How To Reach Gary’s Family Directly

First, I want to thank everyone who posted a comment here about Gary Halbert. The outpouring of admiration and respect is a wonderful thing to behold. I read every single post, recognized many of you, and deeply appreciate everyone taking the time to write something.

Second… while the shock of Gary’s passing hasn’t faded much, there are pressing matters to attend to.

Gary’s son Kevin asked me to write a short post for Gary’s newsletter site, explaining a few things. I won’t go over the same material here — just go to this URL and see what’s up:

I urge anyone who wanted to personally say something to Gary’s family to use the email contact provided there. And, if you think you might want to attend the upcoming memorial service, use the “RSVP” sign-in list to get more information.

Thanks again.

John Carlton

6 Responses to How To Reach Gary’s Family Directly

  1. Although I never met Gary, the news of his passing was a shock. I emailed my customer database as soon as I heard and have been surprised at the number of people here in Brisbane, Australia who thanked me for telling them.
    Many related stories of how his work and influence impacted on them.
    In looking at Gary’s newsletter achive today it was sad to think that there will be no more original entries.
    Our condolences to his family.

    Gary Halbert – gone but never forgotten.

  2. John, thank you for letting us know about Gary Halbert. Although, I never met him personally, his words made a great impression on me. He has helped so many over the years.

    We will send our respects to Kevin and to the rest of his family.

    Kind regards,
    Siriol Jameson

  3. Gary Halbert Update……

    Because I know that Gary Halbert touch many of your lives as much as he touched mine, I just wanted post a short update about his passing.
    Kevin and Bond (Gary’s sons) asked John Carlton to write a very special message to be put on Gary’s w…

  4. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but where will Gary be interred? A lot of people like to pay respects at gravesite.

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