Okay, I’m Tweeting

Wednesday, 12:44pm
Reno, NV
I tot I taw a puddy tat…” Tweety (ask your uncle)


I am now officially tweeting on Twitter.

I originally resisted… but was convinced by Joel Comm to give it a try.


… dude, it’s cool.

It truly is the still-under-used social networking tool of Web 2.0. When you join as someone’s Twitter Pal (I made that up — don’t yet know what you call it when you follow people), you get “updates” by email or phone text.

“Normal” people (meaning, folks not in business) use it to annoy everyone else, by alerting their friends they’re havng breakfast, or feel constipated, or just slammed their fifth Red Bull.


However… hip marketers are finding out this is a fabulous way to keep in touch with customers, fans, colleagues, and the like. (Lots of “pure”, non-selling posts are the rule, BTW. 90% or more are really just interesting chat — key on “interesting” — because overt selling is gauche and looked down on.)

It’s a way to offer a glimpse into your daily life…

… and to keep folks current with anything important you’re doing.

The personal insights are cool, because they help with the bonding process. I mean, I’m kinda curious about how people get through their day. Aren’t you?

It’s like Behaviorial Psych 101, in little snippets.

And since I’m going to Chicago next week — for a Hot Seat event, and to lollygag with about fifty of the richest and hippest online marketers on the planet — I think what I’ll be tweeting about might be…

… you know…

… kinda interesting to you.

There’s a built-in limit to tweeting. You can’t go over 140 characters… so you’re forced to be brief. And thus, not waste anyone’s time. (Though, hot threads can get deep fast.)


I’m tweeting as “johncarlton007”.

To log on as a “friend”… and get all my updates… go to www.twitter.com/johncarlton007
and sign on.

That’s it.

First big update has already gone out: I’m interviewing my crazed young pal Jason Moffat on how to use Twitter for advanced marketing. He’s got it figured out.

The phone call will be recorded, and posted on the Radio Rant coaching site.


You’re not a member?

That’s dumb. Just go to www.carltoncoaching.com, scroll down to where we discuss the Radio Rant coaching club…

… and sign up for a free month.

Free! No obligation to stay on longer.

It’s the best deal in getting marketing info out there. Stan and I do multiple shows each month, and you can get ANY question you have answered, and any problem solved.

Anyway, gotta go. Got Jason on the line…

Man, he’s really got Twitter nailed, too…

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

P.S. Update — the call with Jason ROCKED.

For the first time in a loooooong time, I’m kinda excited about a new technological toy.

I’ll be tweeting from Chicago and elsewhere… and I promise to not play nice.

Not sure how often I’ll tweet yet. Jason does it a couple of times a day, but it’s an untested measure. I’ll just do it when the mood strikes, for now, and see how people react.

Now… go buy my stuff (as my pal Kern would say)…

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  • BobbyC says:

    Woot. Good to hear John.

    I just cannot contain my excitement for the future possibility of getting a barrage affiliate links on Twitter, too! One more tool for constant connectivity; one peg higher on the respect ladder go Bencivenga, Halbert’s sons and Dan Kennedy.

    John Carlton replies:

    Hi Bobby. There’s a simple way to stop getting “barraged” with affiliate-oriented email.

    With us, all anyone has to do to get stop getting emails from me that promote other folks products… is to ask us to stop sending them.

    Reply to any email you get from us. Put, “John, no more affiliate emails, please” in the subject line. And we’ll update your record.

    And we’ll still be friends.

    Remember — the 4-year archive of this FREE blog is crammed with a full marketing education. I love to teach, and I’ll stand on my laurels here. I’m giving away a ton of great info and tactics.

    I’m also a marketer. I offer deeper opportunities to study with me, and to get direct consultations. I’m not twisting your arm, nor am I holding the blog hostage in any way, shape or form. It’s free, and will remain free.

    There is also a ton of great stuff out there to turn you on to. We do not email capriciously — we only send out affiliate emails for stuff we’ve tried ourselves, or have good reason to believe is the real deal.

    The Web is changing fast, and one way to stay abreast of the entpreneurial world — which is changing the fastest — is to use my recommendations as a resource. You never HAVE to follow through on anything.

    And the amount of free goodies offered are just stunning.

    So… while it can seem like there’s a new launch every other day (and this week, there was)… over all, the best way to look at things is that we’re living in a time of AMAZING access to information.

    It’s truly a brave new world. You don’t have to participate. But if you’re going to play in the marketplace, you have an opportunity to adjust your attitude, and start seeing the forest instead of the trees.

    Yes, there are a lot of pitches floating around.

    So what? For me, it’s exciting to know how the grid is expanding and changing…

    Just my two cents, Bobby.

    Thanks for posting.


  • Steven Pam says:

    Hey John, welcome to the 21st century! Or Gen X / Gen Y’s version of it, anyway.

    FYI you don’t have to tell people to go to twitter.com and find you. You can just direct them to twitter.com/marketingrebel

    Hope this helps!

    PS… you might want to find some interesting people to follow – that zero looks kind of sad 🙁

    John Carlton replies:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll change it on the blog right now.

    And I’ll be following my buds soon. I just got started — don’t be sad…


  • Lisa Manyon says:

    Welcome! I’ll definitely follow you and you can check me out at @WriteOnCreative if you’re so inclined. I’ll be your friend even if you are a whiner. Can’t wait to get your Tweets.

    Tweet On~


  • Mary K says:

    Welcome aboard …Twitter sure beats THIS http://ymiu.posterous.com/twitter-sure-beats-this

    Just want to point out…over at twitter it’s anything BUT a whiny…’will you be my friend’ deal…

    it’s a much more confident FOLLOW ME thing 😉

    Since I started playing at twitter I’ve had more fun, made more connections (think virtually instance JV’s) and been turned onto more helpful info, resources and tools than in the past 7 years online… and it happens really FAST.

    Gotta go… someone just tweeted there’s an open invite to Breakfast with Alan in 10 min. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/breakfast-with-alan

    FOLLOW ME – http://twitter.com/marykw

  • Hey John – Glad to see you’ve ‘given in’ to Twitter! I’ve heard this story time and time again – I know that’s how it happened to me! I resisted and resisted. And now I’m so glad I have Twitter in my arsenal. And most definitely, for sure, this blog is in my arsenal, too! I sincerely appreciate all that I’ve learned and continue to learn from you and your pack of uber cool marketing masters!

    Here’s a cool video from Common Craft with basic Twitter explanations: http://www.commoncraft.com/twitter I just love their videos!

    And Ed Dale has some great tutorials on using Twhirl with Twitter, which I think you might really like. It gets Twitter out of your way, but, keeps it close by so you can access it any time. Here’s one of his vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FppT-K8VqI He did several more, too.

  • Mark L says:

    Hi John,
    Pretty darn cool. Like getting a new train set for Christmas when I was 6 years old. Fun to watch and easy to use.
    I’ll have to get hip to the tools and all. Made a few new connects
    I’m diggin it!

    Mark L – Marketing Rebel Staff

  • Deep Arora says:

    Hi John,

    Welcome to Twitter and Tweeting! 🙂 Just added you, errr, just followed you I mean. I had Twitter since day one it started, but I’m just really starting to use my account 5 months ago.

    I do blog, and there was a time I found Twitter a joke because you couldn’t really say a lot of things with the word count limit it gives. But seeing other people use it made me learn how to use it in a way people respond to positively.

    Now I Tweet when I can.

    What I’d like to know is, is there a proven number of ways you can use Twitter to complement what you other things you do online?

    -Deep Arora

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