Off To Play Golf

Quick note — I’ve just posted an intriguing letter about the big damn secret behind my ability to quickly diagnose… and then solve… almost any problem that any business ever encounters.

It’s the single most important tactic behind my ability to earn the big bucks.

And it’s mostly been been a huge secret — the process I go through seems mysterious and voodoo-like, hidden deep inside my head.

Now, however, I’ve arranged for you to see the process in action. Result: You now have the opportunity to learn this amazing tactic yourself… which puts the most advanced profit-generating tool I possess in your hands.

This is about becoming truly independent, and not reliant on consultants to bail your ass out of difficult situations.

Anyway, this letter is posted at

There is some urgency, so you should hop over there right now, and see what the fuss is all about.

Me… I’m off to play golf for two days.

Because all my problems are fixed, and biz is on auto-pilot enough to allow me to do that.

Enjoy your weekend. But check out that letter first.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

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  • Jen Blackert says:

    Holy Moly,

    How could I NOT click on the sales letter after all that?!


    Happy Golfing!

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