Quick Exhausted Note

Um, Wednesday night, I think. Maybe 9:30 or so…
Reno. Yeah, pretty sure I’m in Reno, NV still…


I’m thrashed.

We officially put “The Simple Writing System” on the fast track for public release this week. And the amount of serious work (spelled w-o-r-k, the original four-letter word) required to do it right…

… is simply astonishing.

We’re pulling out all the stops.

Mind you, it’s not available yet to anyone. We’ve got details (“deets”, we call ’em) to fuss with. T’s to cross, i’s to dot.

Soon. Very soon, we’ll announce how you can get involved with the personal mentoring this unique program offers.

Oh, the excitement is swelling like a Beethoven crescendo.

I have been on the phone with a “Who’s Who” of online marketers, too… setting up interviews, getting advice (oh, I’ve been getting advice, lemme tell you), making sure everyone’s on the same page for this one-time release of the system.

Cuz this really could be…

… big.

In the last couple of days, I’ve been on the horn with Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker… and today, I completely rewrote an ad for Tellman Knudson on the phone. Pretty sure we got that recorded, too.

If he tests, we could even see some “Real World” style before-and-after results. It’s an experiment any self-respecting marketer would kill to know about.


… all this activity is exciting, sure.

But it can suck brain juice right out through your eyeballs.

I’m exhausted. Right now, I can’t rmemeber what 8 times 6 is. I’ve lost chunks of third-grade memorized multiplication tables.

(In fact, what’s 8 times 7? Wow, it’s worse than I thought…)

I’m off to a quick Miller Time, and bed. Sleep solves everything, you know.

But in the meantime… if you wanna stay in the loop about how this unique “Simple Writing System” mentoring program is gonna play out…

… you’ll want to be extra sure you’re on my list.

Easiest way to do that: Hop over to www.marketingrebel.com, and leave your name and email in the box there on the right. (You could leave your name here, on the blog notification list… but I keep those lists separate. The “master” list at marketingrebel is much better to be on for this event.)

(Plus, you get the fabulous “7 Strategy Lessons” over there, automatically, when you sign in. Very excellent marketing wisdom in those lessons. Timeless stuff you can use immediately…)

Or, if you’re one of the cool kids, you can follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com to sign up for free, then follow me at johncarlton007).

I think that’s it for now.

Eyes blurry.

Mouth open, half snoring alreazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • I’m giddy about this new program. Seriously, John, now more than ever we need this system broken down and spoonfed to the smart folks not getting stuck in the muck of the news. (Been there myself, but it’s not a place to stay.) Looking forward to details.

  • Kevin Rogers says:

    Once a day (or more) someone on the marketing forums asks which writing guide is best… and if “it’s worth” hiring a mentor. There’s never been a course that did both. This is going to be… BIG!

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