Tidbits of Salesmanship

Salesmanship Tidbit 1 of 3

You might get sick of hearing me say this. But I’m never going to stop reminding you that good salesmen lead better lives – in every aspect of their lives, biz, romance, friendships.

This stuff will change your life.

So here are a few tidbits from my “Salesmanship 101” file that don’t require any mystical or intuitive understanding:

Salesmanship tidbit # 1:
The whole concept of “reason why” copywriting can be summed up thusly: 

Give your prospect a reason to buy.

And here’s the kicker.  It often doesn’t even need to be a good reason. An example (I’ll leave you to decide whether it’s a good reason or not):

“I’m writing to you today because of a special opportunity that just came up. It’s a way for you to save 50% over what everyone else is paying for a very popular item… but you must contact me today. There are only a few of these items available at this price, and when they’re gone, that’s it.”

The pro’s pack their pitches with this stuff. 

  • It’s urgent, and here’s the reason. 
  • It’s in short supply, and here’s the reason. 
  • It’s the biggest bargain of your life, and here’s the reason.

Imagine your prospect standing in the virtual aisle of your virtual store, holding your product. 

He’s checking the price, looking around to see what similar items go for, frowning as he tries to remember what the price was last week, wondering what he’d say to his mate if he came home with it and she yelled at him for wasting money.

If you answer all those objections, he feels confident. And, he’s armed with information he can use to make his case. “Yeah, I just got this for half-off. There were only 12 at this price, and they went like hotcakes, because it’s something all the players have…”

That’s salesmanship tidbit # 1 down, and you gotta admit it’s a good one. You should really go out and try it today with one of your offers – because it works. 

(See what I did there?)

Stay Frosty,


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Salesmanship Tidbit 2 of 3

Are you ready for another insight into Salesmanship 101? 

Tidbit # 2 is just as life changing as the first, and here it is:

Once humans make a decision, it’s very hard to get them to change it.

What can you do with this info?

Long ago, someone tested having just one offer, versus having multiple “layers” of offers on the order form. They discovered that, sometimes, having just one offer worked better when you added a special bonus for ordering faster. 

Then, with multiple offers, someone discovered that you could increase sales of the higher priced option…

Simply by reversing the order of the offers.

The “intuitive” way of listing products is to have the lowest priced version first, followed by the next highest-priced one, and then the next, and so on. You’d think that the reader could do his comparison easily and come to a rational decision.

Not so. 

The lesson here is that even in the seconds it takes to read an order form, there are subtle psychological earthquakes going on in the prospect’s mind. 

Letting him see the lowest price first gives him an “out.”

And he may skip the copy for the more expensive option, out of fear of having to change his mind.

  • Listing the lowest price first resulted in most purchases being the lowest offer. 
  • Reversing the order resulted in most purchases being the highest priced offer.

So simple, but very effective. 

Why not test out reversing the order on any multiple offers you may have kicking around? You could end up with a lot more moolah in the bank.

Salesmanship Tidbit # 3 is right around the bend. Check back here in a day or two!

Stay Frosty,


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