Are You Freakin' Kidding Me?


Tuesday, 9:18pm
Reno, NV
He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed.” (William James, the Godfather of modern psychology)

Okay, let me get this straight…

You are seriously going to ignore one of the most amazing opportunities of your life…

… because…

… well, I can’t even begin to fathom what your “because” reason might be.

I’m sure it makes some sort of sense to you… but it’s probably an illusion.

I understand the weird, twisted way humans look at opportunity… because I nearly allowed the Big One to get away from me.

Like most folks, I sorta resented opportunities.  They never appeared at convenient times, it was seldom clear what was involved, and there was always some change required if I wanted to pursue it.

I had learned — as most people do — that if I just looked the other way, that pesky opportunity would vanish…

… and I could snuggle back into my cocoon-like comfort zone.  Safe and secure in the knowledge that nothing in my life was gonna be different.

And then, without warning, I was in my thirties, lost and clueless, saddled with a life of perpetual poverty and endless drifting.

Fortunately, I made up my mind one day to start jumping on opportunities.  Even the mis-adventures of slackerdom had dwindled to almost nothing… and, sleeping on a friend’s couch in San Diego, with no home, no job, no life and no money…

… it finally dawned on me that if my life was going to get “started”… it was up to me to act.

No one was going to invite me to a better life.

And no opportunity was going to grab me in a headlock and drag me into wealth, fame and happiness.

I cannot even imagine what my life would be like today, had I continued to ignore the doors opening all around me.

So, yeah, I’m a big fan of opportunity.

And I’ve been doing my best to create opportunity for others.  It’s part of the vow I took when I began my journey into business and living large… to give something back, all along the way.


… I am not really surprised when I see people around me complain about the lack of movement in their lives…

… while habitually ignoring the opportunities that cross their path.

Now, sometimes opportunity arrives in a whisper… hard to detect if you’re not looking, easy to miss when you’re distracted.

No shame in missing those.  It happens.  (Though, when you get serious about changing your life, Step One is to attune yourself to the whispers of the universe… because that’s where all the good adventures begin…)

However, sometimes opportunity whacks you upside your head… so obvious that you have to work at ignoring it.

And that’s what I’m talking about here.

I’ve just been writing up some emails for attendees of our unique, head-rattling Action Seminar

and I was stunned to realize that some names who NEED to be coming to this event… are not on the list.

The emails I’m writing will help attendees prepare for this game-changing event…

… because everything that happens in this 2-day interactive meeting…

… will be based on questions submitted by attendees, copy and websites submitted for critique by attendees, problems presented by attendees…

… and anything else attendees need addressed, fixed or solved to put their lives and their businesses on the Fast Track to making 2010 their best year EVER.

If the significance of this hasn’t settled in yet, consider this:  I have assembled a stunning group of experts, heavy hitter marketing wizards, and the best problem-solving professionals I know…

… and they’ve all dedicated themselves to revealing everything they know about making the Big Bucks, while living large at the upper end of the business food chain.  (Where all the happiness, fame and real fortune lies.)

There is no line-up of speakers.  You will not be sitting in a room and be lectured by professional talkers.  And you will not be pummeled by pitches to buy one product after another.


This interactive event is completely focused on helping attendees put together an Action Plan for their business…

… crammed with specific steps to take immediately (spelled out in simple terms anyone can understand) to actually CHANGE your life.

This is how all the Big Dog marketers operate.  They get input from the best minds they can find…

… they brainstorm and get advice on their specific situations, needs, and goals…

… and then they map out a plan to make it all HAPPEN.

I love seminars, and I encourage you to go to events hosted by people you trust.

However, after 25 years of producing seminars, speaking at them, and attending them…

… I know that MOST people waste the experience.

They get overwhelmed with incoming data… theories and ideas and piles of “if only I could get moving on that” opportunities.

And then they get back home… and realize they have no plan on how to implement anything they’ve discovered.

They have notes… but no plan.

So all those theories and ideas are left in the “someday” pile of squandered opportunities… never to be put into action.

Well, screw that.

This seminar is all about action.  Getting the simple implementation details on things you can do immediately to fix your problems, move your biz forward, and get into the groove where life continually cooks on high heat.

We’re going to give you marching orders.  We’re going to help you draw up your own plan, specific to your situation…

… along with the tools and secrets of putting it all into action as fast as humanly possible.

The experts I’ve assembled all know exactly what to do.  They DO it themselves (which is why each new year is their “best year” as they progress through career and life).

And… they’re gathering for a 2-day blowout in San Diego to share what they know and do…

… with you.

