Server’s Up

I feel like I’m married to the damn server.

Last night — total freeze out. Couldn’t send outgoing email about the updated Freelance Course, couldn’t figure out the problem, and no, I didn’t sleep well. The whole thing just left me in a bad mood.

This morning, I had to drop the car off at the dealer’s (recall notice, which I may blog about later) (geez, the bullshit never ends), so I gave my little email project another college try.

And everything went smoothly. As if there hadn’t been any problem last night at all.

I’m pleased but… confused.

I’m also pretty sure all the guys reading this will immediately understand what I’m referring to.

And, I’m sorry ladies, but… well, there’s just some spooky familiarity about this behavior…

John Carlton (who’s in for it, now)

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