My server, bless it’s bleeping little heart, decided today was a good day to crash.

Nothing new there. Comes with the territory.

Fortunately, my Web guy was on it in a flash, and all seems fine now. However, I’m under deadline here at the home office, and wasn’t planning on writing an entry.

So this is just a “filler” post, so you don’t get a blank page when you log on.

There’s plenty to enjoy in the archives, of course. And I’ll be posting for real in a day or so.

Right now, though, I’m stalking the computer and getting riled up enough to assault another blank page with killer salesmanship.


Thanks to everyone who contacted me as soon as the site went blank — I appreciate people watching my back. We should all watch each other’s backs, all the time, anyway. (Special nod to Phil Alexander, my Canuck magician friend who always seems to be on top of every recent development — and burp — on the Web.)

Stay frosty, y’all.

John Carlton

P.S. By the way… please feel free to offer a link to this blog to your list. It’s a nice little bonus, and shows people how hip you are.

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  • Not a problem, John. Incidently, I used http://www.siteuptime.com to inform me of your “Downing”. It’ll monitor 1 site free and email you. Checks every hour. And free. I like free.

  • Mark says:

    Good to have you back, John. I was going through withdrawl!


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