Buzz And Awe

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Friday, 3 a.m.
Reno, NV
Is there gas in the car? Yeah, there’s gas in the car…” (Steely Dan, “Kid Charlemagne”)



… what are you doing up this early?  Or late?

You need your beauty snooze, don’t you?

I know why I’m up, though.

It’s from excitement.  I just cannot sleep.


Here’s why: Those of you in the loop know we’re launching the coaching program of the Simple Writing System again.

This is Number 7.  We only offer this hand-holding, personalized, one-on-one mentoring rarely.  The 6th one was all the way back in the Fall of last year.  (They’ve all sold out, too, quick.)

No idea when Number 8 will come around… if it even does.

We take this one program at a time.

It’s extremely interactive.  Perfect for anyone who knows that hands-on mentoring is the best way to learn the simplest possible system (crammed with short-cuts) for creating all the sales messages needed for a profitable business…

… including all your ads, websites, video scripts, emails, AdWords, blogs and other social media broadsides…

… everything that pumps eager prospects into your Sales Funnel.

So you can close the heck out them.  And get filthy rich and happy.

Most marketers wander through the wasteland of Bad Business Practices their entire career…

… and never figure out how to SELL anything.

So, no matter how totally hot and good and righteous your product or service might be…

… you still struggle.

Or go under.

ALL the top marketers you know about, online and offline, know how to write their own sales messages.

And when it’s really, really, really freaking important that it gets done right…

… they almost always actually DO it themselves.

Now, yeah, sure, they also hire out some of the writing, too.

But not because they are clueless about what needs to go into a killer sales message.

No way.

In fact, the top guys are the WORST clients a freelancer can have.  Because you can’t bullshit them.

They know EXACTLY what a good ad looks like.

They are armed to the teeth with salesmanship chops.  A freelancer cannot lollygag around with those guys, or he’ll get thrown to the dogs.

You know what the BEST client is for a freelance copywriter?

It’s the fool who hasn’t got Clue One about what goes into a decent sales message.

The freelancer can toss off the laziest piece of garbage possible… something that barely resembles advertising… and still collect his fee.

And when it fails and dies a horrible death?

Well, who’s to say why it happened.

The clueless client sure doesn’t know.

And consider this: Say you somehow manage to hire the most promising copywriter in the universe to come work for you.

Exclusively.  He becomes a member of your team.  And you teach him all the secrets of your biz, right down to the specs of your product.

I’ve seen this soap opera go down often.

Here’s how it plays out: Once that brilliant young writer gets some experience with you… and learns all your secrets…

… yep.  He leaves.

And either starts working for the competition…

… or BECOMES your competition.

And let’s see.  Hmmm.  You had the biz first.  It was your baby.  Your product.

But he knows how to create the sales messages that sell it.  And you just taught him all your secrets.

Who do you think wins in that match-up?

People… you MUST learn how to create a decent sales message, if you are to survive and prosper in business today.

Otherwise… you’re toast.

And this is why we’re hauling out the Simple Writing System personalized, one-on-one coaching program again.

However… you cannot join yet.

No matter how much you bribe us, or cajole us, or cause a ruckus…

… you cannot yet sign up.

Here’s what you CAN do, however:

Sign up for the amazing mini-course we’re calling “The SWS Express”.

For one week (starting today), I’m giving away several of my bestest and most favorite (and powerful) short-cuts to creating massively successful sales messages.


PLUS… I’ve convinced most of the SWS faculty to help me do something completely insane:

We’re going to dive into the comments section of this “Express” course blog…

… and interactively provide real feedback to selected posts that offer the best insight into the lesson exercises.

This is FREE coaching, from professional writer/teachers with long, glistening reputations as SWS faculty members.

I’m getting involved, too.  I’ll be providing solid, useable feedback right along with them.


One of the teachers asked me if I wanted him to provide feedback equal to a dry martini, or a nice cold beer.

Neither, I said.

Give ’em the full load.  The equivalent of a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

This is a metaphor, of course.

I’m telling him to go for the jugular with his comments and feedback to people.  Give everyone a complete “taste” of the kind of killer, personalized, nothing-held-back coaching that happens every day in the actual SWS mentoring program.

If we do this right… and I’m positive we will…

… the effect will be “Buzz and Awe”.

Exactly what we want out there.

Too many people desperately need the serious, proven help we offer…

… yet somehow manage to miss hearing about the coaching program when it becomes available.

