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Buzz And Awe, Part 2

2-10 iPhone 005

Monday, 1:31 p.m.
Reno, NV
Is there gas in the car? Yeah, there’s gas in the car…” (Steely Dan, “Kid Charlemagne”)


Some things are just important enough to go over several times.

Especially when FREE life-changing goodies are involved.

Here’s what’s up: Those of you in the loop know we’re launching the coaching program of the Simple Writing System again.

I’ve lost track of how many of these programs we’ve now hosted.  This is the eighth or ninth one — we’re calling it the Fall 2010 edition.

We only offer this hand-holding, personalized, one-on-one mentoring rarely.  The last one was all the way back in the Spring of last year.  (They’ve all filled quick, too.)

No idea when another one will come around… if it even does.

We take this one program at a time.

One of the main benefits of this unique coaching program… is also why we focus only on the session we’re producing now: It’s extremely interactive.

Which is perfect for anyone who knows that hands-on mentoring is the best way to learn.

This is the simplest possible system (crammed with short-cuts) for creating all the sales messages you need  for a profitable business…

… including all your ads, websites, video scripts, emails, AdWords, blogs and other social media broadsides…

… and everything else that pumps eager prospects into your Sales Funnel.

So you can close the heck out them.  And get prosperous and happy.

Most marketers wander through the wasteland of Bad Business Practices their entire career…Read more…