The Workshop Is On

For some people — me, for example — hands-on learning is the only way to go.

I love this Information Age we’re in, because I love information. However, my office book shelves probably resemble yours — crammed with interesting information I fully intend to get to… when I have time.

As a teacher, I’m aware of the “gap” in getting info… and putting it to use in your life. That’s why all my courses and other material are aimed at providing shortcuts. I’m short on theory, long on action.

Still, the students who have zoomed to the head of the class fastest… are the ones who have sought out hands-on, personalized sessions with me. The easiest way to do this is on the phone, as a consultation.

But the BEST way remains face-to-face Hot Seat action. I’m a hard man to corner, however. I don’t offer on-site consultations, because I hate to travel anymore. No amount of cash will get me on a plane to come to you for personalized service.

However, twice in the past four years, I have given small “workshop” style seminars. I keep them small, because I connect with each attendee, and you can’t do that when there’s a crowd.

I’m offering a new workshop seminar — only my third one, ever, since I began teaching (and, as always, maybe my last one) — on the weekend of March 10-11. Here in Reno. There will be no other speakers, and no will try to sell you anything at the event. It’s just you, me, and the other attendees… getting down and dirty with the specifics of successful marketing.

My Insiders have already been informed of this event, and over half the available seats are reserved. I am now opening this workshop up to everyone else.

I call it a “Hot Seat” workshop. It will be casual, because we’re gonna work. This isn’t “take notes during a lecture”. Each attendee allowed in will have their own Hot Seat examination, by me personally. And, you will get to watch me work over everyone else (which is often the best way to get those critical “a-ha!” experiences that jettison you off on the fast-track to success). It will be brutal and effective.

This will sell out fast. It is not cheap. I am finishing up a letter that explains everything, and I will send you a copy if you will email me at, and write “Hot Seat info, please” in the subject line. (Otherwise, you stand a good chance of being deleted as spam.)

Things are popping, both online and offline. The sooner you establish your successful marketing-model, the faster profits will come flooding in… and the more secure your position in your market will be.

Competition is mounting and getting more vicious everyday, in every niche out there. The days when you could be success with sloppy marketing and weak concepts are long gone. Yet, the money is still there for anyone willing to take control of the opportunities available.

It’s fun when it finally starts working, too. Life changing. Freedom and independence and the life-style of your choosing are all within easy reach… once you get your basic marketing model fixed.

Let me know if you’re interested in this event. Don’t dither, or you could get shut out. This will be small, intense, and results-oriented.

And stay frosty.

John Carlton

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  • Enigma Valdez says:

    Mr. Carlton,

    It was a pleasure to meet you briefly at the Six Fig Copywriting Seminar in SF. I wanted to talk with you some more but you had already left when I had a chance.

    I am interested in your program you describe and will get on your email list to find out more.

    Thank you

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