Watch, Learn, Make Your Move.

Saturday, 4:43pm
San Diego, CA
Arriba y arriba, por ti seré, por ti seré…” (La Bamba!)


Important alert today.

If you know, in your heart, you shoulda been there with us for the Action Seminar last week…

… and you just couldn’t make it…

… we’ve now got the Primo Solution for you.

It’s this: We filmed the whole darn thing — every thrilling, shocking, life-altering moment on stage, with a pro camera crew — and have decided to uncork the video immediately.

It’s now available, online, and ready for you to dive into with gusto.

To gain instant access to the professionally-shot video of this already-legendary Action Seminar, go here now.

What you’re about to witness is a seminar different than any other you’ve ever heard about, attended, or caught rumors of.  We called it the “Action Seminar” because it was all ABOUT action…

… meaning, finally getting your plan together to make 2011 your best year ever…

… and kick that puppy into high gear, right freakin’ NOW.

The joint was crawling with Rockstar marketers, like Perry Marshall, Mike Koenigs, Jason Moffatt…

… and I even managed to haul “E-Myth” author Michael Gerber on-stage for a truly shocking (and enlightening) interview.  (You HAVE to see what the legendary Gerber did, to understand why everyone said it was a drop-dead highlight of the show.)  (Hint: NOT for the weak of heart.)

Plus, of course, there were all the notorious writers, the Hall-of-Fame guru’s, and the infamous experts who delivered the presentations, panels, interactive Hot Seats, and hands-on coaching…

… who you’ll find listed here.

You now have a golden opportunity to witness the entire shenanigans that went down on-stage… glean all the shared info, secrets and specific “action steps” laid out…

… and you can do it from the comfort of your home or office.

Look — you let the opportunity to BE there slip past you.  Now, don’t you DARE let this opportunity to experience it all from your virtual front-row seat slip away, too.

Go here to get the details.

I’ll be back here with a killer new blog post in a few days…

Stay frosty,


Side note: That quote, above, from the song La Bamba, translates very loosely as “Faster and faster, I’m there for ya“.  The tune became a theme song among the throng of copywriters and “marketing royalty” who came to help us fulfill the very generous and large promises of the event…

… and I think there’s a grainy cell-phone video floating around of DoubleD (“A-List” copywriter David Deutsch) leading the sing-along in the after-hours VIP party.

The lyrics fit. All of us — a dozen of the most respected and highest-paid writers on the global scene, another dozen-plus movers-and-shakers, experts and behind-the-scene wizards — were committed to making the event a notorious success.  By sharing the good stuff, performing hands-on solutions and fixes to biz problems, and seeding all the vigorous networking with “I’ll watch your back” participation.  Dance the Bomba, indeed.

Go here to see what all the fuss is about.

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  • Robert Gibson SWS Instructor says:

    Hi John,
    This seminar was one for the ages.
    I came back with a ton of notes.
    I had an amazing time.
    Thanks for having me.
    Robert Gibson

    • John Carlton says:

      Thanks for being there, Robert. I gotta say, the room was stocked with so many of the top copywriters… that if an earthquake had swallowed up the ballroom, direct response advertising would have been set back 50 years. Just an amazing array of sales firepower…

  • Lisa says:

    Best part… the copywriters panel where they sliced, diced, and chopped websites and campaigns into targeted, specific, and money-making recommendations. I could watch a full day of that, because it makes you look at EVERYTHING of your own in a new light.

    But wait! There’s more….

    I also loved the call-it-like-it-is edginess of the whole damn event. No sugar coating. This place was full of serious action takers, no coddling, no let’s-give-a-hug-to-that-inner-child fluff. It was tactical. It was direct. It was results-focused.

    So if you are looking for REAL direction for your business – you can’t go wrong with this one.


    • John Carlton says:

      No vanilla, namby-pamby, milquetoast nervous-Nellie action to be found. Balls to the wall marketing and serious problem solving… that’s how we roll.

      Thanks for being part of the event, Lisa…

  • Dan Axelrod says:

    One of the Action Seminar highlights for me was seeing the different “faces of success.” I met a number of the top copy copywriters in the industry at the event and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a WIDE variation in personality types.

    I had previously held the belief that to command $15,000+ fees for a salesletter, you had to be a wildly in-your-face salesman. I know now that that is simply not the case.

    Some of the top copywriters are very quiet and low key, and others are even more loud and extreme than even their reputations suggest.

    The key lesson for me was that whatever personality type you have, you can achieve staggering success if you’re excellent at what you do, make the right connections, and put your value forward.

    I was also lucky enough to lock down Mark Landstrom for over an hour to help me with a salesletter. Great guy, extremely helpful, and I can only imagine what that would have cost outside of this seminar!

    Great times.


    • John Carlton says:

      Excellent observation, Dan… and one the insiders frequently forget to point out. Whenever I’m in a meeting with the top honchos — writers, marketers, guru’s, experts — it’s just a given that you’ve got a room full of every type of personality in the universe. There is plenty of room for shy, disturbed, learning-disabled, stuttering social nincompoops in business. What matters is the passion, skill, savvy and experience you bring to the table.

  • Dang! Another kick-ass event. I too took a ton of notes. Can’t wait to see the videos so I can take even more. It’s great you’re making them available to people who couldn’t be there live. Just as an aside to people reading this who couldn’t make it…in the future, MAKE IT. You won’t be sorry. You’ll have fun, meet smart people, and leave with a wheelbarrow of ideas you won’t hear anywhere else. Top notch info!

