Well, How Serious ARE You?

Quick note before I jet off to Washington, DC:

I’ve teamed up with Perry Marshall, Dr. Harlan Kilstein, and David Garfinkel to put together a whole new series of teleseminars… on a white-hot subject that has gotten almost zero attention from other “guru’s”.

Yet… what we’re gonna talk about is the KEY to putting together all the different parts of rapid, exciting success.

And my question to you is: How serious are you about building a seven-figure business?

To find out what’s going on, go to http://www.tactic7.com

All will be explained.

This is hot. We’re gonna rattle some cages, and create a fuss in both the online and offline business world.

Check it out.

Stay frosty,

John Carltonwww.marketingrebel.com

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