are not quite “getting”
    Kevin’s comment.

    He’s good buddies with John and Stan and is of course being
    cleverly sarcastic, (the little sh*thead).

    I was at the Action Seminar too…

    … and feel sorry for any serious marketer who wasn’t.

    Because while it was nice to rub elbows with legends and hotshots
    like John Carlton… Stan Dahl… Joe Polish… Mike Koenigs… Brian Johnson…
    MaryEllen Tribby…

    … “star factor” was NOT the point of this seminar.

    Nope… as anyone whose attended seminars knows… this kind of
    “cult of personality” thing wears off pretty quickly.

    Which is exactly why the Action Seminar was so different.

    As the name suggests, this seminar was all about ACTION.

    Carlton and Dahl obviously twisted some arms to make this happen…

    … the result being a non-stop flow of tangible, practical, nuts-and-bolts
    business and marketing insider stuff…

    … hard-won secrets on laying out a “blueprint” for your business…
    writing killer copy… boosting productivity…

    … Google tricks to attracting waves of new traffic… selling tons more
    product online…

    … and a lot more things that you could NEVER possibly figure out on
    your own.

    Best part is that they also show to incorporate all this into YOUR own
    business… immediately… so you can actually start taking advantage
    and making money off this.

    A unique approach with HUGE value… a format that I’m betting others
    will no-double start mercilessly ripping off.


  • Ben Johnson says:

    Like Colin above, the 2010 Action Seminar was the first seminar I ever attended. And in the following year I went from zero to a six-figure business. Coincidence?

    This part of the year — from around December through the first few months of the new year — can be an an anxious time. Full of pressure and uncertainty. Having an event like this is like a deep body massage for the brain, just when it’s most needed. Gets everything aligned and humming in calm, focused motion, full steam ahead. Sounds suspiciously like B.S…. until you see it. You just had to be there. I’m glad I was.

  • Susie Nelson says:

    Wow – just read Ben’s post. Well done, Ben!

    Hey – did you see the new “Carlton Fans who Hate Kevin Rogers” group out on Facebook…?? Already has about 10,000 “likes”….

    OK…THIS IS A JOKE…..(in case you didn’t get that…)

  • C. Tomasulo says:

    Kevin Rogers starting trouble again. Are you split-testing all this shit-starting?

  • Lisa Wagner says:

    How do I get to fulfill my dream of being a “bad cop” when we have fake butts to kick?

    I guess I’ll go find a neighbor to belittle to get my fix…



  • Jebbs says:

    O great… a censored blog..trash

    • John Carlton says:

      The heck are you talking about, Jebbs? I rarely pull non-spam comments. Done it maybe half a dozen times in six years, and then only because somebody got personal with someone else, inappropriately.

      I’m a First Amendment freak.

      You, however, seem to be a drive-by reader. Where did you get the idea anything was censored here, anyway?

  • Jebbs says:

    Usually when comments go through a moderator, someone is doing it to censor, weed out, whatever you want to call it.

    Just my opinion…

    On another subject, how many hours are the Action Seminar DVDs?


    • John Carlton says:

      Naw, we don’t censor here. If you go back through the archives, you’ll find all sorts of back-and-forth in the comments. In fact, the sub-threads in the comment section is half the fun of this blog — lots of added content, opinion, advice, disagreements, a veritable extra resource on every subject.

      I don’t know the exact number of hours in the Action Seminar DVDs… but they cover the entire 2 days of the event. Breaks were edited out, of course. It’s a LOT of solid, exciting content…

      … however, it’s professionally produced and edited, so it’s simple to navigate. If there’s any section or speaker or session you wish to jump to, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

      Check it out:

  • I like very much the way u write, simply reading your posts I have lerned a lot.
    TY for sharing your knowledge.

    Don Raul

    Your unconditional friend.

  • Brad West says:

    Hi John,
    This was an unexpected Sunday read with my coffee you have indeed stimulated my thought for the day. As I sit there in Henderson NV this morning reflecting on your words I realize that the fight from the serpents belly after being swallowed up is an effort and expansion of energy that is totally overwhelming at times. What I’m about to say is not meant to be winning in anyway, I realize that alone sometimes is the only way things happen and it’s possibly my circumstance that prevents this. There are three of us in this in this 29.5 foot trailer with two awesome dogs. We have been fervently fighting the good fight 7 days a week as many hours a day that we are awake. I look back at 2002 when our dream first transpired and yes we have gotten somewhere we now have 4 computers instead of one and I’m now giving blood anymore just to feed everyone. We are gaining!