If you can get your shit together enough to show up, that is.

Get the details now:

Look: I chose San Diego partly because it was the scene of MY big realization about opportunity.

Maybe there’s something in the air down there, carried on-shore by ocean breezes.  Or maybe it’s in the water.  Or the perpetual sunshine.  Or the sheer impossibleness of getting through a day there without a huge smile on your face…

… cuz, you know, you’re in paradise.

It’s also one of the easiest and nicest airports to get into and out of in the country.

The “Murderer’s Row” of experts includes the famous, the notorious, and the most successful go-to-guys in the biz.

We’re gonna cover “Getting Your Act Together To Make 2010 Your BEST Year Ever” from A-to-Z… including:

  • Figuring out the weaknesses of your competition…
  • Gorging on traffic (so your pile of hot leads is bottomless)…
  • Creating new products that attract buyers like crazy…
  • Digging deep into the groove of getting stuff done efficiently (so you have more time off, even as you make more money in your chosen gig)…
  • Learning the cutting-edge unfair advantages of expert-level social media, pay-per-click, video selling, and classic ad creation…
  • And everything else you know you need advice on… including solutions to problems, directions on the next steps to take, warnings when you’re screwing up, precise lessons on writing what needs to be written, and more.

In fact, if there’s anything you have a question about… any problem you’re hung up on… any piece of copy you want critiqued and fixed up… and any tactic, tool or business model you want expert input on…

… you can get it at this Action Seminar.

This is what we’re going to do, for two solid exciting days.  Talk biz, solve stuff, and help attendees put together a plan to crush it in 2010.

But you gotta BE there.

I know, I know… it’s coming up too fast (it’s January 29 and 30, just a short few weeks away)…

… and you gotta get off your butt in order to make it happen.

You have my sympathy.  I’ve been there — looking at opportunity I knew I needed, wanted, should embrace…

… and dithering until it went away.

So I could crawl back into my comfort zone, where I wouldn’t be inconvenienced by life changes or adventure or, really, anything new or exciting.

For most folks, I offer up a pass on this opportunity.  It’s not for you.  You’re not ready, it’s too inconvenient, it requires too much… life-force… to get moving on.

However… for those of you who should be here (and you know who you are)…

… there are no excuses for you not joining us:

It’s cheap.  (An hour with me costs $2,500.  Most of my previous events have cost $5,000 just to attend.  You cannot corner ANY of these experts I’ve assembled without going deep into your wallet… if you can corner them at all.  Yet… attendance at this event is just under $800.  We purposely priced it low to allow more people to jump in.)

(Side note: Do NOT come if you have to borrow or hock Grandma’s jewelry to afford it.  If you’re that broke, you need to step back a bit and get a better handle on your situation.

However… if your business or career is suffering in the economy, or if you’ve hit multiple sticking points that have frozen your growth, or if you know you can get moving at lightning speed once you have a clear plan to implement…

… then you’re right in the sweet spot of attendees who will get the most from this event.

Again — we’re all about fixing problems, and shedding light on the dark areas of your quest for success… so you can ACT on accomplishing your goals.)

And… I can go on, but I’ve hit a wall.

You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t make him drink.

Horses are too stubborn.  Even thirsty, staring at scarce resources, and really needing to drink… they’ll dither.

Most people have that same quality.  Stubborn, mired in self-defeating habits, scared to death of change or adventure.

If you have good entrepreneur’s blood coursing through your veins, you already know what you need to do.

Have that argument with yourself, if you need to… where you stack up the excellent excuses on why you “can’t” possibly attend this one-time-0nly event.  (Cuz we’re not giving it again.)

Listen to Mr. Scaredy-Cat living deep inside you.  Listen to the chorus of “don’t, it’s too much trouble” and “OMG, what if you went and were disappointed” and (my personal favorite) “There’ll be another great opportunity along shortly… no need to jump on this one.”

Ah, the bullshit we regale ourselves with.  The myths and lies we comfort our frightened souls with.

The nonsense we put up with, all because the courage to change and take control takes a little effort to summon.

The room is getting full.  (And the special low rate we scored for rooms at the hotel is going away VERY soon now.)

The folks already signed up are excited, with good reason.  It’s gonna be a blast… and it’s gonna change lives.

If you’re in that group of people I thought for sure were going to join us… and you know who you are… there’s still a bit of time left to come aboard.

I’ll see you in San Diego.

Stay frosty,


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  • Andre says:

    Hey John,

    one of the best pieces of copy I’ve read recently – awesome!! 🙂
    Have fun @ the event!!

