Thank You

I know a lot of people get pissy during the holidays. The crowds are unruly and rude, the roads are clogged, the pressure is on and stress goes through the roof.

I really lucked out, though — I thoroughly enjoyed my family while growing up (my twin cousins and I are still best friends) (and we still marvel at the adventures we shared as kids)… and later on, I hooked up with friends who know how to cut through the bullshit and get to the calm, pleasurable center of special occasions.

I don’t care if the turkey’s burnt or underdone, I don’t care if the weather is perfect or sucks, and I don’t care if any particular guest has a coping problem.

Because all I care about is the opportunity to reflect on where I’m at, and what I truly do have to be thankful for.

Seems odd that we had to create a holiday to do this… but I’m all for it. The football is fun, the way merchants try to make festive messes in their stores is entertaining, and my memories of being taught all that crap about pilgrims and Indians still makes me smile.

But, as I head into my upteenth holiday, I’m amazed — yet again — that I’ve survived my rollicking past, and have somehow arrived at this place I inhabit now. Teaching, writing prolifically, wired into the red-hot center of the Web… I’m just stunned at my good fortune.

And I’m not taking any of it for granted. There were many, many other paths I could have taken over the years… each one leading to God knows where. I have close friends no longer with us, and others in various stages of disrepair, and I know (now, after feeling invulnerable for most of my life) that every new lap around the calendar is a gift.

I love this season. For me, it’s not just leaves turning and the landscape going bare under the coming snows. Rather, it’s a time for renewal, a time to refill my soul with gratitude and, yes, even more amazement at the ride we’re all on here.

I’ve been depressed, and I’ve been insanely happy, and I’ve been everywhere in between. It’s a journey, and you gotta find your own mojo and learn how to deal with your own physiological and emotional idiosyncracies.

Nobody has it down “perfect”. Everybody bleeds, and everybody screws up now and again. Getting it all into perspective helps calm you down. All this will pass, no matter how unyielding and overwhelming it seems at the moment.

I know the holidays are difficult for many folks.

But I hope that this time, you remember to take a deep breath, get centered… and take it all in. Living life well requires a healthy appetite for every detail, both the good and the bad.

Enjoy yourself.

And stay frosty.

John Carlton

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  • Rob Northrup says:

    Hi John,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and thanks for the valuable insights you dish out each week in your blog and each month in your Newsletter.

    Stay toasty.

    Rob Northrup

  • John,

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Lordy, I hope I’m able to articulate half that well when telling my kids about life. Truly inspirational!

    Keep the wheels turning and, of course…

    Stay Frosty.

  • Paul Gouthro says:


    A thank-you – to you… not only because it’s that time of year when we open up and tend to express thanks to all- but because of a larger point. Your year around, endless comittment to expressing quality “stuff” is the bigger reason. A man’s words are his poster in life as is his behavior and your words do you very well.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Matt Gallant says:


    Thanks for giving us access to one of the best blogs on the net.
    I mean it… There’s not a whole lot of people putting in the heart
    and soul you pump into every post… every newsletter… and every

    I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my businesses…
    You Rock John!

  • Tia says:

    Dear John,

    Like you, I’m always snug and calm. And jolly too.

    I have ?? on your mindmap and wasn’t sure how/where to write to you.

    So I’ll see if you reply here with that way.

    Peace & Profits,
    Tia D.

  • Max says:

    hi John,
    i listened to the pyjama jam with you and Perry Marshall and he mentioned you started a teaching business in direct marketing.

    where can i get more info on this.
    IS it only your package or is it somewhere in real life?



  • J says:

    Is anyone aware that Dan Kennedy has a blog!?


  • mark says:

    Nobody will read this I doubt. Always good to hear John talk about family and how everyone, not matter what’s happened in their lives are still kickin’ and ‘grinnin.

    Guess I better talk to the ole’ rea-latives.


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