Keeping It In The Family

Thursday, 11:59pm
Reno, NV
Opportunity knocks…


Does it bum you out, as much as it does me…

… that there don’t seem to be any “lazy, crazy days of summer” anymore?

Throughout most of my life, summer was freakin’ sacred. Maybe that notion had more to do with me living at, or living near, Southern California beaches so often.

And there was “down time” a-plenty.

Days drifted by in long, languid sighs. Especially in August.

Your most urgent mission was to find a little shade once in a while. Or stir up enough energy to swim out and catch a sudden set of decent waves curling in from the south.

One year, when I was renting a sodden, dangerously-rickety 1920s-era beach house in Hermosa, I caught over 300 sunsets. Just watched that big orb slide into the ocean and go “pop!”, while the sky swirled into fits of unspeakably beautiful color swatches.

Big mournful sigh.

And then this stupid Web-thing came along and changed the whole dynamic.

I’m not complaining, mind you.

Those of us lucky enough to be on the cutting edge of this Brave New World are making history, and living an adventure that would blow the mind of every previous generation on the planet.

There’s an old Chinese saying — “May you live in interesting times” — that is a nice example of Zen yin-yang confusion. On one hand, wishing you a life of interesting adventures seems like a nice thought.

However, the deeper definition of “interesting” isn’t just about “nice” adventures.

Being chased by dragons, for example, is also interesting. If you live to tell the story.

Right now, we’re all living in extremely interesting times.

You may be so overwhelmed by incoming data and stimuli that you “shut down”, and avoid considering the larger implications of what’s going on.

And that’s fine. It’s good to take a few time-outs here and there. Recharge your batteries.


For anyone with entrepreneurial yearnings, there has NEVER been a time like this in the history of civilization.

The Web — with all its distractions and soul-deadening pleasures and mind-expanding eye candy — is still, primarily…

… the most efficient and shockingly profitable way to reach people who want to buy things from you…

… that has ever existed.

It won’t last forever.

The Man is threatened by too much freedom. And so many entrepreneurs are discovering financial independence — through the Web — right now, that the Bastards Who Run Everything are already gearing up to spoil the party.

They won’t succeed immediately.

Heck, I hope they get their thumbs caught in the gears, and never succeed at all.

But you can’t count on this current state of affairs continuing indefinitely.

If you feel, in your heart, that you have what it takes to break free of the “Job Zombie” routine most people slog through their entire lives…

… then you probably ought to be considering making your move.

What you need… is a burning desire to be independent, and call your own shots in life…

… plus the cojones to surf the mild-to-heavy risk inherent in any entrepreneurial venture (depending on which market you decide to crack)…

… and, most important…

… you need a good resource for info and help.

A little focused, hands-on mentoring by a veteran who can show you the ropes.

And a “tool kit” of proven tactics, strategies and specific skills to get you started, and move you quickly into the ranks of money-making business wranglers.

This process of gathering what you need is always — ALWAYS — accomplished in a state of “Breakthrough Excitement”.

Your brain will be giddy with anticipation…

… your nerves will jangle a bit…

… and all your senses will keep you up late, tingling with a fresh appreciation of what it’s like to finally take that first bold step on a new path.

Once you make your decision to “go for it”…

… your life becomes very, very interesting.

I’m not just talking about rookies, either. Most entrepreneurs out there are actually “hobbyists”, just dabbling in business. They struggle.

And most small business owners realize — soon after going into biz whole-hog — that their own “tool kit” for making money is seriously thin on the essentials.

And yet…

… the Web is crawling with opportunities to learn from the BEST marketing minds alive.

Tools, strategies, advice, secrets, everything necessary to thrive…

… it’s all there.

You just have to shovel through the bullshit to find the good stuff.

Cuz the online world is also clogged to bursting with nonsense, and false paths, and blind alleys, and every other metaphor for wasting your time you can think of.

My advice has been consistent from the moment I became a guru: Find a resource for good info you can trust.

A real “go-to guy” who’s not blowing smoke up your ass.

And who really has the good stuff to share.

I am fairly aggressive in insisting that I’m that guy… sometimes.

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. My teaching methods are brutal.

And yet, you won’t find a more rabid and enthusiastic mob of successful people outside of the “Wall O’ Testimonials” I typically run on my main websites.

If my teaching style “clicks” with you… you’re on the verge of the ride of your life.

An adventure in making business pump that never ends.


… I just want you to consider something here.

Right now, we’re offering a shocking opportunity to get more hands-on mentoring and attention from me and my entire staff… than we’ve ever offered before.

It’s a program designed to force-feed the “goodies” of rapid business know-how into your reluctant, stubborn brain as quickly as humanly possible.


… we’re ONLY offering it to selected people on my “house list” right now.

My colleagues in business are plenty pissed off about this, too. They want to let their lists in on the fun… but we’re keeping it in the family for now.

If you’ve been a smart dude, and got on my list (by signing up for the blog notifications, for example, in the top right-hand corner of this site)… then you already know what’s going on.

However, after talking with my business partner, we realized that blog readers who haven’t signed up… are still part of the family.

And deserve to know the details of what’s going on.

Time is short.

If you want to explore a REAL opportunity to get your act, finally, together…

… then bop over to this link:

Please do not share this link with friends who don’t regularly read this blog, though.

This is NOT something for folks who aren’t “hip” to how I do things.

Their little brains might explode from the shock of seeing how I operate, in fact.

No. Right now, this is something ONLY for people with enough “insider” savvy to understand the outrageous breakthrough this opportunity offers.

So, mum’s the word, all right?

Go check out the site.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

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  • I love those “summer days” you’ve been talking about. I had some of those in Thailand on the beach. The tough part of the day was to pick the fish you wanted the lady to throw on the barbeque – and that fish was really fresh (like: two guys jumping in the water and pulling it out and kill it fresh. Just add some salt and lemon to it.)

    But – just as the net in it’s current state – good things don’t last forever. By now this once pristine island is flooded by obnoxious tourists who go there to drink and party. They don’t have any appreciation for the beauty of the island. The shopowners have changed – bullied out most of the good people who made a living there before.

    Nothing against having a good time – but you don’t need such a beautiful setting to knock yourself out with booze. And you don’t need some bang-bang techno music that scares all the wildlife away and almost makes the fish go belly up. You don’t need XTC when you got the most psychedelic sunsets going on every night and luminous plankton at night in the water. Leave that stuff in the city clubs.

    Funny thing is – this change happened in just 5 short years. The net surely is no pristine island anymore, but in terms of money-making opportunities for the small guys – it’s still the wild west. So better get going…

  • Holy manoly, John… I’m digging through your swipefile on a saturday night and needed a break, wanted some good music, something fresh… and remember you wrote about George Clinton a couple posts back (never heard of the guy). Typed it in youtube to see what comes up… clicked on “Maggot Brain” – gee, blows my mind! Love it! Thank you for pointing out another gold nugget!

  • >