My Email Adventure, Part 2

Ah, the plot thickens.

Here’s something I didn’t make clear in my prior post: If you have my private email address — the one I’ve been using for years with Insiders, friends and colleagues — then please continue to use it to contact me.

You know who you are.

Otherwise, you can reach a member of my staff through We have a real person handling every legitimate email coming through. (Right now, of course, she’s a tad overwhelmed, but the dust is settling.)

We’re just having a few growing pains here, and I apologize — again — for any frustration or confusion on your part. When the confirmation process is complete, email delivery back and forth with my office will be a wondrous thing to behold.

And we can move ahead full speed with the business of making everybody rich and happy.

So please click the “one step” confirmation link in the email you recently received from, so your email is given VIP treatment.

And if you’re on my list, but didn’t receive an email from, then please check your bulk/junk folders to see if your filters snagged it.

And if you’re not on my list at all… and want to be (cuz you’re a smart guy)… the fastest way to join the action is to hop over to, and enter your info in the box giving away the cool mini-tutorial “How To Write A Damn Good Ad… in 9 minutes”. You’ll receive the free tutorial, AND get a one-click automatic invitation to be on my VIP list.

Jeez, this is fun, isn’t it?

The bottom line is, I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff to share with you right now… and if you want to be among the very first to discover what it’s all about, you gotta be on my list.

And if you are at all frustrated about any of this, please have a little Zen patience. All problems are being handled… and by real humans, too. It’s already working out.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

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