A Little Biz

Thursday, 10:19pm
Reno, NV
Psst, c’mere, I wanna talk to ya…” (“Down In Hollywood”, Ry Cooder)


Listen. I’m just doing a drive-by blog tonight.

We’ve simply got so much going on this week, that I’ve got to keep my nose to the grindstone. Get some sleep, stay frosty, corral some deals that are currently roaming out there in the ether.

So I just want to touch base here, and make sure you’re in the loop on some of this.

First Loop Thing: I have been on the phone these past two days with a “Who’s Who” of online marketing.

Check out this line up — Rich Schefren, Perry Marshall, Andy Jenkins, Jeff Walker, Brian Clark, Tellman Knudsen…

… and guess what?

Every one of them has agreed to participate in this mysterious little business adventure Stan and I are cooking up, as we speak. (You’ll get advance notice in less than 2 weeks, if you watch the blog.)

Things get a bit giddy when the talent pool goes high-end like this.

And no, I’m not gonna reveal what’s up… yet.

But I will tell you this: For a few smart business owners, an opportunity is about to arrive that will give you exclusive personal access to these experts…

… with me as a referee. And, probably, ring leader, too.

It’s gonna be something special.

You’ll be thrilling the grandkids with this story for a long time.

What you can do now… is to make sure you’re on the blog notification list (top right of this page).

So you will get early warning of anything cool and worthwhile happening.

Second Loop Thing: I want to remind you that my much-revered Freelance Course is available again.

After a hiatus of over a year.

If you want to juice-up your current freelance efforts with some serious professional mojo…

… or if the lifestyle of a pro freelance writer (the money! the fame! the adventure!) has always appealed to you…

… then you must see what all the fuss is about here:


No obligation when you hop over and see what’s up on this site.

However, be aware that I’ve pulled the course from circulation before (for over a year last time)… and will do so again if the coaching thing gets too crowded with copywriters.

So, yeah, you probably do want to get over there right away, and check ‘er out.


… I want to thank Kevin Rogers, again, for handling the first “guest post” on this blog so well. It was a blast trading barbs and jokes with other writers in the comments section.


… I want to thank, again, all the folks who chimed in with thoughts, advice, and insight to how we are presenting the Freelance Course. It was very helpful.

I’m always open to opinion and suggestions.

And I am constantly impressed — and stricken with gratitude — when I witness just how smart and hip the audience for this little blog is.

Really, guys. Thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for staying involved through your comments, emails, and all the other ways you make my job so damned enjoyable. (Note to the person down in Vegas last month, who recognized me walking by and wanted a handshake and quick photo. Glad to oblige. Mike Koenigs took the photo, but we lost the biz card you gave us! So we can’t mail the photo to you. If you’re reading, we need your address. One nice photo of you and me in the Wynn is waiting…)

And if there’s anything — anything at all — you’d like to see discussed or addressed in this blog, just say so.

Good time to do that would be… oh, now.


Stay frosty,

John Carlton

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  • Bernardo says:

    “And if there’s anything — anything at all — you’d like to see discussed or addressed in this blog, just say so.”

    I’d be happy to oblige:

    Let’s get a post or two about nailing the hook and writing

    Before you say it, I know you cover both in your Kick-Ass
    course, but I’d like more. More, more, more!

    Thanks, and I’m looking forward to what you’re cooking up.

  • Karl Foxley says:

    What an awesome line-up… people would pay an absolute arm and a leg just to talk to one of these guys individually and here you are talking to all of them! 🙂

    Looking forward to whatever this is you are working on (it will be big!).



  • Kevin Rogers says:

    No… Thank You, John!

    What a party! (hope we didn’t stain the carpets too bad.)

    Seriously, you’re an amazing teacher. I’m blessed to know you.

  • Rezbi says:

    At the risk of sounding like a star-struck teenager, I think we are the fortunate ones to get an education like this for nothing.

    I remember not too long ago when you were selling this information, literally, in your newsletter.

    The fact is, you get a fair few people coming to your blog and commenting, and that takes a serious writing ability to pull the crowds in… and I’m still waiting to get to that level.

    Thanks, John, you’re work is much appreciated.

  • Patrick says:

    A delayed reaction.

    Oh my god, I just thought of a joke…

    A copywriter walks into a bar and his hands are shaking.

    The bar tender says “Do you drink much?”

    The copywriter says “Na, I spill most of it!”

  • Patrick says:

    Hi John,

    I had an interesting experience yesterday.

    I was ringing around looking for someone that could build and set up web sites for me.

    Quite frankly I was shocked with what I found…

    All I wanted was a basic set up that will attract interest to a web site and then to lure them onto my email list.

    When I was describing what I wanted to these professional Web designers, I could hear them literally having “ah-ha” moments.

    I couldn’t believe that they didn’t already know what I was telling them to do.

    It was staggering. They basically had no idea!


    I have been subscribed to your Blog and the Insiders Club for some time. Plus I have been listening to all the other Guru’s you have recommended.

    And even the “Free Stuff” from you and your mates, that is just given away… is light years ahead of the rest of the world.

    I am so lucky I discovered you John.



  • Marble Host says:

    I am emailing from an Times Now, a news channel form india.we are interested in interviwing on cemera.What is the best way to reach you?

  • web designer mom says:

    i am probably the only person who has a phone and has a computer who doesnt like twitter that much. 🙂 peace to all twitter lovers.

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