    • John Carlton says:

      Thanks for the note, Brat, and thanks again for continuing your long string of attendance at our events. You and the other ladies-of-copywriting (RockStar and Princess) brought your usual “A Game” of observations and expertise… which is so needed (and so ignored) in marketing today. We really appreciate it.

      As for hosting another one… well, we’ll see. There was never any long-term plan for these action events. If demand is there, we’ll do it. Meantime, we’re getting busy with the Platinum Mastermind group (getting full, folks, so hurry if you want to join) and other projects just itching to be unleashed…

  • Absolutely great stuff. This was my first John Carlton seminar and it will in NO WAY be my last.

    I was a little nervous about attending at first, as I hadn’t heard of a few of the presenters. But my fears were quickly swept aside by Melanie Benson Strick, the first speaker on the first day. Her content was so good and exactly what I needed, I immediately hired her as one of my coaches.

    The great quality and content was pretty much non-stop from that point on. Brian Johnson, Chris Haddad, media buying guru Scott Rewick, then Michael Berger shows up unannounced. Not to mention the stable of world class copywriters and marketers hanging out and completely open to looking over copy giving feedback on ideas, etc.

    I was also very fortunate to run into and have an extended conversation with Adwords guru and internet marketing master Perry Mitchell. I’ve written my thoughts about our meeting at my blog in an article titled The Lowdown on Perry Marshall. Hope you have a chance to stop by and check it out.

    • John Carlton says:

      Yeah, the joint was packed to the rafters with Marketing Royalty… and good for you for grabbing face-time with Perry. That was the whole idea of the event — networking, nailing down plans, and initiating movement and implementation.

      Glad you had a good time.

    • Dan Axelrod says:

      Lawrence, speaking of which, Perry Marshall has to be the most friendly, down to earth marketing guru I’ve met since getting into the business. Extremely nice guy. When you’re talking to him, he gives you the feeling that he cares as much about what town you grew up as you do about the latest AdWords developments. Really cool to have him show up randomly at the event.

      • John Carlton says:

        Actually, Perry has been known to steal puppies from children…

        Just kidding! He’s been one of my most trusted friends in the marketing world for years, and I go out of my way to spend time with him whenever possible…

        … cuz he’s just that smart. You were savvy to corner him…

  • dANNY8bALL says:

    Hey Johnny, where’s them highly coveted Sneak Preview Videos? This ain’t your first BBQ, so I know that the sizzle must be out there…but I only see steak here! Don’t make me go search on them you-tubies! Lord knows what I’ll get caught up in…

    • John Carlton says:

      Are you kidding me, Danny? You can’t smell the steak?

      Whether we release tidbits or not is beside the point — savvy marketers and copywriters who couldn’t make the event should break a leg scoring access to the videos. I can’t even think what the downside is… if you don’t trust me yet to deliver (and over-deliver) the good stuff, a few snippets of video ain’t gonna change anything.

      We spoil you guys with cheap prices and simple, easy access to the resources that can change your life overnight. Generous to a fault, we are. Just check it, see what the fuss is about…

  • Tell you what John, I would really love to see you coach other buddying copywriters on the internet.

    Many copywriters who admire you and want to learn from you (including me) CAN’T reach you! Problem!

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Ron. Great news: I’m updating the Freelance Manual and course, including all the ways successful copywriters are finding (and managing) new clients, at top fees.

      For now, stay tuned. Should have this going very soon, and you’ll love it…

  • John Carlton says:

    News Flash: Just got this email from Perry Marshall (BEST description of the behind-the-scenes action at our events I’ve ever seen):

    Had a great time and had some super conversations.

    Best part: I got to witness the natural John habitat and all the weird sea-creatures that occupy your eccentric little ecosystem. It was a lot like those bizarre fish that they find 6 miles deep where it’s too dark for sunlight to penetrate.

    See ya soon. Hope you come to Chicago again sometime before too long, and yes would be fun to come to your next gig.

    • I’m totally a weird 6-mile deep sea-creature!

      I own every program you’ve sold and this one’s gonna be heaped on to the pile as well. The raw depths you plunge to in your material is too pungent and potent for the majority who can’t hang in the deep waters of “Accountable advertising with an edge”.

      I’ll always be grateful to you John for sharing the abyss of your unique wisdom in this ocean that is marketing/copywriting advice.

  • Mike Krauss says:

    Sweet… I can see the back of my head in the picture!

    This was my second Action Seminar (so I guess I can say I was there at the beginning) and I think this one was better than the last.

    Great job and I look forward to the next one.

  • Rudy says:

    I have a marketing problem. Don’t know if this i the right place for it but here goes. I am a contractor. I do commercial work, multi-unit, Tenant Improvements, ect. Past 9 months work has dried up, zero, zilch, nada. My idea to change that is to send sales letters to apt. Manageres and newley formed business who need to lease space (and need tenant improvements). My question is how can I market to them on a small budget? What would you suggest? I was looking at elance to hire a copywriter but don’t know how to qualify them. Any ideas? One of two good jobs would be able to pay for a bigger maketing campain. any ideas would be most welcome. Thank you.

  • Lene says:

    Believe me I am commenting here on the post only for one reason and that is the lyric in the start of the post.. its really awesome. Overall mind blowing post, I love it.

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