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If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I don’t pitch much.

The reason I started posting was simple: Even after writing a dense “Marketing Rebel Rant” newsletter each month… 8 packed pages… I found myself with an expanding backlog of good stuff to write about.

So I started this blog. It’s free, of course, so I don’t feel any restraints about what I write. Sometimes I nail the pulse of my readers, and I hear about it. Other times, I’m just providing a little honest content that probably falls short of earth-shaking… but if I can help even a handful of other writers or marketers, I figure I’ve done my part.

When I started out as a freelancer almost 25 years ago, no one helped me. And during those harrowing first months, I vowed that — if I ever “made it” as a professional copywriter — I would share what I learned along the way.

It was a naked, semi-desperate plea to whatever force runs the universe.

I don’t know if it worked or not… but since I did make it, I am fulfilling that vow to help others as much as I can.

Thus — the free blog. If you look over the posting archives, you will learn many of the crucial marketing and advertising (and life) lessons I had to absorb the hard way… through trial and error. (Mostly error.)

But the main thing is… it’s free. I do offer courses and other learning materials… and I’m damn proud of all of it. Just glance at the sampling of the testimonials I’ve posted at, and you’ll get an idea of what can happen to you — fast — once you decide to learn the profitable shortcuts from someone who’s already “been there”.

But I almost never push this material on the blog. For the moment, I’m content to allow word-of-mouth do most of my selling for me.

Today, however, I am making a small pitch to you.

My colleagues Bob Bly and Clayton Makepeace are holding a teleseminar aimed at helping freelance copywriters get more (and better) clients.

Here is what they say about these upcoming calls:

American Writers and Artists Institute, Bob Bly and
Clayton Makepeace Present …
Kick Your Copywriting Business Into HYPER-DRIVE!
Give us just one hour on Wednesday, September 14th,
and we’ll give you 30 PROVEN secrets
for making tens of thousands of extra dollars
— and more every year from now on — until you retire RICH!
 2 Ways to find a first client even when you don’t have a portfolio …
 How 2 top copywriters got started – by paying themselves to create a great portfolio …
 5 keys to turning a conversation with a prospect into a lucrative assignment …
 7 ways to make an offer big mailers can’t refuse …
 The #1 blunder new copywriters make – turns clients off like crazy – and how to avoid it …
 How being a direct response bully can make you rich …
ÔÅÆ How to rake in tens of thousands of extra dollars every year TAX-FREE …
PLUS, we’ll set aside as much time as is needed to answer your specific questions about building your copywriting business …
AND you get two valuable guides ‚Äì 7 Qualities of a Great Client ‚Äì And How to Spot the Sorry Losers You Shouldn‚Äôt Touch with a Ten-Foot Pole and How to Get PAID to Build a Power-Packed Portfolio — FREE!

To find out more — and I apologize for the length of this link — just go here:

The reason that link is so long, is because Bob and Clayton want to track where people show up from… and this link identifies you as someone coming from this blog.

Now… you know that I offer a course on freelancing, too. Graduates of my course have earned as much as $300,000 and more in their first year as freelancers. The advice and shortcuts I offer include everything I used to become a top, world-class writer… plus everything you need to know to work your own magic on the Web.

Still, I can easily recommend that you check this teleseminar out. All good writers know there are multiple ways to skin a cat… and if I even remotely suspect I can pick a single new piece of information that can help me increase my income, or increase the results of my ads… I’m there.

Robert Allen, who wrote the best-seller “Nothng Down” — which transformed the real estate market, and made a LOT of people ridiculously wealthy — also coined the term “multiple streams of income”. What he’s referring to is a brilliant strategy to get rich, fast… and stay rich, no matter what.

The main idea: Don’t rely on a single source of income. That puts you at risk.

Instead, develop many different ways to bring in moolah. Especially ways that operate automatically, without effort.

It’s the same with information. You really need to get all the info you can, from different sources. My most successful subscribers pay very close attention to the advice I give them… but they aren’t shy about also paying close attention to the likes of Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy.

We live in a wonderful time for entrepreneurs. There is a glut of information available — a situation that simply did not exist when I was a rookie.

You don’t have to struggle like I did. Top writers are now spilling their bags of tricks wide open… and all you have to do is collect the good stuff, and put it all to use in your own life.

There are also, it’s true, a rather embarrassingly large number of “wannabe” gurus out there ,too. The best of their advice is really just a diluted rehash of what they learned from veteran writers.

I’m not warning you to stay away from the wannabe’s… but if you’re not awash in time, your best bet remains following the tried and true advice from us “old guys”.

Anyway, if you’re freelancing, or considering freelancing as a career, check out Bob and Clayton’s link. There’s no obligation to just see what’s up.

These are top writers, opening the vaults.

Stay frosty.

John Carlton

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