John’s Gnarly New Toy

Just a quick note tonight, guys.

And yet, oh so important.

Here’s what’s up: I have acquired a new technological toy that allows me to “can” my notorious (and justly famous) ad critiques.

By “can”, I mean record a real-time, personalized, mini-“Hot Seat”-style review of any piece of copy you care to show me.

This is a revolutionary change in the way I can now help marketers, copywriters and entrepreneurs shortcut their way to a killer money-making ad. Faster than ever.

It’s exciting, fresh, cutting edge, and so effective it should be illegal. In fact, it’s like putting your profit-pumping learning curve on steroids.

But it’s not for everybody. And so I won’t give away the details here.

Instead… if you’re interested in finding out more… I’ve posted a short letter at a new site: (This is an active link.)

Check it out. If you’ve ever lusted after the kind of success that comes with a little intensely personal (and very focused) attention from a no-nonsense veteran like me… well, you’ll never get a better opportunity.

This isn’t, however, for anyone in my Insider’s Club. (Insider’s already enjoy this “mini-Hot Seat” advantage — it’s why they pay the big bucks to join the Club in the first place.)

But if you want a taste of being an Insider… get over to right now.

That’s all for tonight.

Stay frosty.

John Carlton

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