What Are 4,000 Marketers Learning Right Now That You Aren’t?

My little band of rogue cohorts and I just completed three of the scheduled five tele-seminar chats concerning the Tactic7 secrets.

If you caught thfirst three calls, then you understand why they’re causing such a fuss. If you missed the calls… then you should know that nearly 4,000 people have signed up to listen in already. And word is still spreading fast.

We had to use new technology, in fact, just to allow everyone to be able to eavesdrop. Very cool stuff.

What are we talking about on these calls?

Oh, nothing much.

Just the seven simple ingredients of taking almost any business from zero to a staggering fortune in the fastest time possible. These are the exact, specific seven tactics we teach our high-paying clients (and use in our own businesses). Included are the astonishing new tactics we’ve discovered the best marketers out there are exploiting right now.

And, if you’re ready… you can discover these secrets for yourself.

We decided to make the calls available, online, for free. No hassle involved. Just bop over to http://www.tactic7.com and sign in. You’ll be notified where to find the free downloads of the calls. The next two are this Tuesday and Thursday… so don’t screw around.

Do it now, while you’re thinking about it.

I was featured on last Tuesday’s call, along with my client behind all the notorious golf advertising. We gave away the store on that call, too. People were stunned.

Then, David Garfinkel and a certain “Mr. X” brought the house down on Thursday with some wicked-good revelations about going from a complete (and nearly broke) rookie… to a multi-million dollar marketing honcho in less than a year. (You’ll understand why this client refused to identify himself when you hear the amazing call.)

This Tuesday, it’s Perry Marshall, laying out the “inside” tactics of Adwords marketing. Not the surface stuff — the cutting-edge pro-level tactics that bring in the big moolah. Things change fast online, and if your pay-per-click traffic mongering model is even a little out-of-date, then you’re leaving vast sums on the table.

Worse, if you’ve never been initiated into the secrets of creating massive qualified traffic, then you’re just a lost puppy online.

You’d have to be nuts not to get your hands on these calls… for free… and to make a date to hear the final two.

Again: http://www.tactic7.com

Time’s a wastin’…

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

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