How Do You Like The New Digs?


We’ve just finished sprucing up The Big Damn Blog, and added a bunch of cool new accessories. After several years, it was time for a face-lift and upgrade.

Lots of new features — photos (in the bio section), archives, tons of free stuff… plus a blog-only secret bargain that will be available for a limited time, and changed frequently. (I’ll be adding more rare, jaw-dropping photos soon…)

Thousands of people read this blog each day, and I encourage you to leave comments. I read them all. Sometimes I reply, personally.

I love this blog, and we’ll continue to futz with it to make it better and better. If you have suggestions, let’s hear ’em.

Thanks, as always, for sharing this link with your friends, colleagues, employees, and competitors. (Well, okay, maybe not your competitors.)

And stay frosty. Exciting times ahead…

John Carlton

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  • Steven Pam says:

    Hey John, I pretty much always sometimes usually find your blog interesting and thought-provoking. Most of all I like your “straight shooting” approach.

    Looking forward to seeing how these changes manifest.

    So where are these so-called photos? Your mug shot up there is terrible. Next time you’re in Melbourne (Australia, not Florida), drop me a line and I’d be happy to do you a new one which does you justice.

  • Lisa Preston says:

    When I saw that you had updated your blog, I got all excited and dropped everything to go look…

    I was like a kid squirming in the “time out” chair, watching eagerly as the clock ticked off those last few seconds…

    Your blog loads…

    Sorry, Sweetie… it’s “blah”. Big yawn.

    You are a brilliant guy, and man – can you write!!
    But all your taste is in your mouth.

    Next time you want to really pack a punch, let me know.


  • Jim Vowles says:

    There are many among us who rather like the big “blah”.
    It allows us to focus more on substance than style.

    It would be instructional to compare your Yearly earnings on
    the www with your critics.

    I have been reading some of your archives, which go back to
    the end of 2004, and the articles or posts are still relevant.

    I was also a poor student of Gary Halbert. I say “poor” because
    I did not follow his advise (mostly out of fear). He was every bit
    as passionate about marketing as yourself, and utterly fearless.
    I am glad his writings are still available.

  • Cool links. I too, thought that it would be a big change… Anyway, your content is king so keep it coming.

  • andy says:


    It’s not HOW he says it; it’s WHAT he says.

    I wouldn’t care if it was on toilet paper, I’m
    reading WHAT he says about copy, consumer
    psych, making crap loads of money etc etc…

    Sheesh, and I’m the newbie!


    p.s. reference Gary Halbert’s Coat of Arms letter…
    typewritten, one page, mailed what tens of millions
    of times and did a damn good job at the only thing
    it HAD to do…Bring in money.

    whatever, bye

  • Rezbi says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve downloaded all your freebies and will continue to do so until I can afford your paid stuff. I like your hard-hitting style: No BS, just do it.


  • Mike Jezek says:

    For me it’s all about what you say that keeps me coming back.

  • dmh says:

    Well after slogging through the archives, I’m almost back to the future…

    Thanks John, this stuff is great and now lives as a reference point in my Two-Ring “Carlton” binder.

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