Important News For Snow Wimps

Two quick points:

1. All the slots in my big damn Hot Seat Workshop are filled. I couldn’t wedge anyone else in if you bribed me — in fact, it’s so full because the last guy I accepted had the good sense to bribe me to get squeezed in.

So, please — no more attempts at bribery for this event. She’s locked up tight.

2. Now… about those hysterical reports of an incoming storm. This is for all the attendees coming in from overseas and across the continent: THE STORM IS A BUST.

It must be a slow news day. I just fielded a call from my pal Dean in Florida, who was wondering how many feet of snow he’d have to plow through to reach the hotel.

Answer: Zero.

The storm is a total loser, folks. There’s some brisk (okay, icy) air swooping down from Canada as a lame-ass low pressure system attempts to stumble across the Sierras. But any snow we get will be a light dusting.

It’s no big deal. Check for Reno, NV before you leave home, if you need an update. And relax already.

Heck — I moved to this little patch of high-desert, nestled in the bosom of the gorgeous Sierra Nevada range, because of the mild, but still vivid, actual seasons. The spring and fall around the valley is just stunning, the summer appropriately toasty, and the winter cold and wet, like God intended.

Before the move, I lived on the beach in Los Angeles during a ten-year drought, when the temperature seldom went above eighty or below fifty-five. Yuck. It’s nice for a vacation, but boring longterm.

Give me a little raw, invigorating nature once in a while.

Not too much, mind you. Enough to keep the mountains snow-capped and the air bracing.

Real weather.

If you’re coming to Reno, prepare yourself before walking out of the air terminal — the sight of the Sierras in front of you will take your breath away.

Just wear a coat, okay?


John Carlton

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