The Secret of Commitment and Immersion


Here’s something to file under “advanced lessons”  if you want to become a true pro at anything, especially copywriting and marketing.

Here’s the story: 

I love reading about brain studies… and something recently caught my attention. 

The Germans and the Dutch are really going to town on this, tracking eye movement and recording brain activity while subjects listen to radio ads.

Understand that they are NOT choosing ads to help marketers. No, they’re not that nice.

They’re choosing ads because advertising is very effective at lighting up the cerebral cortex, amygdala and brain stem. 

It just goes to show you that everyone is affected by good ad copy in some way, negative or positive.

This is why it’s so important to learn the “background” secrets behind effective copy. 

As a marketer, you’re not just after a reaction… but a specific reaction. 

You want an order, a lead, or something positive you can use in whatever capitalistic enterprise you’re engaged in.

And here’s one of the biggest secrets (although not such a secret if you’re on my list. And you are on my list, right? If not, remedy that by signing up right here): 

It’s all about salesmanship.

You must learn the art of selling something to another human being before you can be a successful marketer or copywriter.

You have to be able to convince a prospect to take money that was his, and give it to you. 

It’s an elusive talent, but not unlearnable once you start paying attention to the secrets of world-class salesmanship. 

The first hurdle is to simply get over the foolish fear that becoming a killer sales pro will cause demons to start polishing up a chair for you in Hell. 

Selling is NOT evil.

When you have a life-changing product that helps people, selling is the right and moral thing to do.

What better reason to develop the skills that allow you more mastery and more effectiveness? 

And trust me on this: 

Anyone can develop these skills.

I started out as a clueless rookie, with dumb ideas about what “should” happen, and it took a very long time before I finally figured things out. 

But figure it out I did.

Eventually, I got to the point where I was able to turn down 9 out of every 10 jobs offered to me… and it didn’t matter how much money was on the table. 

The real TRICK to reaching this level of success? 

Total immersion and absolute commitment. 

When I take on a copywriting project, I go DEEP. I cram my mind full of research before I write a word of copy.

When I spoke at a seminars, I learned as much about the audience, the other speakers, and the venue as possible so I knew what I was up against. 

If you’re gonna be successful at selling or writing copy, you must immerse yourself in the needs and quirks of your prospect. 

You cannot bully someone into buying.

They will NOT buy just because you really, REALLY want them to. 

People only buy for selfish reasons. 

That’s the way it has always been, and that’s how it always will be.

Hope you appreciated this glimpse into the pro mindset.

Stay frosty,


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