And they miss out.

It’s a shame, and I want it to stop.

That means getting the message out.

Students come into the SWS stubborn, sometimes terrified, often so clueless they actually DARE us to help them…

… and we’ve proven, over and over, that we can pull them ALL through to the other side, easily and simply.

Come in clueless…

… and leave totally clued-in.  As another snarlingly-good marketer able to write everything necessary to bring in the Big Bucks.

So… if we can deliver some Buzz and Awe, to alert folks to what’s available here…

… we’re gonna do it.

Just do NOT assume there will be other opportunities to get involved.

We just consider each SWS coaching session as the last one… so we never pull any punches, and we go all-out each time.

It’s a pleasant surprise when we realize we can get the faculty together for one more session later…

… but there is ZERO guarantee that will happen.

There may never be a SWS 8.

This may be the last one.

At any rate…

… the thing to do now is get over to the SWS blog…

… and get involved in the mini-lessons.

And see if you can’t score some interactive feedback in the comments section for yourself.

Are you ready for a ride that can change your life forever?

We’re gunning the engine, holding the door open for you…

… but you gotta take that first step on your own.


It’s more fun around crazy writers who know how teach you the secrets of excellent salesmanship…

Stay frosty,


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  • Hey John, thanks for the wisdom yet again. 🙂

    Great presentation at Frank’s event. The art of storytelling is sooo important to pro-level copywriting it’s not even funny.

  • Scott says:

    I heard you were doing SWS again and thought I would come say a word or two to anyone bouncing the ball on this or even sitting nervously on the fence. (I hope you don’t mind)

    I must give YOU a WARNING!

    This will not be one of those bullshit testimonials that you see elsewhere… If you walk away after reading this post and think I’m full of it, I totally get it, and I’ve felt that way before too.

    Not anymore…

    In fact if you stick around over the next 5 minutes you may just have one of the most exciting, life changing revelations you’ve ever had.

    The truth is…

    …The Simple Writing System, John Carlton, Lorrie-Morgan Ferrero and the other teachers that contributed to SWS — changed the ENTIRE course of my life!(And FAST!)

    My name is Scott and before SWS, I was a business owner struggling in a tough economy. I had just been taken for a serious financial ride by a partner I too quickly trusted, costing me EVERYTHING! (That’s not an exaggeration.)

    After 4 years of building my company from the ground up, I lost close to a half a Million over night leaving my family destitute amidst trying to provide heart surgery for my teenage son.

    My family needed something BIG and we needed it fast, or it would be a disaster or worse.

    I knew of John Carlton and the BIG claims he made for his SWS system. So when I heard the SWS was going to launch, I logged on…

    …Believe me when I tell you as I sat there holding my last $400 bucks, my wife standing over my shoulder in complete and utter shock in how I was planning on spend that money, honestly I WAS a nervous.

    I understood the power of my choice… I knew that single decision would either completely sink us or change our life as John and others claim.

    I stuck with what I believe to be the right choice…

    Please do NOT miss what I’m about to say…

    That one decision to trust John Carlton changed my ENTIRE life!

    Within 2 months of being mentored by John and Lorrie Morgan Ferrero and the SWS team… I finally understood what effective marketing REALLY was!

    After using the ideas that john and Lorrie gave me, my ability to write effective copy was immediate… I NOW stood out from the crowd.

    Almost overnight I was earning up to $7000.00 a job as a freelance writer, and was writing for some of the marketing industry’s biggest leaders.


    The decision is clearly yours… as it was mine.

    (I’m glad I made the right choice)…

    If you want real knowledge that works when you put it to use, with the potential to stuff your bank with cash…

    I would move on this the moment you get the chance to click the SWS button! I’m thankful I went with what I thought was right and my wife is now a serious believer!

    Johns and the SWS team will not just follow through… they always over deliver!

    I would hate to see you three years from now looking back at the others who chose to take action and found great success, as I have, wishing you had listened to me.
    ( I’m not obligated to say any of this)

    I could just go on quietly raking in my cash without thinking of anyone else, although I cant imagine doing that…

    I think you deserve to hear from someone who has already been faced with this choice…

    Just do it!

    John Carlton and his team WILL give you the tools to be the best marketer you can be, I absolutely Guaran… danm… tee it!

    He did for me!

    My son got his heart surgery by the way…

    Nuff said.


    • Rezbi says:

      Good story, Scott. Seems to me you had the proverbial ‘gun to your head’ with that one.

