I’m Here…

Lovely blog software I’ve got here. If I don’t post for six days, it goes into a sulk and serves up a blank page.

That’s just rude.

So, I’m leaving a quick note here to let people know I’m not dead yet.

I also know that the notification for posts is not working for most of you, either. Mostly, I’m happy with this blog set-up, and I’ve got someone looking into a little online surgery to fix the annoying aspects.

It’s always something.

I’ll have a more substantial post here soon…

Stay frosty.

Love the weather here in Northern Nevada. Fall’s my favorite time of year — a sense of renewal just as strong as spring, but with a different urgency to it. I’ve always made the major changes in my life in autumn…

John Carlton

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  • Marty says:

    I, for one, look for your blog entries daily. Think you’re a marvellous writer. (Forgive my British-correct spellings.) Double-Ls and what not. (Wink.) And yes, the occasional blank page is indeed like finding an elderly neighbour’s milk bottles piling up outside their front door. Should I call social services? Can I smell something? Is that the buzz of blowflies I can here just inside the porch, or am I imagining it? Nah. The old dear’s probably fine. She’ll resent the intrusion; my suspicion she’s dead. Incidentally: I heard that you, the finest copywriter in God’s kingdom (and I’m not being ironic – I admire you), acquired Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising only recently. What’s your honest opinion? (If you deign to read these riposts.)

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