Let Loose The Dogs Of Freelance Wealth

Wednesday, 9:07pm
Reno, NV
“You can’t handle the truth!” Col. Jessup, blowing it


I’d like some feedback on this, if you got a minute.

We have — just tonight, less than an hour ago — finally pulled the trigger on the new website offering the sought-after “Freelance Course” I’ve been teasing people about for months.

If you’re uninterested in the freelance life, you can skip this small favor I’m asking.


… if your heart beats just a little faster when you consider the freedom, big bucks and glory of a successful freelance writing career…

… then you’re gonna want to check this out.

Here’s what I want you to do: Just hop over to this new site…

… read it with your normal jaded, stubborn reluctance to believe anything anyone says about anything…

… and see if the copy here meets the test of overcoming the outrageous level of stubborness of the average wannabe freelancer.

Here’s the site:


I’m doing this, because… if I can’t get the point of this opportunity across to the readers of this blog (who are easily the most worthy candidates for this information)…

… then I’ve got some work to do re-jiggering the pitch.

C’mon. Be brutal. Here’s your chance to shake-down some Carlton copy.

And, yeah, sure…

… you’re at some small risk of succumbing to the offer.

But I’m sure a strong, confidant, filthy rich marketer like you can survive such a simple, straight-forward appeal.

I mean, the whole sales angle is as uncluttered as possible: If you’ve ever wanted to make the Big Bucks with your writing skills…

… or if you’re a freelancer who is struggling because no one is watching your back (or sharing the inside secrets of the game)…

… then a slight twinge of desire may ripple through your veins when you see what’s available.

I mean, I sure wish a simple shortcut like this was available back when I started my career as a freelance copywriter.

It would have shortened my search for wealth, fame and respect by…

… oh, around ten years. At least.

Look, I’m sure you’re doing fine. More clients than you can handle, rave reviews on everything you do, results up the yin-yang.

I’d still like to hear your thoughts about the site.

A lot of people’s lives have been changed, dramatically and quickly, by what you’re about to see.

But, I dunno… the “noise” level of the Web is so loud these days, it’s hard to be heard.

No matter how legit or how critical the message is.

So please do me the honor of looking the site over, will ya?


Stay frosty,

John Carlton

P.S. Quick story: Back during my first mid-life crisis, I quit the business world, and decided to try writing some fiction for a year or so.

I attended a couple of hard-to-get-into writer’s conferences (including the very prestigous Squaw Valley Writer’s Conference in Tahoe)…

… and I had a series of nasty reality checks that brought me rather quickly back into the game of marketing.

See, whenever any of the writers at these gatherings discovered that I routinely earned more from writing a single ad… than the best of them could earn in a year writing an entire novel (which required months and months and months of grueling research, writing, editing, and sweating over)…

… well, they were flabbergasted.

And these were the BEST of the group. The ones who had actually made ANY money at all with fiction. (And most of those novels took longer than a year to write. Average time to create a novel that gets published: 5 years. Whoa.)

The majority — easily 99 of every 100 in attendance — had never made Dime One from anything they’d written.

They were skilled writers.

They just had never figured out how to turn that skill into cash.

I realized two things:

1. Fiction really was only gonna be a hobby for me. (I didn’t fit in too well with most of the wannabe-novelists — they were too freaking idealistic, and naive about the world.) (Give me a street-wise salesman any day — the stories are better, the insight more profound.)

2. And — most important — I got back in touch with that feeling I had back when I recieved my first check for writing some copy for a client.

It was pure, raw euphoria. I was getting PAID — a LOT — to do something I loved: Write.

Freelance copywriting saved my life. It gave me an important, critical position in the world — business owners desperately needed me.

It offered me the independence and freedom to be myself. However weird, eccentric and lazy I was… as a freelancer, I could create my own damn lifestyle.

And, eventually, I attained something else I’d craved since becoming an adult: Respect.

I could do something crucial, something essential… that most of the business world feared, could not understand, and considered voodoo.

I was free… I had mounting fame that I earned… and I was the master of my ship.

It’s a great gig.

For the right person, freelance copywriting is the ONLY profession worth striving to get really, really, really fookin’ good at.

If you’re one of us, this “Freelance Course” may be exactly what you need to get a fresh start on living the life you want. On your terms.

Or not.

The gig isn’t for everyone.

Read the site we just put up.

See if, just perhaps, you’re actually one of us. And all you need is a little inside help to get moving.

Here’s the site again:


Big Damn Update: Thursday night, late…

Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

And a bigger thanks to all the folks who came aboard. We’re way past expectations for sales, and fresh momentum seems to be building all on its own.


I love providing the fuel for someone’s new adventure in life… and, again, there is NO other career like freelancing for writers who crave maximum freedom, treasure and fame.

(After the first few comments that came in, savvy writers who know the power of this stuff started piling on with personal stories of success and happiness. It’s worth a quick read to see how the writing world regards this kind of opportunity, both good and bad…)