      Problem is, sometimes that’s what’s necessary to force you to make the leap and go for it.

      All I can say to you is, ‘Well done”.

  • Green News says:

    Excellent site and great information. I admire your updates and check back often for new posts. Keep doing what your doing.

  • OK John, this time you got me, you hooked the fish.

    It goes back to the old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

    The Simple Writing System Express is a terrific way to demonstrate the power of both the training and the interaction with the SWS faculty.

    Of course I do realise that I’ve decided to “buy the damn thing” before I’ve even seen your copy let alone read it… which does have a sense of irony.

  • Mark L says:

    Hi All,
    I’m a coach in John’s Simple Writing System. I want to personally thank Scott for that heart-felt testimonial. I remember him from LoMo’s class.

    I work with John and Stan and wear a lot of hats. Never a dull moment I guarantee you. As JC says – It’s a rollicking ride and making the leap to working copywriter can be life-changing. What I’ve learned from John has pulled me out of treacherous waters along the line… and taken me on some high adventure and fun.

    If you’re open to what John and the other seasoned coaches are willing to share in the SWS, you’ll get the skills and mind-set to become a successful copywriter. John is in the classrooms all the time… the instruction is uniquely interactive and fully engaged between coach and student.

    I hear from former SWS students all the time. The SWS was the catalyst to begin thriving copywriting careers… and get their marketing game on too.

    All my best! Mark L – SWS Grad School Coach

  • The story is magnificent. The site is good and information is great. I appreciate your updates and check back to those new posts. The training and the interaction with the SWS faculty was expressed in terrific way. The SWS act as a catalyst to begin blossoming copywriting careers. The article is useful and informative.

  • The story is magnificent. The site is good and information is great. I appreciate your updates and check back to those new posts. The training and the interaction with the SWS faculty was expressed in terrific way. The SWS act as a catalyst to begin blossoming copywriting careers. The article is useful and informative. I await your future article with great curiosity.

  • Sneed, Butch says:


    I heah crickets ova heah..


  • I just plain don’t have the cash, or I’d take the class. I have absolutely no intention of being a copywriter, but I want to build my business. That’s why I read the blog, along with Clayton Makepeace’s, and others. If I don’t learn the basics, I can be led astray by anybody. I may not always agree with the way John uses his skills, but they are still good, and I learn from him.
    If you want to learn, do it from the really good, then apply it your way. Make what you learn, _your_ style, and maybe someday, they’ll come to learn from you.

  • Mathias says:

    Hi John, Gotta be honest with you.
    I have no products, no business yet. I’ve read a lot, (free) yes. About the way in which you guys, information marketers, build your succesful businesses. But frankly, I don’t see how I can instantly model what you do from one day to the other based on free information you share.

    That’s why:
    I intend to buy your sws. To learn the skills and gain the confidence to build my business, and to just get moving. Because I’ve been stuck for quite some time now, just watching gimmic after gimmic, filling my inbox.

    But I wanna get real, and hip(as you call it) . With what it really takes to make it as an entrepeneur.

    I am 18 years old and I live in Denmark. Maybe… I am the most obsessed-about marketing guy in this little fuzzy country. Fascinated with the idea that you can use words to create emotions in people.

    But again, what’s your opinion…
    Should I buy your course? And… what can this material and your mentors give me that I won’t get from all that information outthere. Cause you and I know… that there’s a bunch of it floatin around, and some of it is crap, some of it is impractical.

    Can this course help me, Even though I haven’t set up a biz before, researched markets, and studied seo and html and all the skills the experts claim are must-haves in order to be succesful?

    I have not grasped marketing, selling, and the technical know-how of building an online business. But I am childlisly curious, has some understanding, and i want to apply things instead of just “knowing them”

    Maybe you know people who’ve been in the same situation as me, what would you say to them?

  • Peter says:

    No middle ground. No gray areas.
    Do what your body is telling you

  • Harold Ward says:

    Hi John, good to hear from you, good blog you got
    going here. Excellent defense of the written copy is still alive and well. And, you’ve been using video’s since way back when. You are the expert, the master. I took Frank’s List Control course and went
    to the Gateway to Wealth. Excellent speakers.
    Bought Wellman’s Automated Sales Formula, then
    He and Gary Ambrose come up with another proposal with more power. I had to make a tough
    decision, went with Valentine’s complete biz.
    Take care, Harold, SWS grad.

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