Going Down Under

I realize this is insanely short notice… but it’s not my fault.

Just the same, I think it’s worth knowing that I’ll be participating in a very hip and cutting-edge seminar down in Australia on December 2-3 (Saturday and Sunday). In Melbourne.

The event is being held by the same nut-cases, Frank Kern and Ed Dale, who put on the San Diego extravaganza that created so much buzz among insiders this past September. (Halbert was at that one, along with a whole host of other notable marketing wizards and know-it-alls.)

This is my first trip to the Land O’ Koala’s and I’m looking forward to it. It’s summer down there, prime weather… and yet airfare is just ridiculously cheap.

Surf’s up, dude.

If you even think you might sorta want to see what the fuss is all about, check out:


No obligation to see what’s up, of course.

But you’ve got fair warning: Frank and Ed are friggin’ geniuses at making money online — lots and lots and lots of it — and while I may be part of the show, I’m going specifically to drain their brains on lucrative matters.

Check it out. If you’ve ever suspected that hugely profitable marketing can also be fun, well, you’re right. And these guys are at the cutting edge of both the fun part, and the profitable part.


John Carlton

14 Responses to Going Down Under

  1. Funny, all the Google Ads on the right are about how to detect explosive chemicals used in terrorist attacks. Must be because you mentioned airplane flights. Shesh..

    Anyways, you comment about Ed and Frank being able to combine fun and profit is not the first time I’ve heard it — and makes me want to look more into their copy.

    I’m a big beleiver in Kennedy’s motto that the #1 Sin of Marketing is being boring.

    Have a good trip,


  2. John,

    I only know you through your writing, but I know this
    much, You’re gonna love it in Australia – and check out the
    Fiji Islands when you fly over them…

    I was in Melbourne in Jan of 05 to watch my sister play bball
    in the Deaflympic games…After two weeks in Melbourne,
    Ballarat, Werribee, and seeing the 12 Apostles, I almost didn’t
    come back to the states

    your country rocks, and it was your mates in Melbourne
    that made my stay there so much fun. When I get back to
    Australia, I’ll head out to Queensland…

  3. Hi John,

    I met you briefly in SD. If you are coming all the way down to Australia then you MUST Discover the Secrets of Sydney.

    It is glorious at this time of the year and is one of the most beautiful cities visually in the world, and we have an incredible outdoor lifestyle. Amazing food, wine and beaches.

    Melbourne & Sydney are very different in look & feel – and then there is Queensland – Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Port Douglas; which is different again!

    If you make it, I recommend you stay near Circular Quay as it’s a good ‘central’ base for taking in the delights of the city.

    Caro 🙂

  4. Hi John,

    First time in our country eh?

    Just a few words of caution…

    1. Watch out for the drop bears – huge things a bit like koalas on crack that drop out of trees and gouge your head out with their huge claws.

    2. The snakes here aren’t all friendly like your rattlers in the US.

    What sort of self respecting snake lets you know it’s about by shaking its noisy arse?

    No our snakes will just bite you and leave you to die.

    Nasty buggers so keep a look out.

    3. Contrary to popular belief our beaches are not all filled with sharks.

    That’s just pure bullshit.

    Everyone knows the sharks were all eaten long ago by the crocodiles (down here we call them “salties” – short for saltwater crocs.)

    4. Be very cautious about any animal or activity described with an “ie” on the end of it. It will probably kill you.

    For that matter it’s best just to assume that everything here can kill you.

    We have deadly box jellyfish, deadly snakes, deadly spiders, deadly octopus, deadly stonefish, deadly scorpions, we even have toads that will kill you if you eat them.

    So all in all a great place for a holiday.

    If you make it up to tropical Cairns let me know and I’ll be happy to show you the sites – if you live that long.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  5. Sounds like Andrew doesn’t want John down under … or at least doesn’t want him venturing out of the hotel!

    I’m sorry I missed the Sept Underachievers and I’ll probably be sorry to miss this one too. Hope John fills us in when (if) he gets back.

    If I was going for this event I’d just stay the rest of December–make the jet lag worth it.

  6. Hi John. I?m sure you?re in for a real treat in Melbourne with the Frank and Ed. They?re brothers and sisters? You?ll just have to guess which one wears the panties!

    No joke, those guys rock with everything they do. Like you, if I were attending the seminar and had the chance to sped time with them, I?d put a hole in the side of their heads and suck out every money-making marketing tip, and strategy, I could find.

    Hey man, have a great trip.

    Darrell Price

  7. Thanks for upping the ante at the Melb seminar with your high octane presentation.

    The sparring between you, Frank and Ed was fun, the info excellent.

    We’re signed up to your more-than-generous seminar insider’s offer!

    It really is a crazy amazing opportunity given your expertise.

    Thanks again and all the best

    bec and john

  8. Hi JC… thanks for making the trek down under. Your time on stage was greatly appreciated… Sorry to hear what Ed and Frank did to you in the hotel/casino – it’s not how we typically treat guests here in OZ…. thanks again your words of wisdom were priceless…. Pete

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