I’m Outa Here

One of the big damn perks of being your own boss is, of course, the ability to pull the plug on the phone and take off for the coast whenever you feel like getting sand everywhere.

That’s exactly what we’re doing over the next few days. Cram the SUV with too much crap, set the terrier up with her favorite bed and toys in the back, slam in the home-made CDs, and roar out of town fired up on caffeine and adrenaline and the call of the beach. (Tomorrow morning, it’s Bloody Mary’s on the porch!)

I’ll be back next week, much less grumpy and probably already peeling from sunburn.

And with sand everywhere.

Everywhere, I’m telling you.

I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.

In the meantime, keep a stiff upper lip, and don’t let the bastards get you down. If you’re a writer, and you haven’t read my previous post… then do it now. It’s the best advice I’ve given out in my career.

And one last note: Coming up VERY soon is a rare opportunity to get some intense “face to face” time with me, in a very nice place, under amazing conditions that will make you happy, happy, happy. The very few people who get in will be thumbing their nose at everyone else, as they rocket off into the next level of profit and fun and a brand-spankin’-new top drawer lifestyle.

Just check it out. And stop pretending you have all the time in the world to dick around, watch TV, and slowly get your act together. You don’t. Even the best lives are too short — so the faster you get to Big Buck Land, the nicer your stay here on earth will be.

Here’s the link: www.johnskilleradventure.com

Just do it. It won’t bite.

I gotta go pack now…

Stay frosty.

John Carlton

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