    Greetings from Germany,


  • Astounding John, just astounding.

    Buddy, even if I am MAD enough not to come to the seminar all the way from the South Pacific, this article alone is enough to jolt me into action. Truth is, I thought I was taking action on opportunity… Nope, not really. But am now.

    Good words brother. Keep ’em coming in 2010.


    • John Carlton says:

      Action really can change your life. Much of the good stuff happens solely because you’re moving… it doesn’t even matter if you’re moving in the wrong direct at first.
      It’s like that law of physics: Objects at rest tend to remain at rest (like couch potatoes)… and objects in motion tend to remain in motion, except for friction. There are deep life lessons there…

  • Paul says:

    I would go for sure if I could (more so with a -30 windchill). The damned timing is not going to work.

    This is a helluva price… please have another one this year. (for us bastards dragging ass)

  • Alecs says:

    John thank you for invitation I with gladness arrived on your seminar,
    but it far, America and where Ukraine

  • Edmund says:

    Print this article immediately and study the damm thing. John Carlton, Joe Sugarman and the late great (Gary Halbert and Bill Jayme) are masters at weaving story / copy to create an irresistible offer. John, my respect for you has always been high ever since I heard the story of how you helped Harlan Kilstein become a millionaire copywriter. If you’ve seen Harlan speak live, you can’t help but say, “If HE can do it, so can I”.

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Edmund. I’ll pass your thought on to Harlan. He’ll get a kick out of it… because it’s true, and while he’s attained high status in the game now, he did it through hard work and dedication. The man is the best living example of bulldog determination I’ve ever met, and he’s an inspiration for all of us.
      In truth, there’s nothing mysterious or even difficult about “making it happen”. But it all starts with a decision to get on with it…

  • Arn Tillman says:

    Hi John!
    Many thanks for the invite. Yet since moving to NH from CT two years ago has left me more than “sum” what(!?) bereft and close to destitute where my sustaining income is concerned. Connecticut is more “kind” for any who can collect unemployment bennies. ‘Neweh Hamshah’ on the other hand like the turf below, MA, is what’s known as “a fire state.”
    It can be very difficult to collect any unemployment bennies, let alone find ongoing work in this part of New England. Temp agencies appear to dominate the “workscape” around here, with little hope or expectations for any claiming true marketable skills.
    In other verbs, I am among the ignorant who might be able to justify hocking “Grandma’s jewelry” if I knew she did have any or other mouths to feed beside mine weren’t there, too.
    Please as ever, keep sending your wisdom my way!

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Arn.
      It’s no crime to have a legitimate reason not to jump on a given opportunity. I hope I made that clear.
      But it IS a crime to ignore the opportunities that are almost custom-suited to your life. There are people for whom the cost, travel and time are not a major consideration… who are dithering. And those are the people I targeted here.
      When I began my journey, I was in no position to pursue many opportunities because of my financial chaos. So I focused on getting the financial part straightened out, as I progressed. You take care of what you need to take of first. But you never take your eye off the main prizes, either…

      • Arn says:

        Hi John!
        Many thanks for your thougtful reply. It furthers the honest impressions you always share with your constituents…unlike others in this ever interesting field.
        Warm Regards, Always…

        *Damn! And to think I be missin’ alla dat group huggie thing! Shoot!

  • Butch says:

    Will there be group hugs both days?

  • DaveC says:

    What a brilliant example of the “Frankly, I’m puzzled” letter!
    Doesn’t matter how good the pitch is though — lack of dough and exhausted credit precludes my attendance.

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Dave. You made a decision, though — you looked at your circumstances, considered the options… and made a choice.
      That’s action. You followed through. You did the right thing.
      Again — the folks I’m talking to here in this post are not burdened with financial problems that prevent them from acting. It’s their mindset that is screwing them up.
      Dave, I’ve given this advice to many people: Take care of your current financial mess, with total concentration. Get flush. You may have to curtail your social life for a while, you may have to endure second (or third) jobs, you may have to move… just examine all options, and do the best thing and the right thing to move forward.
      And save. Set up a special account meant for furthering your education. Even if you can only save a few bucks a week (like, say, by not eating out anymore, or by canceling your cable service and reading instead of watching crap for a year or so)… it will add up.
      And the next time you encounter an opportunity that costs a bit, you can lay down the cash for it.
      There’s nothing wrong with struggling at the beginning of your life adventure… as long as your struggles have purpose, and there is a plan to move ahead and beyond.
      Stay with it, Dave. You’re not alone in your situation… but you do have some insight to how you can change things, and that can be powerful.

