How to get personal mentoring from John Carlton… right now.

Special Announcement: 

The completely updated — and packed with new features and info and bonuses — Simple Writing System program is now available.

And I’m personally teaching the first session. I taught the very first class, which was live (and put on video, which became the core of the original course). This is the first time I’ve taught one of the online classes, however.

Why? Because we’ve had no shortage of “A List” copywriter legends asking to teach the SWS sessions we’ve hosted for over 8 years now. I oversaw the programs, and backed up the teachers… but I never handled an entire class myself.

Now, after spending all of January re-shooting the SWS… and stuffing it with every new thing and update we’ve learned in those 8 years… we’re ready to release the SWS 2.0.

And I want to teach the very first class.

This means you’ll get my full attention, as a mentor and coach, for the entire 8 weeks of the program. I’ll be your personal teacher…

… just me and you and a handful of other classmates. 

I rarely do mentoring anymore, and when I do it’s outrageously expensive. Here, you get me for just the price of this one-time special session. Which is around two entire months long.

You get a lot more, too…

… and I’ve explained everything on the main SWS site:

Go there now, and take 5 minutes to read up on this very awesome, very limited one-time offer.

I’m inviting you in. But you have to follow through, and sign up. Compared to what full-price coaching from me directly costs, this is a drop-dead bargain.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

I’ll see you in class.

Stay frosty,


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  • Joe says:

    Hi John,
    From what you’ve seen-how many hours/week of work is a rookie @ freelance copywriting likely going to need to do to make a living at this stuff? What kind of weekly workload is it for most rookies who have done well enough to say Sianora to the Corporate plantation and it’s grey cubicles? Is it coalminer rough 60hours/week, standard office gig 40 hours/week, or more part time 20-30 hours/week for most rookies?


    • John Carlton says:

      Like every other career, it depends. When I was a hungry rookie, I just worked as long as I could. I had been a slacker, so I totally upended my MO. Instead of partying, and reluctantly going to work at a job… I put biz before pleasure, and delighted in every aspect of my new freelance gig. I logged hours reading relevant books, chasing down leads to new jobs, honing my craft, hanging out with my new colleagues, developing a network. I’d say easily 70 hours a week. I would take time off regularly, though — I knew about burn-out, so I played hard, too. But biz first.

      The irony is that, once you get a reputation, your work week can easily slack off to a few hours a day. Currently, I estimate I put in around 2-4 a day, when I work. With the occasional burst of more hours under deadline.

      Don’t count the hours early in your career. Just do what needs to be done to reach your goals.

  • Joe says:

    Thanks John.

    To be honest I have OCD and panic attacks and start freaking out and thinking I’m choking or dying when under a lot of stress so, that’s why I was hoping even as a rookie I could have good odds of making 40-70k/yr on 20-30 hours/week. My plans to work remotely from a cheaper place like the Croatia, Argentina, or Thailand as America today just feels different than it used to. Whoever thought back in the 80s or even 90s we’d have all this 1984 style of micro management they’ve come up with recently? You need to be probed to travel from San Jose to San Diego-it’s for the greater good after all and The labeling regular college guys as “potential rapists” and all of it likes something out of Brave New World but it’s not a novel it’s today’s toxic society in action. I read Mike Cernovich, Jeff Rense, Lew Rockwell, RooshV, etc. Maybe they’ve warped my mind or maybe they’re right about the nature of reality. Perceptions subjective and we all know there’s opinions and everyone’s got them. All I know is it feels like humanity is less free today than it was yesterday but the masses of men prefer to distract themselfs with football games, facebook, and their smartphones and the other dumb ass things the systems got socially engineered for them over awakening and liberating themselfs and their brothers from the ever encroaching growth of tyranny.

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