    I know there is plenty of advice out there I have purchased a bit of what we could and sometimes couldn’t afford over the years. I remember when butterfly marketing launched and didn’t have the cash to do that. So we improvised and created own version based on what bits of information we could gather. We latched onto an affiliate program and worked it for two years the best we knew how. At that time we had one laptop we worked from. Sheryl would work online while I was at my job outside the house. I would come home and give her a break while she slept, when she got up I would take a nap before work and so on this went on for a very long time. We had some awesome success pushing what was going to make our dreams a reality. We had all kinds of spots that were number one in the searches, including ranking over the main site for a long time but for some reason never making a dime, seems that there was a glitch in recording affiliate purchases. This is just water over the dam as they say, and still hold those dreams today. This put us into an aimless wonder for a few years after that, or gave us an excuse to wander I guess.

    Fundamental #1, #2, and even more precisely, these are all fantastic statements. Again I’m not whining here just sharing some of our journey. Alright yes a little whine “Yes it sucks doing it alone”! This whole house has been numb and without any real stimuli for a long time now, still we hold fast to our dream of freedom and maybe a little extra cash.

    Rub elbows with folks that are successful, this is an awesome statement. This is statement is very interesting, and the little guy can get a chance to do that. Just make sure if you have a question you send it just prior to their launch you will get a response back normally. Rubbing elbows with the greats when you are broke is pretty much out of the question trust me I know. I started a couple years back every time I got a message from one of the endless lists I was on I would search out a good e-mail or register for their support system and ask them a question. Usually something simple link where do you find a viable product or something always thanking them for their time and telling them they were awesome, easier to get somewhere with honey as they say. The results I was going to publish every last one of them but5 I thought better there were way to many. Anyway here is where I start naming names the only one that ever answered me back without trying to sell me what I needed was Joelcom. Everyone else ether never answered or just through a product at me, there were a huge number of untouchables I contacted and kept track of. Even to this day I will send a message back to see what happens. A while back Frank Kern was doing something on a video. At the end he was very explicit that if his support was contacted he and his team would answer because they were different from and stood above all the others they cared yad de yada yada. Guess what I never even got a screw off back. I must mention that Jason Moffatt has answered me back and I have had skype conversations with him in the past few weeks. These guys I speak of are all awesome they are where they are because of it. I speak only from where I sit here and these are observations I have had.

    The Action Seminar sounds fantastic! You know a couple years ago Mike Flisaman had a Launch Tree Live event here in Las Vegas. That is where I met Frank Kern, Perry Belcher, Mike and a bunch of people. It was awesome. Evidently those I did meet I didn’t make a good enough impression on they seem to have forgotten who I was even when I remind them. There was one new Guy that I had never met before and was quite mesmerizing. His name is Marshall Sylver it was awesome we had front row seats and when he said directly looking at me how he would personally help us, Cait our than 14 year old was excited like Ive never seen her excited. I believed him and immediately spent 2 grand that I had to borrow and put in the bank to cover the purchase first thing Monday morning. Hell Marshall lived right here in Las Vegas he surly would have the a little time for me. There is much more to this story that I won’t get into here. This has been the typical story of the popper and the king I’m sure for many of us. You are right if one can catch the attention of someone in the spotlight success is pretty easy for them with a push I have seen it happen many times. My suggestion to anyone that is fortunate enough to be able to afford events like this. When you see someone that may be able to help you punch them right in the nose so you are remembered.

    For us we will get there and will get a break at some point. We defiantly have the drive and focus and not on porn or games. Might be nice to have a little time for that someday though hadn’t thought about is till you mentioned it. Cait by the way is the only one in the house with full time work, she writes year round for the Idol Mania blog. We are extremely proud of her.

    I am going to apologize if I have rambled, misspelled words, messed up punctuation, or whatever. I’m not going back to proofread or edit this I have spent ample time on this comment and need to get back to my local site that I have been fighting with the copy for 4 days now, I need to get it done.

    Thank you for the post and this opportunity John, may all that read the ramble here have an awesome day!

  • Brent says:

    You guys have made your point loud and clear………Brent

    Lets see ya do this,

  • Happy New Year John,

    I want to thank you for all your teachings and help. Your the main copywriter I’ve learned how to write copy from and writing great copy is the main reason for my success.

    It was great hanging out with you and Stan in New York a few years back when you did the small boatcamp at the Roosevelt hotel.

  • >