  • Holly says:

    Thanks to your courses, the money isn’t an issue anymore. Unfortunately, the four months of 70-hour workweeks I’m putting in as I create the course I’m currently working on are an issue.

    But I did want to take this opportunity to thank you for the two courses of you’re I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of taking. You’re fantastic.

    • John Carlton says:

      Hi Holly. Always good to hear from someone who has solved the money issue in their life. Next, you’re going to solve the time issue, right?
      We would have loved to see you in San Diego… but you gotta call it as you see it.
      Again, you made a decision after looking hard at the opportunity. That’s the way to do it. Don’t ignore opportunity. Examine it, and be proactive in how you decide.
      Movement fuels all adventures.

  • Pansycow says:

    Incredible writing, at first I was studying the copy, then your story captured the moment perfectly, instantly solved my stubborn procrastinating and denial and got me kicked up the butt into taking action. Then that breakthrough just landed me the perfect opportunity I needed, within hours of sending an email to a total stranger. Thanks John, you rock!

  • zhengwang says:

    not yes

  • Lina says:

    I’m in John. Coming over from Sydney to be there. Would you like me to bring something over from Oz for you (that’s a serious offer, by the way)? A can of VB, vegemite & cheese sandwich, or a good bottle of wine?

    • John Carlton says:

      We didn’t eat any of the vegimite we brought back last time. Yuck. They’ll confiscate your wine. (I was behind a guy leaving San Diego two weeks ago who had to leave a good bottle with the security dude. Tears in his eyes. And the guard just shrugged and tossed the bottle into the trash. Wine snobs in the line behind me shrieked in despair.)
      No, we’re all set on stuff here. I even have a local booze store that stocks Cooper’s Pale Ale.
      And VB doesn’t travel well, does it? Heck, the bottles we had in Oz didn’t travel well from the corner liquor store to the hotel… 😉

  • Hi John,

    Just wanted to say thanks – I signed up for this as soon as you guys went live with it, and I’ve been super excited. After reading this I’m even more jazzed.

    Look forward to meeting you there (that’s if the travel from London doesn’t kill me, obviously).


    David Raybould

  • Cindy says:

    You are amazing! I am strongly considering your event. I am a just starting my business and I am questioning if this is right for someone who is new. A plan would could be just what the doctor ordered. And I think the price and location are perfect. I am in Santa Barbara so it is just a drive away. Please let me know your thoughts. And thank you!

    • Kevin Rogers says:

      Hi Cindy,

      I couldn’t resist jumping in here to say “hello.”

      So… Hello!

      I just have to tell you that this event — if you can make it — WILL knock your socks off…

      … and it WILL provide you the roadmap for short-cutting your path to Moneyland much faster.

      Here’s why I can say this without hesitation (and I will be at this event, so if you come and feel even the slightest disappointment, I want you to walk up and punch me right in the nose!) (big target, too!)…

      I’ve personally guided my clients to John’s one-hour phone consults (even had the privilege of sitting in on a few of these calls) and I’ve heard the light bulbs pop on for people who were feeling completely overwhelmed about how to take their biz to the next level.

      I’m talking about wise, veteran entrepreneurs who’ve grown multi-million dollar business form the ground up… having major “a-ha!” moments.

      It’s an exciting thing to witness. And this seminar will be 2 full days of light bulb popping moments.

      Not just from John (who get’s $2,500 for those calls, btw), but from a full room of major players — each on the cutting-edge of what’s working best to avoid headaches, save time, drive leads and boost profits — right now!

      All for under a grand. And NO airfare? Just a pleasant hour of driving through the California sunshine?

      I wish I were your brother-in-law (the one you like) instead of some stranger on a blog so you’d have to believe me… but I hope you’ll take my testimony to heart anyway.

      This event was created for people EXACTLY like you.

      I hope you can make it. It won’t be the same without you now that we’re practically related.

      If you make it, please seek me out and say “hello” back.

      All the best,


    • John Carlton says:

      Um… lemme get this straight: You live in Santa Barbara… and you’re wondering if you should gamble on attending a screamingly-hot event in San Diego…
      … cuz you’re a newbie?
      PLUS a chance to sock the K-man in the nose?
      Good God, woman, punching Kevoid, alone, is worth the trip!
      Seriously… I’m sure you’ve got a lot of other important stuff on your plate… like surfing, shopping State Street, playing volleyball with the UofCal kids in the sand…
      Honestly, if you could squeeze this in between “California moments”, I’d suggest doing it. It’s not a party that will happen again, ever.
      Quick aside: One of the most lasting lessons I ever learned came via a friend back in college. He had tickets to a Jimi Hendricks concert… but something important came up, and he couldn’t go.
      It was one of the last concerts Jimi gave (he died soon after).
      Years later, my friend said this: “I don’t have a clue what I thought was so important that I could miss that concert. Whatever it was has vanished from my memory and life. But I regret like hell missing that concert. It’s been a black spot in my life that will never go away.”
      Ever since that lesson sank in, I’ve been running every decision I make about attending stuff through that grinder — how will I feel later if I miss it?
      That usually makes the decision easy.
      Hope this helps, Cindy.

