Good Grief… Now What?

This is not an actual entry.

I just dragged my jet-lagged ass in the door from the cross-country flight back from Bencivenga’s awesome seminar in New York, and discovered by blog was… well, blank. Not good.

So, in the interest of squelching rumors about my untimely demise, before they start, I’m just posting to have something here.

Witty brilliance to come. My brain is still buzzing from the event and all the ideas and connections and reinvigoration. I mean, New York, man.


Right now, though… off to the exhausted sleep of the jet set…

John Carlton

2 Responses to Good Grief… Now What?

  1. John,

    It was only the last couple of days that it was blank. ;o)

    It was still better than some of stuff out there lol.
    Can’t wait to hear about the seminar.

    Take care.


  2. Yeah I feel you John!

    This jet-lag is killing me! On top of that I’ve been given a 24 hour deadline to meet…so I stopped by here to get some relief.

    The seminar was awesome. One of the highlights was actually getting to meet you.

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