New, from John Carlton…

A Grizzled Pro’s Guide to 

Marketing Psychology

Have you ever wondered how John Carlton went from a broke, clueless slacker to one of the world’s highest paid copywriters and consultants?

The hands of clients would often shake as they wrote out astronomical checks to his name. 

But cut those checks they did, because John’s copy and real-world advice consistently pulled in massive results – helping marketers in all niches weather every storm – all because he understood the secrets of timeless, street-level psychology…

secrets he’s about to share with you in his latest report.

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside:

  • The most critical element of every sales message – once you get this, you’ll never worry about getting flattened by competitors or replaced by technology.
  • A simple way to protect (and even grow) your income so your skills will always be in high demand no matter how “smart” the Chatbots get.
  • 7 easy to do exercises that allow you to tear down sales obstacles – both in the world and in your head – so you can get paid more and faster.
  • You already know that getting people to like and trust you is essential if you want them to buy from you. But easier said than done, right? Not when you understand these “7 Circles of Intimacy.
  • Self-sabotage is why lottery winners so often LOSE all their money. It happens to marketers who succeed very quickly, too. Eliminate it before it sinks in its claws by asking 3 simple questions.
  • The top 6 vicious reality checks you need to succeed in the fast-evolving biz world of today. With these skills behind you, you’ll be able to quickly pivot your strategy so you’re always primed for success no matter what the market throws at you.
  • How to transform mundane, everyday experiences into street-level sales savvy. Make yourself an indispensable, go-to expert for your clients.

As we speak, A.I is pummeling low-level freelancers who still think great copy is just about the words. 

But when you know what goes on behind the curtain, you’ll realize that being human is still the biggest advantage you can have as a marketer, consultant, or copywriter. 

These secrets of marketing psychology are what you need to get and stay ahead of the game.

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