      • Cindy says:

        Sounds like I better put away my surf board, put my state street walking shoes in the closet and send my VB friends from UCSB back to IV to find another party and head down the the SD for the weekend! Thanks for the comments and the responses from both of you. The fact that you responded amazes me…If you knew me.. punching someone in the nose would be right up my alley… so you can count me in. I will be signing up. Can’t wait to meet both of you! And most of all I am looking forward to a plan that will allow me to create a long term sustainable business as you two have. I have a lot to learn, yet I think action is the key to any success. This business can be so overwhelming with all the data coming at you, so a strong direction (plan) would be so welcome. See ya soon… And thanks again!

        • Kevin Rogers says:

          You’re right on, Cindy, action IS the key.

          See you there. (Bring your boxing gloves!)

          John — I had the same scenario as your friend’s happen to me with Miles Davis. Except I let social anxiety keep me away (didn’t know the dude offering a free ticket very well)… I’ve since overcome that particular demon.

  • ken c says:

    Being able to be in the same room with John Carlton for two days, hearing both his comments and those he makes to add on to other presenters’ info, especially for less than 1k like he’s priced this one, is an absolute bargain.

    I’ve been using what I’ve learned from John for over 6 years now (how did that time fly! sheesh) and made hundreds of thousands in additional sales revenue as a result.

    And he has Harlan, Mike K, Lorrie, Stan and more thrown in for good measure, this looks like a great event, they’re all solid resources, too.

    Highly recommended, anything you can learn from John is a “must have” for all business owners. Getting a ticket to this for less than $2K is worth it, they’re currently on sale for just $797, which is an absolute bargain for folks of this quality.

    (big John C fan, he’s helped me make a lot of money)

  • Sam Mlambo says:

    Wham! Your opportunity whacked me right across the head…

    The copy you’ve written is truly amazing, John. I got sucked in and read from top to bottom. I can’t wait until I have the same caliber copy skills as you!

    I’m looking forward to attending this life changing event. And meeting serious entreprenurs such as yourself.

    Thanks for putting this event together for us wealth aspiring business owners and marketers 🙂

    Until we meet… All the best to you!

  • Romeo Blais says:

    o.k. John, it’s 12:41 am in the morning and had cook up a fresh pot of coffee in order to tell you this…

    I want to thank you for filling in the blank space between my ears when it comes to setting up a website.

    What am I dribbling about? I’m talking about Tellman.

    Just got an e-mail from him and watched 9 FREE videos.

    I went from barely knowing how to use my keyboard to actually knowing how to set-up a website in 1 hour.

    Seriously, this tellman is the MAN!

    I love how he explained it so darn easily. A deaf mute could understand it, for writers sake.

    I’m getting ready to sign up for his listbuilding club.

    Thanks again, John. Romeo

  • Romeo Blais says:

    Damn you, John, I’m still so revved up after watching Tellmans FREE videos, I feel like I snorted the columbian cocaine business- OUT of business.

    It’s now 2:00am

    I’ll have to watch a video course on college advertising 101. That’ll put me to sleep fast.

    What am I gonna do with you?

  • Phil says:

    I saw John at a seminar when his head was
    normal size. Yes, it was a long time ago.

    He always does a wonderful job.

    This Action Seminar will be a hell of a deal.
    It’s a must for all that want to get serious
    about selling.

  • Jullianne says:

    I am considering your seminar. It sounds amazing. It sounds like it could jump start things for me. Yet I am brand new. 1 Site, affiliate site. About 2 weeks into this new world. I have a lot to learn and I am open and want to speed the learning curve along the best way possible. In listening to your call you sent out recently, it sounds like you are doing a lot of hot seat stuff and giving guidance to help fix those with existing business’. Since I don’t have anything to offer there, I am wondering how someone this new to this type of business will play into this program. I don’t feel the information will be over my head, I have a pretty good grasp of the business, yet I am just digging in. Can you shed some light on how I will benefit from your program. I thank you for your time.

  • >