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Sunday, 7:57pm
Reno, NV
It’s alive!” (Baron Von Frankenstein, kickstarting the Monster)


We’ve just fired up the Simple Writing System blog (…

… which means a stunning (and unprecedented) pile of free tools, tactics, advice and insight can be yours…

… just for the grabbing.

This is an all-out assault on reason and logic.  We’re just GIVING AWAY stuff that — not too long ago — would have cost you a pretty penny just to get a quick glimpse of.

We’ve created a beast here, and it’s name is FREE.

Here’s just a small taste of what’s piling up over there (that you’re missing out on if you haven’t signed in):

  • A free swipe file of “home run” ads I’ve written (which few folks outside the target markets have ever seen)… can be in your tool kit tonight.  This swipe file, alone, is causing hearts to skip a beat among marketers and freelance writers who love to rip juicy headlines and sales angles from proven ads.  (Removes any guesswork on who/what to rip.)
  • A short (but frightenly powerful) series of special reports channeling the best “how to make the sale” secrets I’ve ever used.  (I used to keep this stuff classified, only bringing it out during high-paid consultations… and here we are giving it away.)
  • The actual video (torn directly from the masters hidden in Frank’s inner sanctum) of my “How to persuade, influence and sell the shit out of anything… using the simplest stories you can create” presentation at Mass Control.

What?  You didn’t see that presentation?

It’s marketing theater at its finest… and gives away the storytelling techniques that have earned me a fortune (seriously revealed for the first time in this wacky presentation that held the crowd in thrall).

And it’s free… at least for a few days… at


  • Have you heard the teleclass Ed Dale and I just did… about using sneaky social media tactics to overthrow your niche and capture total, unassailable “leadership positioning”… using only Twitter?

Dude — it’s FREE right now over there.  And coming up:

  • Legendary adman Joe Sugarman actually punk’d me during a sizzling interview (which reveals his BEST sales-exploding secrets).  Oh, we’re laughing about it now, but it left me speechless, twisting in the wind last week when it happened.  (And I’m never speechless.  Joe is just that good.)

These are classic salesmanship secrets now lost, overlooked and ignored by most marketers…

… which is a HUGE advantage to you (IF you have the sense to start using them yourself).

  • Wait a minute… you haven’t heard of James Schramko yet?

Are you living in a cave?  This guy rocketed (that’s the right word, too) from total obscurity… not even a year ago…

… to the very top of the online  money-making wizards pile.  Respect, fame, wealth and a well-earned rabid fan-base siphoning off his deep knowledge.

Best part: He took detailed notes during his climb to fame and wealth (as a rookie!)… and this webinar we’ve got is the first time he’s shared the really good insider stuff.

And it free!

What are you doing here?  Get over to and grab this cornucopia of give-away goodies now.

Again: We’re only leaving access to the reports, the webinars, the videos and everything else…

… for a few days.

Then: Ffffft.


(Big hint: One major reason James was able to zoom to the top… was his obsession with never missing an opportunity to grab the really good info whenever, and however, it became available.)

Here… it’s all free.


  • We reveal the next logical (and most lucrative) big step for any smart online marketer to make as the economy continues to morph.

Have you ever wanted to be one of those people who get advance notice on hot incoming trends?  Well, here ya go.

Colette Marshall (the queen of  “Product Sourcing”) spills everything you need to know in the free webinar we’re about to post.

  • And get this: Blogmeister Extraordinare Yaro Starak reveals the secrets of living lavishly from a 2-hour workday… using nothing but a blog and some specific email tactics.  (It took him years to figure this out… and he just lays out the 7 simple steps, right here in a cool-as-heck webinar you can own for nothing.)

And how about this:  Just hearing someone’s blah-blah-blah story on striking it rich using a certain tactic is boring… and useless to you.

Unless you have access to the actual “case studies” outlining what was done, and what happened to generate the breakthroughs and hot results.

Well, guess what?

Yep.  Posted for free at

Look.  I could go on and on just describing the sheer awesomeness of what we’re giving away.

But you can just find out for yourself with a quick click on the link.

And I’m gonna suggest you do exactly that…

… right now.

I have poured massive quantities of energy, brain-power and time into creating this pile o’ goodies for you.  It took weeks of exhausting work.

I did it just to blow people away.

And it’s all there… for free.

Stop reading.

Go over there now.

This is life-changing stuff.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

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  • Sergey says:

    If “marketing” stands for conveying value, and “sales” equals earning trust… than this message alone is a sale closed. Thanks John 🙂

    • John Carlton says:

      You’re welcome, Sergey.
      We do use the “overwhelming value” model whenever we can… and sometimes we just do it because it’s fun… and because my access to the legends and top dogs in the game gives me the freedom to spread the wealth.
      Sometimes, I feel a very real obligation to go as deep as I can, and deliver stuff that makes other info-marketers nervous… because they were figuring ways to charge for it.
      We live in a time where people are deluged with so much “free” info, it’s hard for many to discern what’s worthwhile.
      This, I can assure everyone, is worthwhile stuff.

  • achesa says:

    What? this is one good deal. Thanks.

  • Arn Tillman says:

    Hi John!
    Many Thanks for the great WEALTH of Wisdom and material!
    I Wish You Well!

  • brian says:

    John – Dude you rule.

    Reading your stuff is as routine as brushing my teeth. Thanks for never being lame.

