Done. Next.


Finally got a full night’s sleep here, after all the rigamarole and anxiety of putting on such an intense event like the Hot Seat Workshop last weekend.

It was a blast, and by all incoming accounts a fabulous success. Glad I did it, had fun, and no, I don’t think I’ll do it again. Sorry if you missed it.

I want to publicly give out a big, sloppy “Thanks” to all the world-class experts who attended and lent their savvy and insight to the Hot Seats: Dean Jackson, Harlan Kilstein, Sam Fishbein, Stan Dahl, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero and of course my good friend David Deutsch. In that amazing group, you have top copywriters with controls for the largest mailers in the world, recognized salesmanship gurus, consultants to huge companies like Exxon and Wells Fargo, and cutting edge marketers who for years have been the first to exploit the most advanced online tools available.

It was a stunning two-day display of insider secret-sharing, and going deep with the good stuff that makes marketing outrageously exciting and embarrassingly profitable.

Easily the most fun I’ve had in a seminar… and I’ve produced and co-produced something like fifty of the suckers in my career. This was something special.

And now, for my next act… another nap.

These events are exhausting.

Stay frosty.

John Carlton

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  • David D. says:

    John, being there was my pleasure. It was great to see your incredible on-your-feet marketing prowess at work again, and witness businesses (and potentially lives!) transformed.

    David D.

  • Patrick says:

    Will there be DVD’s of this?

  • >