Who Says I Can’t Take Time Off?

Sunday, 7:21pm
Reno, NV
“Lately it occurs to me… what a long, strange trip its been…”


I’m gonna be on the road for a while here (heading to Dubai for a seminar, for starters)… and also takin’ care of some personal biz.

All of which means I’ll be putting the blog here on ice for a couple of weeks.


This doesn’t mean you should not visit.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that almost exactly four years of this blog are archived… on this very page.

It’s a ton of heavy-duty stuff, just waiting for you to feast on…

… and many will admit that the specific advice and tactics you can discover here — for free — are better than the crap you pay through the nose for elsewhere.

That’s what folks tell me, anyway.

So dig in. The past few years have been particularly interesting, since they’re post-Web 2.0 and oh-so-very hip and cutting edge.

But there is treasure all the way back to the first posts, too.

For example:

1. Detailed lesson on finding hooks for headlines: “Fishing For Hooks” on 10/19/06. (Get it? Fishing for hooks?)

2. Sobering reality check on the economy: “Are Ya Scared Yet?”, 9/29/08.

3. Cool “Tip O’ The Week” on 9/01/08.

4. Then take the Quiz laid out on 9/04/08… and see the answer on 9/08/08. (Don’t cheat, now.)

5. Go all the way back to 3/14/05 for “Your Own Private Chemical Dump” (yeah, weird subject, but it’ll get ya thinking)…

6. Find out “Who Gets Read” on 8/04/08.

7. Two truly twisted visits into the teachings of the late, great Gary Halbert await in June 2008 (“Jerks, Genius & Juice”). He will forever be missed. (My completely inadequate goodbye — the most painful thing I’ve ever written — was written on 4/10/07.)

8. Check out the contest on 10/02/08, and see the results on 10/06/08.

9. Finally, wake up your Inner Salesman with “The Unforgiving Human Funk” on 2/20/06.

This is all just a taste, mind you.

I’ve been slugging it out on this blog for years, and I’ve earned every reader I’ve got (and I’ve got ’em all over the globe).

If you’ve never explored the archives… or haven’t gone back for a trip down the aisles in a while… this is a perfect opportunity to visit this very unique Dungeon Of Delights.

I’ll be back soon.

Just got some stuff I gotta take care of right now.

Stay frosty (and wish me luck)…

John Carlton

P.S. I might — key word, might — be able to dash off a Tweet or two in the interim. You should sign up anyway, and start following me and all the other nutcases on Twitter currently making life just a bit more… wired.


P.P.S. Oh, yeah… one more thing.

If you wanna comment on any of the referenced posts… please do it here, in this comment section, where I’ll see it.

Plus, of course, you are always welcome to use the comment section to rant, wheedle, whine, bitch, moan or gloat to your heart’s content, on any subject.

Lord knows, we all need to vent once in a while…

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  • Hi John,

    bon voyage & hope everything turns out well.

    The archive is a treasure chest – thanks for pointing out those highlights.

  • John, enjoy your trip. And thanks for the reference materials. I’m a new reader, and these look like pure gold.

  • Anthony DeLoach says:

    Have a good one!

  • Hi John, am from Singapore, love to read your stuff and Gary Halbert’s stuff, but anyway am not a copywriter, just doesn’t know why I love to read so much about direct mail and all sort of copywriting material… and lastly enjoy your trip to dubai… !

  • Dubai? That has to be great for you, even if you are there mostly for business. We will be expecting a post about the trip and maybe some pictures if you get the time to take some. I am sure that many people would love to go to Dubai but never manage to find the money or time to do it. Good luck and have fun there!

  • >