  • Marvin says:

    I was just in an argument with my boss about my copies and it almost got ugly (even if it was only through Skype). Now I found these goodies you’ve sent. Hooray! Wait till he sees my next batch of copies! 🙂 Thanks John. Yer the best.

  • Earnst says:

    I don’t understand Starbucks….

    How on earth do you get people to buy a
    drink that smells like burning hair and tastes
    like yellow septic tank scum? And….pay out
    the ass for the swill.

    Is Terry Davenport a genius or a ignoramus?

    I would advise Terry to get John’s outstanding
    material and use it systematically.
    John is brilliant and all his material is unrivaled.

    If not, Starbucks may have the golden arches badge on their cups soon.

  • Ron says:

    For anyone on the fence about buying
    John’s course – DON’T. I bought the
    course during the last launch as was
    let down big time, so much so that I
    returned it for a refund.

    I learned more from going through John’s
    old sales letters (for free, mind you), many
    of which are still online at, the
    golf company John used to write for.

    The biggest problem with SWS is that John
    doesn’t explain the material very well. The
    climax of John’s confusion is when he can’t
    explain the difference between a benefit and
    a feature. Give me a break!

    John’s idea of breaking the writing process
    down into simple steps was good. But he
    didn’t spend enough time thinking of how to
    explain the steps to people that aren’t already
    copywriters, which is what he claims the
    system is for.

    Write out some of John’s old sales letters
    by hand and you’ll get much more than what
    you’ll get for your $800 (or $2,000) or
    whatever it’s going for this time.

    • Clovis Buttrom says:

      Maybe you are just a bad listener.
      Or perhaps your hearing-aid needs batteries.

      Might be worth checking.

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Ron. Thanks for chiming in.

      Let me get this straight: You took us up on our very generous offer to check everything out… without risk. You were bummed that it didn’t meet your expectations, and you returned it for a refund. Just like we said you could.

      Your comment here is actually a shining testament to our excellent customer service. No arguments from us, no hassles, just a prompt return of your purchase price once you let us know you weren’t satisfied.

      I’ll let your claim that the material is unsatisfactory just lie there. Readers can see for themselves how your comment stands up against the testimonials of others who beg to disagree with you. (I’d also like to add that our retention rate in the last two SWS mentoring classes was over 90%. That is unheard-of in the Internet marketing community, where the average retention rate for coaching programs is dismal. The vast majority of people who get into the program, stay and love it.)

      And, Ron, the price hasn’t changed since we introduced the mentoring program a year ago.

      What’s more, most of our testimonials (and we’re literally flooded with them) are from non-copywriters. Several started out clueless about writing, and quickly got so good that they are now considering becoming professional copywriters, however. That’s how thorough the coaching is in this program.

      Oh… and most of the sales letters that Ron wants you to go hunt and copy by hand… are IN the Simple Writing System package (among many other proven ads for you to examine, get inspired by, and swipe if you like).

      Oh, hell. I’m trying to be nice here.

      But some people just don’t get it. They’re more comfortable complaining and being nit-picking critical… maybe because that attitude allows them to remain in their comfort-zone of inaction, where it’s hopeless to go after goals, and they can prove it, cuz they’ve “tried” and failed and that’s just the way it is. Give up, everyone.

      Okay, that’s harsh. Sorry.

      We get very few negative comments about this program. It would be weird if we didn’t get any, because the world is a big place, and it’s impossible to please everyone.

      Still, make up your own mind. And remember that, for all of Ron’s irritable criticism, he had no problem getting a refund after trying the program out for himself.

      Just like we promised.

      Okay, I’m done.

      Stay frosty,

      John Carlton

  • belladonna says:

    oh john, you’re soooo generous. Gorgeous too. That bulge in your pants says it all.

    Picture this – you arrive home one night an find a hot, blond, nude girl with triple C perky breats on her knees – awaiting any command you give her.

    Wouldn’t that be something? Does this sound like something you would only experience in your dreams?

    Well, it’s no dream. I’m just an e-mail away stud.

  • Great offer John, thanks.
    So what’s it take to get noticed by a copywriter of your caliber?
    I’ve got some great results under my belt, what would it take to impress you enough to be considered for your “copywriters bullpen”?
    I’m a big fan.
    -Scott Murdaugh

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Scott. Easy answer: Just reply to any email you get from us, and change the subject line to something you believe will get noticed by my staff (who scour all incoming email). Make a case that you should be considered for the Stable of Copywriters we’ve put together, and we’ll get back to you.

      This is actually a small “test”. That subject line is like a headline. Let’s see if you can get noticed, in a good positive way… and write something that will get you a second look.

      Have some samples ready to show us, too.

      The copywriters in the Stable stand out because they’re good, and they’re disciplined — something lacking in most freelancers out there. I have very strict requirements, and will not compromise.

      Good luck, Scott.

  • ken says:

    I’m very thankful that every dollar (of thousands) I’ve spent on John’s training has multiplied itself times 10-20x ROI; if you want to be successful online then John’s on the very very short list of people to “go deep” with and study every word, implement and pay attention to.

    If anyone’s on the fence about working with John, now more than ever is a great time to take the plunge and get involved, eg buy the SWS. I remember wondering whether or not to spend money on John’s training many years ago. I’m so grateful I did; he’s one of the few people who’s truly made a big, profitable impact on my business. Highly, enthusiastically recommended.


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